Drift Into Paradise

Give Your Customers the Luxury Comfort They Deserve

Looking for a trustworthy wholesaler to provide you and your customers the keys to a blissful sleep each and every night? With over 40 years of experience, Country Club Products is up to the task! Country Club Products provides luxurious pillows, body pillows, mattress protectors, and sheet sets for retailers all across the United States and Canada. Continue reading “Drift Into Paradise” »

Be The Life Of The Party!

Spice up your next dinner party with one of the trivia games by Party People Games! Play one of their trivia games at your next party for a good laugh and an even better time. Party People Games has trivia and improv games for the whole family; and when the kids go to bed, break out one of their 18+ games to keep the party going. Continue reading “Be The Life Of The Party!” »

ReadeREST Serves As a Safe Keep for Glasses and More

ReadeREST, one of the savviest inventions, is protecting readers and sunglasses all over the world! This awesome product holds the #1 spot as the most sold magnetic eyeglass holder in the U.S! Continue reading “ReadeREST Serves As a Safe Keep for Glasses and More” »

Get Cozy with The Little Birdie

Looking to brighten up your home in the most simple, yet innovative way? The Little Birdie has just what you need to amplify the perfect touch to your home by adding a little bit of foam and a whole lot of creativity! Continue reading “Get Cozy with The Little Birdie” »

Everyday Flatware, Forked Up Designs

In 2010, Judson Jennings decided to take a chance on a “forked up concept” and created his first figurine made from flatware. From there his creativity has flourished into countless designs with numerous purposes. With figurines designed to do everything from holding the salt and pepper shakers on your kitchen table to holding your toothbrush in the bathroom, there is a figurine from Forked Up Art that you need in your life. Continue reading “Everyday Flatware, Forked Up Designs” »

Improving Health with Inspired Living

Supporting a healthy mind, body, and spirit is what Inspired Living is all about. The health-promoting products and resources encourage individuals to reach their highest potential! Continue reading “Improving Health with Inspired Living” »

Give someone a HUGG

The world can always use a little kindness, and HandUP Global Goods has an abundance of it to give.

This non-profit enterprise teams with teenagers in Haiti and provides not only jobs but professional and spiritual development. Fair wages are provided to each worker when products are bought, creating a culture of “fashion that feels good.” Continue reading “Give someone a HUGG” »

Celebrate with MSR Wholesale Balloons

If you don’t have a reason to celebrate, you will come up with one after you see the balloons from MSR Wholesale Balloons. An acquaintance that likes llamas is having a birthday? That seems like the perfect reason to send them a llama balloon bouquet. Don’t normally celebrate Independence Day? This year you might once you browse their selection of balloons shaped like eagles, flags, and stars. Thinking of a way to take Cinco De Mayo over the top? They have you covered when you purchase cactus-shaped balloons while also buying some in a chili pepper shape, a sombrero, beer mug, and a cluster featuring a Mexican hat and maracas.  Continue reading “Celebrate with MSR Wholesale Balloons” »

Sawyer’s Mill–Made in America from the Roots Up

Add something quirky, simple, profound, beautiful, or whimsical to your walls with offerings from Sawyer’s Mill, Inc. At Sawyer’s Mill, you’ll find pieces that are 100% unique, authentic, and made by an expert craftsman who feels the most at home in the company of his tools and large piles of sawdust. They rightfully boast that you won’t find a higher quality or a durable product at a better price.  Continue reading “Sawyer’s Mill–Made in America from the Roots Up” »

Gift Giving: Feel Like The Cards Are Stacked Against You?

Tired of sending gift cards to that same hard-to-buy-for person year after year? Customize a deck of cards to fit any personality with Shuffled Ink! Create a “year in the life” by choosing a single photo from each week of your baby’s first year or find some of your favorite photos of you and your special someone to celebrate your anniversary! Continue reading “Gift Giving: Feel Like The Cards Are Stacked Against You?” »