Wiki Wags™ Disposables Helps Control Dog Marking Problems and More

Do you or your customers have male dogs that have a nasty marking habit that needs to be fixed? If so, then you’re in luck; Wiki Wags™ Disposables has the perfect product.

Wiki Wags™ makes disposable diapers and belly wraps for male dogs who are accident prone and likely to mark their territory in places that you don’t want them to, like indoors or on carpets.

They are great for dogs who territorially mark, have poor or no house training, have excitable inklings, are handicapped, or have senior incontinence problems.

The company got its start after the creators and owners couldn’t find a good product for their own pet’s marking issues. They were tired of mopping and scrubbing up messes in the house, so the brainstorming sessions kicked into overdrive. After testing out their product for a year and a half on their own pups, they started marketing the product in 2010.

Wiki Wags™ markets its diapers and wraps using three main selling points: Wiki Wags™ are healthy, convenient, and affordable!

These products are healthy because, unlike other diapers for dogs, they don’t cause the dog’s skin and hair to get wet from the urine. This prevents things like urine rashes and infections caused by soaked pads.

This is because of the advanced “Lock-In” technology that is used in the wraps. These are extra absorbent pads, which keeps the dog’s bodies dry and comfortable for them!

They’re convenient because once they’ve been used, all you have to do is take them off your pup and throw them in the trash. The dual “Magic Tabs” of the wrap allow anyone to take the wrap off easily.

And finally, they are more affordable compared to other brands on the market, but with no decrease in the quality of the wraps. They can be purchased in 12 count packages, or by the case, which includes 12 – 12 count packs for 144 wraps.

Wiki Wags™ are great for any size dog, from XS wraps for miniature breeds, to large wraps for huge pups!

If you have a dog with incontinence problems or territory marking problems, then Wiki Wags™ Disposables are the perfect solution to solve those unfortunate habits. Try them out today, and see the difference in their products and the rest of the competition.

The Spirit Goat Makes Natural Goat’s Milk Soaps, Lotions, and More

Necessity is the mother of invention. That’s especially true in the case of Becky Yeager and her goat’s milk skincare company, The Spirit Goat.

The Spirit Goat got its start 16 years ago “by accident,” as Yeager recalls.

Her daughters, like many others, had bad skin allergies caused by store-bought soap. This gave Yeager an idea: what if she started making her own soap that could be safe to use for anyone with skin allergies?

She started out making soaps first but then moved on to other skincare products, such as lotions, balms, hair products, baby products, and more.

The Spirit Goat’s products were originally made in Yaeger’s home kitchen, but as the business grew, the shop had to grow as well. Today, The Spirit Goat has its own storefront and everything sold by them is made from scratch in their own shop.

One of The Spirit Goat’s most popular products is their original goat’s milk lotion. This product is made with a unique blend of goat’s milk, shea butter, and skin-nourishing oils to moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy feeling that other lotions can leave. These lotions are free from any harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. It’s great for babies, the elderly, or anyone with sensitive skin!

Aside from their original goat’s milk lotion, The Spirit Goat also carries a variety of specialty lotions for all kinds of needs and skin types.

They have a variety of healing lotions for itchy skin, like their calamine lotion and bug juice lotion, as well as daily moisturizers that will revitalize damaged and broken skin, such as their face creams, eye cream, foot cream, and therapy cream.

And guys, don’t think they’ve forgotten about you, too. The Spirit Goat has an amazing men’s shaving cream that soothes the skin while providing an excellent glide for your razors. It’s also made with 25% organic ingredients to ensure that you have a safe shave, every time.

They also have soaps, hand balms, beard oils, and mustache wax that feature manly, woodsy scents that any hardworking guy can enjoy. Try their Sandalwood or Bay Rum scented soaps today to get that unique, rugged, outdoorsy scent.

Let’s not forget about all of the wonderful goat’s milk soaps that you can find at The Spirit Goat; after all, that’s where they began their soapmaking journey so many years ago.

They have scents to please every customer. Whether it’s a fruity and refreshing scent, like Bear Lake Raspberries or Awesome Apple, or an earthy scent like Great Basin Desert or Lonesome Cowboy, The Spirit Goat has a soap fragrance for everyone.

If you have customers that are looking for rejuvenating, skin healing soaps, creams, and lotions, then they can find these products at The Spirit Goat, too.

They have lots of facial products like Acne Spot Treatments, Sugar Lip Scrubs, Hydrating Face Masks, and Anti-Aging Serums.

The products use organic and natural ingredients to combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the skin and under the eyes. They are also great for daily moisturizing, to keep skin healthy and young looking.

When you need natural, goat’s milk products that are going to revitalize and moisturize sensitive skin, there’s no better place to find these products than at The Spirit Goat.

Needak Manufacturing Helps People Of All Ages Get Healthy And Active

The Needak Rebounder is the ideal solution for people interested in exercise and health: it is the only equipment you need, it is made of quality construction right here in the USA, it is affordable and portable, it’s easy to learn and easy to use, and it provides efficient low impact exercise. Not to mention, it’s great for all ages and fitness levels.

Listen to what Dr. R. P. has to say about it: “Rebounding exercise is the best exercise in the world! Now that I’ve tried rebounding, I have progressed more in 2-3 months than in 3 years on the Nordic Track. My primary exercise, and the one I now recommend to my patients, especially for upper body shaping and toning, overall cell exercise and health, and just plain fun, will now be the rebounder.”

Couple the rebounder with their DVDs on rebounding and you have an efficient, inexpensive workout program you can do for minutes a day. This simple device can bring fantastic results.

Needak was founded in 1990 by Robert and Barbara Sanders. They were in partnership with another name in rebounding and saw the decline in quality over the years until they were replacing more products than they were selling.

The couple wanted to overcome that problem and create a quality product that was manufactured in the US. Robert was convinced that this exercise equipment was critical to the health and fitness of an increasingly sedentary population. As a result, he wanted to make the best rebounder in the world. They also offer replacement parts and stabilizing bars, ensuring that you can bounce for years to come.

In addition to rebounders, Needak also sells Johnson tree stands. They offer a universal tree stand bow rest that fits all stands and holds all bows, mounting brackets, climbing belts, and even tree stand safety DVDs.

They offer several books on bouncing, cellular health, and cancer.

If you want to help your clients find a great, and fun way to exercise, try Needak Manufacturing and their Rebounders!

Neckglasses Combines Eyewear and Stylish Jewelry

When things have a purpose, that’s a good thing. When they can also be beautiful, that makes them great! Neckglasses are both, combining the practicality of eyeglasses with a sleek and sophisticated look. And best of all, you can’t lose them!

Karen Gnaovsky started her company after a visit to her eye doctor confirmed she had the “plague of the 40s”, a.k.a. the inability to see fine print without an aid. To her horror, he suggested she stop by Walgreens on the way home for a pair of readers.

Seeing readers as granny glasses, she boycotted the drugstore for a month. When she did finally go, she bought several; she just kept losing them! Karen knew that she had to invent a pair of reading glasses that would look as good as real jewelry.

This trendy woman took pencil to paper and drew what she wanted: a piece that has the convenience of having a pair of glasses around the neck that doubles as a fashion accessory. Her friends urged her to hurry up because they all wanted a pair! From that start, she has created six different looks for men and women.

Far from ordinary “readers,” these glasses are fashion statements. Her most popular piece, the “Karen,” was also her first. It is cleverly designed to hang down, appearing as a gold or silver necklace.

The “Dianna” is a silver glass locket that instantly opens, combining high fashion with functional eyewear.

The “Catherine” is more ornamental with a tassel at the end; it is also offered in both silver and gold.

The “Maria” is more laid back, light, and durable in a pendant form. Its simple form is definitely for the woman on the go.

For the men, she offers “Lee,” a causal, ingenious solution that keeps your glasses out of your pockets, giving them the same ease afforded to the women. They are simple, black, and understated.

It cannot be overstated the elegance and ease of these glasses. One movement brings the necklace’s pendant to the eyes.

If you want to help your clients take eyewear to a new level, check out Neckglasses!

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Has Great Services and Products To Help You Reach Your Wholesale Goals

Are you concerned that you aren’t making enough of a profit from selling your products to customers? Then you’re going to want to look into the wonderful service offered by Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise.

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is a wholesale dropshipping company that was founded in 1999. What is wholesale dropshipping? It’s a method of wholesaling products where you pay a low fee for Sunrise Wholesale’s service and they help you make more money from the sale of your products.

It works like this: whenever someone buys a product from you for the retail price on your website, that order is sent to your account with Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise. You will then login to your account to fulfill the order, and Sunrise will package and ship the order directly to your customer. The catch is, you are only paying the wholesale price for that same item. In other words, you will make a profit off of every order by collecting the difference between the retail price that the customer paid, and the lower wholesale price that you pay for the same product.

Sunrise has a great explainer video that makes this process even easier to understand.

With Sunrise, the more you sell, the more you make!

Sunrise has tons of fantastic products for all the major categories, from kitchen and household items to toys, games, sports gear and more.

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise has more than 22,000 brand name products for your customers to choose from, making them an extremely versatile and easy-to-work-with company.

An example of some of the great products available from Sunrise can be found in their Wholesale Garden category. Here, you’ll find a diverse selection of beautiful bird baths and bird feeders, garden furniture, planters and pots, wind chimes, and more.

Looking for some cute garden decor, featuring mischief squirrels or magical gnomes? Sunrise has everything a customer needs to spruce up their garden and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

And what about customers looking for stylish and elegant jewelry? Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise has a great selection of jewelry sets to fit every style, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. Check out the Elegant Sparkle Jewelry Set, featuring gorgeous crystalline gemstones set on a delicate golden chain. It’s the perfect complementary piece to any dress, and will add sparkle and shine to a fun night out!

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise‘s services can ensure you more money for the variety of unique products that they offer to customers. Try them out today!

CannedWater4Kids Brings Clean, Safe Drinking Water To Children In Need

Access to safe, clean drinking water is one of the most important issues facing people all over the world today. More than 1 billion people, about 1/5 of the population of the world, don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water.

CannedWater4Kids is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is devoted to ensuring that children from all over the world, no matter where they are from, have access to clean and safe drinking water.

According to CannedWater4Kids, water is vital to everyone, but most importantly to children. That’s because clean water is important for the healthy development and survival of children. According to the World Health Organization, a child dies every eight seconds from drinking dirty water.

CannedWater4Kids has a simple, but ambitious, plan for changing that statistic and bringing clean drinking water to children everywhere: aluminum cans.

“By tapping into the global can industry, clean water, packaged in aluminum cans, will become our symbol and billboard for spreading the word while developing strong grassroots awareness and participation,” according to CannedWater4Kids’ website.

Aluminum cans, as opposed to plastic bottles, are safer, more reliable, recyclable and economical than any other material out there. Plastics and glass take hundreds of years to decompose and aren’t the easiest materials to recycle. Aluminum cans are superior in every way.

CannedWater4Kids has promised to support clean water initiatives worldwide with their business model. All of the money made from selling their aluminum canned water will go toward different methods to provide clean water to communities. This includes the digging of wells, water filtration programs, and clean water education programs.

CannedWater4Kids has supported various charities and organizations from all over the world, including UNICEF, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, United Nations, Engineers Without Borders, and World Vision.

In their ultimate goal to provide access to clean drinking water to children around the world, they want to make sure their canned water gets in front of a large number of consumers. That’s why they sell their canned drinking water wholesale to retailers from all over the U.S.

It’s not just their commitment to an honorable cause that makes CannedWater4Kids such a great product; their package design for their aluminum cans are stunning as well.

CannedWater4Kids packages their clean drinking water in beautifully designed, brightly colored cans that feature an inspiring illustration of children from all over the world celebrating together in harmony.

If you’re looking to help out a great cause and get your customers involved in helping provide clean water to children, then CannedWater4Kids is the perfect wholesale company to support.

Polar Peonies Grow Beautiful Peony Blooms In A Unique Location

If you’re looking for flowers that will add beauty to anything, peonies are the flowers you need!

In 2001, Jan and Dick Hanscom did the unusual and started a peony farm in Fairbanks, Alaska. Alaska might seem like a rare place to plant flowers, but let us assure you, they grow the most stunning flowers and have been doing so under the name Polar Peonies for the past decade-plus.

Most people know that great things take time and patience. Peonies can take up to five years to prepare for harvest. So, as you can see, patience and time are a must when it comes to planting these beautiful flowers. Peony planting also demands hard work and commitment. This is something Jan and her husband, Dick, understood and it is why they have successfully bloomed hundreds of high-quality, gorgeous peonies. Polar Peonies also take pride in being a resource to fellow peony growers and sharing their valuable knowledge with them as well.

Peonies don’t just pop out of the ground overnight, especially these Alaskan grown ones. Polar Peonies went through many trials and hardships trying to bloom the perfect peony. From bad soil to pesky moose stomping on their plants, they had to strategize to defeat these obstacles. And they have done a great job overcoming them.

Just like anything that is unique, peonies are only available for a limited amount of time. From June through September, you can get your hands on these flowers. Polar Peonies encourages everyone to take advantage of the season by offering a weekly subscription. This subscription sends flowers weekly for eight weeks straight. Who wouldn’t want to have eight weeks full of gorgeous flowers? This would be an awesome gift for that special someone in your life.

Although Peonies have the short end of the ‘stem’, they bloom to be beautiful and large in size. Polar Peonies offers a variety of vibrant, bright flowers. These colors are appropriate for any type of occasion that you want to be memorable.

Polar Peonies provides an assortment of different specials and boxes that you can choose from. From a celebration such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or just a way to make someone’s day, peonies are a great way to brighten up that occasion.

Have an event coming up? Add an arrangement of peonies as your centerpiece to have everyone stunned by your event. These flowers are also perfect for bridal bouquets. Polar Peonies provides a build your own box where you can use your own creativity and create that bouquet that you have always envisioned for your special day. If you are wanting to save some time, they also offer a bridal special and will pick the colors of your arrangement for you. The bridal box would be an easy check-off of your never ending to-do list.

Not only do they offer beautiful, high-quality flowers, they are also friendly to our environment.

Just when we thought Polar Peonies couldn’t get any better, these beautiful, Alaska grown peonies come in an eco-friendly vase!

Polar Peonies has proved that with a little bit of knowledge and teamwork, you can bloom something extravagant. If you are looking for a beautiful, eco-friendly, affordable bloom, Polar Peonies is the perfect place for you.

Veronica’s Doggie Delights Offers Healthy and Delicious Treats For Your Canine Friends

Man’s best friend deserves only the best when it comes to dog treats, and Veronica’s Doggie Delights has the best gourmet products!

Veronica Reynders saw a need for healthy treats in 2009 when dogs around the country became sick from products not made in the US. She combined her love of animals and passion for baking, and after several trial and errors, pinned down the perfect recipe for her all-natural treats.

Based in West Chester, PA, Veronica’s Doggie Delights products go through a panel of four-legged taste testers, and only human grade ingredients are used with no preservatives. Reynder has created a line that offers a flavor for any taste, ranging from sweet potato and bison chips to turkey dinner and chicken jerky.

Not all dogs are alike when it comes to taste and texture! To overcome this, Doggie Delights proudly sells hard, crunchy, chewy, dehydrated, grain-free and even gluten-free treats. For a pooch that really enjoys chewing, the stuffed marrow bones wrapped in an apple biscotti cookie and stuffed with peanut butter and oats is a perfect choice. Any dog’s palette can be tended to with the gourmet products at Doggie Delights.

The gourmet bags are a great way to store the treats, and with flavors like Pupcorn Chicken, Peanut Butter Bacon and Bacon and Cheese sliders, they are that special something that any dog’s diet could use. Grain-free treats like the Pumpkin Apple Thins gourmet bags are an even healthier option!

Veronica’s Doggie Delights also believes in sharing the love with other dog owners. Small and large gift baskets with preferred treat flavors are available! Small boxes contain three bags of treats and one special treat, and the large boxes offer five mini treat bags, five bones, a 3-in-1 treat and one toy! And if a little gift box for personal use is preferred, ask about the monthly or bi-monthly “Droolin’ Good Box” that auto ships!

Veronica’s Doggie Delights is also currently in the process of redesigning their packaging to feature a new and unique look. They are implementing a new character mascot named Roofer, who will be the voice of the company, answering customer’s questions through emails and other messaging formats. It’s an exciting new direction for the company, and one that they hope will give their customers something new and fun to experience when they shop with them!

Every dog should have the best of the best for their diet. Veronica’s Doggie Delights has perfected the healthy treat recipes that are sure to leave any canine happy!

LanMark Farm Creates Premium Wool Products For Fashion or Home Decor

Beauty, handmade and functional are the key components to products made by LanMark Farm in Sharpsburg, Kentucky. The premium wool fabrics are luxurious enough for both fashion and the home!

Fabric at LanMark Farm is made on site with the FeltLOOM needle felting machine, creating custom felt fabrics. Lush Merino wool is available in batting or fiber form, and all of the material can be transformed into clothing, rugs, potholders, and more.

Wool isn’t just for shirts or coats. LanMark Farm has created a stylish, yet functional, reversible purse made of U.S. grown Merino wool. Light gray, blue, mint, tan, and black wools complete with a leather strap make this piece one that will never go out of style. For a little more practical use, try the deep pocket purse or even tote. Both come in rich dark gray coloring and are perfect for shopping, work or even the beach.

Wool is also widely used for accessory clothing, and the scarves at LanMark Farm are great examples of why the fabric is so popular. Simple infinity scarves in blues and grays work well even when winter is melting into spring. Add some fringe for extra style! And no scarf is complete without a matching beanie or slouchy hat, also entirely handmade at LanMark. Ponchos for the entire family are another gorgeous accessory made at the farm that can transform a chilly day into a cozy one.

LanMark also helps bring fashion inside the home. Felt nesting baskets or trays not only add a rustic touch, but serve as a useful product that is perfect for storage. Reversible placemats, chair pads and coasters can spruce up a kitchen or dining room. Attending a get together? Pack up that bottle of wine in a plush felt wine cozy as a small gift for the host, all while keeping the bubbly chilled.

The many years spent on textile exploration and innovation have paid off for LanMark Farm. The one-of-a-kind handmade wool products are the result of mixing appeal and purpose, elements that are often sacrificed for one another. The clothing and décor from LanMark won’t disappoint, and the quality promises many years of enjoyment!

Wald Imports Has Wholesale Decorative Gifts For Every Need

“Winning” and “useful” are probably the words that best describe the products from Wald Imports. They have a vast selection of floral baskets, containers, gift baskets, whimsical gifts, and home decor.

You will be sold on their collapsible totes, display ladders, and their wire baskets in containers that do double duty. Many containers blend well with flowers and plants, and they are beautiful in both indoor and outdoor settings. They have truly clever ways to display your wares, from a push metal display cart to a farmhouse table top produce cart to a weathered pine wheelbarrow display cart. Look around, they have exactly what you’re looking for; even if you didn’t know you needed it!

With the vast selection you will find everything you could want; your only problem will be narrowing down your choices. They have plenty of things for around the house. Need something for the holidays? They have you covered. When spring is about to bloom, they can take care of you. They have containers of every color, shape, and design, and they have them at low wholesale prices.

To take your products to the next level, work with Wald Imports on a custom design. They have more than four decades of experience creating solutions for their clients, making gift baskets, tote bags, trays, planters and other containers in a perfect and unique way to make you stand out.

If you don’t find what you want in their huge selection, you can bring them your idea, and they can help you bring it into reality! They have the logistics needed to deliver your product to your door, from consulting to logistics, product sourcing, promotional and custom product branding, and more.

Consider Wald Imports, who offer good old-fashioned kindness and excellent customer service. You will do well to pair with this company who delights in making containers that are “gifts in themselves.”