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Zero Zone

Over 61 Cool Years....Many More In Store!!!
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110 N. Oakridge Drive
North Prairie, WI 53153
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Zero Zone offers:

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      • Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Floral Supplies & Accessories
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Zero Zone's High Quality Refrigerating and Freezer Equipment Keeps Products Fresh and Frozen

March 3, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

If you're a store owner who carries refrigerated goods, you need reliable and fantastic equipment. There's nothing worse than reaching for a soda at a gas station, or a package of ground meat, and discovering that it hasn't been properly chilled. Gross!

With Zero Zone refrigeration systems, you'll never have to worry about not having properly refrigerated goods ever again!

History Of The Company

Zero Zone got its start in 1961, when George Johnson, Duke Wegner, and K Hirata began to pursue their dreams of starting their own business. They pledged to build the best freezers in the business at a competitive price, and with their 50 years of combined refrigeration experience, they set up shop in a rented dairy barn in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

The three men built the refrigerant cases themselves, using the finest quality raw materials that they could find, and then went out and sold their products to local people in the area.

5RVZC30 Reach-In-Freezer

Today, they are highly regarded as one of the leading innovators of energy-efficient glass doors for refrigerated and frozen food display cases. They work every day to maximize product visibility, extend product shelf-life, reduce environmental impact, save energy, and make sure the customer is getting the best ROI to its customers.


Zero Zone has refrigerations units for every size and style need. In their reach-in-coolers collection, they offer these size doors: 24" x 74," 30" x 74," 24" x 63," 30" x 63," 30" x 72," and 24" x 63." They also have units with French Doors and their unique CoolView doors, which can save you up to 84% annually in energy savings. These CoolView doors also can reduce product shrink by 50%, have 35% more facings for a better view of the products, and a 25% increase in product packout.

RVCC24 Reach-In-Cooler

For their reach-in-freezers, Zero Zone provides the same quality product as their reach-in-coolers, which is a step above the rest of the competition. Their reach-in-freezers come in these sizes: 30" x 74," 30" x 63," 30" x 72," and 24" x 63" doors.

And it's not just freezers and refrigerators that Zero Zone sells; they also have a great selection of refrigeration systems, for both commercial and industrial use.

The commercial refrigerations systems are available as Parallel Rack Systems, Distributed Refrigeration Systems, Condensing Unit Skids, Electrical Mechanical Centers, Electrical Distribution Systems, CO2 Refrigeration Systems, and Glycol Refrigeration Systems.

For the industrial refrigeration systems, they offer Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, Industrial Chiller Systems, Ice Rink Chiller Systems, Industrial Refrigeration Controls, Electrical Mechanical Centers, Electrical Distribution Systems, and CO2 Refrigeration Systems.

Zero Zone knows refrigeration systems, and they've got the legacy and experience to prove it. Check out their awesome products today!

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The Zero Zone Experience
The Zero Zone Experience

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