Only Happiness Spills Onto Babies Wearing Dilly Dally Bibs

Baby bibs come in many shapes and sizes. Designs range from pinch-my-cheeks cute to just-get-it-done plain. Though most moms need baby bibs,  convincing them to buy bibs from YOU means offering toddler and baby bibbies from Dilly Dally Designs.

So what separates Dilly Dally bibs from other wholesale baby bibs? Where to begin?! The craze started in Utah but quickly spread as moms everywhere began to see what a smart baby product Dilly Dally Design’s “Bibbies” are. Here’s what most moms love about bibbies from Dilly Dally Designs.

Comfort, Sheer Comfort — a small piece of terrycloth on your chest isn’t uncomfy per se but the comfort level does not even begin to compare to the smock style of baby bibs from Dilly Dally Designs. Plus, their bibbies are made from a very soft, quilted material that is easy on the skin and keeps kids wanting to wear their bibbies all day!

Absorbent Material — Moms want to know that the bib they pick for their child will truly protect their clothes from messes. Bibbies are made of a very absorbent quilted material which catches much of the mess and keeps it locked in the fibers of the bib instead of the child’s clothes. Plus, bibbies are double sided which means twice the absorbency!

Reversible Bibs — That’s right. These wholesale baby bibs are reversible! Children can wear a cowboy scene in the morning and a calmer pattern at night. Little girls can wear a beautiful flower print lined with a complementing striped pattern. Moms love the mix and match!

Kids Love Wearing Them — Whether an infant or a toddler, you will not find children trying to pry bibbies off the same way they would a normal bib. Instead, many will ask to wear them. How great is that for a new mom trying to avoid extra laundry?

Moms Can Wear Them Too — Small framed moms can match their children for some of the cutest moments of the childrens’ years. Snap a picture of mom and kiddo taking cookies together and you have an adorable picture for the family album thanks to bibbies from Dilly Dally!

Hearing about wholesale baby bibs just isn’t the same unless bibbies from Dilly Dally Designs are mentioned because, as far as moms are concerned, there is no comparison to the best. The best of the best in baby bibs? Well that’s Dilly Dally Designs bibbies of course!

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