Motorhead Products Provides Beautiful Memorabilia and Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

When you want automobile and racing-themed merchandise, you want to make sure the company you’re buying from knows their stuff. MotorHead Products, born in the heart of Alabama racing country, knows what they’re talking about when it comes to high-quality, expertly-made racing and automobile gifts and memorabilia.

MotorHead Products manufacturers fantastic novelty items that are under license from some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as General Motors, John Deere, International Harvester, PAWS, Wild Wings, Busted Knuckle Garage, MOPAR, and Dreamworks.

No matter what aspect of automobile memorabilia your customers are interested in, you can be sure that MotoHead Products will have a gift that they will absolutely love to own.

Take their Chevrolet section, for example. Know any customers that are Chevy-heads? Then they won’t have to struggle to find amazing gifts and novelty items that celebrate their affection for one of America’s oldest and largest car companies. Whether it’s a Chevy logo emblazoned wallet, a key chain, cups and coolers, and even BBQ grilling sets, you can find it all at MotorHead Products.

If you have fans of The Busted Knuckle Garage, MotorHead Products wants to be your exclusive source for all things BKG. They have cups, grilling sets, cellphone holders, can shafts, wallets, and even serving trays emblazoned with the recognizable logo of The Busted Knuckle Garage. Any one of these gifts would be perfect for a die-hard enthusiast, and MotorHead Products wants to make it easy for fans to find their passion.

But what about your outdoorsy hunting and fishing customers? Does MotorHead Products have gifts that even they would enjoy? I think you already know the answer to those questions.

For hunting and fishing enthusiasts, give your customers the option of buying the wonderful products made by Wild Wings. They offer various scenes of wonderful wildlife, including deer, fish, and ducks.

Take a look at their beautifully crafted Wild Wings Cutting Board featuring mid-flight Wood Ducks. It’s perfect serving up delicious finger foods, hot dishes, or as a traditional cutting board. Unlike most cutting boards, this product is made from heavyweight, shatter and heat resistant tempered glass instead of the traditional wood.

There’s no excuse for shopping from anywhere else besides MotorHead Products. Once you see how many amazing, licensed products that offer for wholesale, you’ll race to the phone to buy from them!

Sandia Pet Products Is Ready To Supply Your Pets With Fun and Stylish Products

If you own a pet, sell to pet owners, or even just know of a pet, then we have a great resource for you. Sandia Pet Products, Inc. has great products at even better prices, and your customers are going to love them!

Sandra Alexander started this business nearly three decades ago combining her love of pets and sewing. She took two sewing machines in her utility room and used them to make cat and dog collars and leashes, taking an order and delivering it the next day.

That has since expanded to offering collars, harnesses, and leashes for ferrets, portable water bowls, and products for dog training, including clicker trainer waist belts, control lines, and agility tabs. Her shop now sells specialty products throughout the US and to Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Finland.

This is a one-stop-shop for most of your pet needs and the best part is, most of your products can match each other. Find a harness that matches the dog’s collar or your favorite outfit you wear to walk the dog; they are bound to have your color.

Make your dog, cat or horse really stand out when you choose fuchsia, hunter green, neon pink, turquoise, or rust. They can also be stylin’ in patterns like the American flag, aqua camouflage, paws on a baby blue background, flames, cattle drive, Christmas toys, baseballs, and much more.

Their folding water bowls are the ideal thing for people who like to hike or travel with their pets. They can be attached to a backpack with just a snap. And if you plan it just right, you can even make it match your collar, leash, and harness. They also have self-filling water bowls, providing your pet with fresh water all day in case you need to be away.

Another terrific set of products is for the Paws and Stripes, which is an organization that provides service dog training for veterans returning with battlefield stress disorders. Here you’ll find training packs, collars, a pull handle for use on an agility course, leashes, and a stick toy specifically designed and branded for Paws and Stripes. Sandia is also proud to support pet rescue organizations and provides discounted products for nominal shelters and humane societies.

You’ll like the selection of products available here, but you’re going to love the quality. Sandra’s personal goal is to offer the industry’s highest quality products, the fastest delivery, and the best customer service at a highly competitive price. As an added bonus, all their products are proudly made in the USA!

For quality products you’ll love to get your pets, check out Sandia Pet Products, Inc.!

Marion-Kay Spices Brings Amazing Flavor To Every Household

Bring flavors from every corner of the world into your kitchen and watch mealtime become an exciting experience!

Since 1922, Marion-Kay Spices has imported spices from countless regions to blend, grind, mix bottle and ship directly to customers. M.K. Summers founded Marion-Kay and passed along the business to his daughter Madelyn Reid, and her husband James in 1986. Since then the spice company has operated out of Brownstown, Indiana.

Jim became a Master Blender with his talent of creating new blends, and a new line of spices was born: J.R. Mad’s line. Today, Marion-Kay is owned by three of the Reid’s children, John and Kordell Reid, and Pamela Warren.

Not only does Marion-Kay deliver to personal kitchens, but the spices are also available for fundraising, custom blend services, and food services!

The spices, peppers, seeds, blends, herbs and extracts at Marion-Kay are made of high-quality raw materials with no fillers or additives. The garlic is 100 percent garlic — no mix of other pieces! — and the “sneeze-less” black pepper is imported from India and removed of foreign matter and dust.

Looking to try a signature item that has stood the test of time? Marion-Kay Chili Powder, Chef’s Secret Seasoning, and J.R. Mad’s MADGIC Fish Breading are popular options that are sure to take your cooking to the next level. Even better, Marion-Kay is internationally known for the award-winning Pure Vanilla Extract and Marion-Kay Chicken Seasoning 99-X.

If your recipe or restaurant calls for a unique spice or flavor, Marion-Kay can whip it up. Trained personnel develop custom blends for any style of cuisine like American, Cajun or Thai. Secret formulas also stay safe with Marion-Kay!

Not only does Marion-Kay offer the ingredients needed for amazing dishes, the company even supplies recipes! From drinks and appetizers, side dishes and main courses to desserts, Marion-Kay shows you how to bring a punch of flavor to your taste buds!

For a flavorful experience in the kitchen, trust the company who has been blending spices for 95 years. Marion-Kay Spices promises to deliver the finest spices in the world!

Rad Dog Makes Walks With Four-Legged Friends A Blast

Live life unleashed with made-in-America products from Rad Dog and let your pooch enjoy the wonderful outdoors!

Brian Dagnon brought Rad Dog to life after a train run in the foothills of Colorado. He began formulating an idea of how to run with a dog without carrying a leash. the first product of Rad Dog, the Release N Run Leash, was born.

This innovative dog accessory allows the retractable 4-foot leash to be stowed in the collar when not in use, meaning less equipment to carry when out on the trails with any four-legged friend. Made for dogs weighing up to 110 pounds, the Release N Run is made of climber webbing, Cordura, and Spectra cord.

The leash was the beginning of a company that now offers feed bags, pocket bowls, and more!

Going out for the weekend with your dog? Pack the Rad Dog feed bag to carry along dry food. With two compartments for food and accessories, the bag rolls up smaller as food is emptied out. Don’t forget the bowl! Rad Dog’s Pocket Bowl folds up to the size of a camera battery and works for both food and water.

Don’t forget the bowl! Rad Dog’s Pocket Bowl folds up to the size of a camera battery and works for both food and water. Waterproof, lightweight and small enough to put in your pockets, this accessory is a must when taking your dog on any run or trip.

If you want to let your dog run free when out on the beach or on a trail, try out the Double Duty leash. This leash clips around your waist or shoulder when you set your pet free. Even better, it’s so secure it won’t bounce around while you explore!

Know somebody who loves dogs just as much as you? Consider a gift pack for a birthday or any holiday. Rad Dog features multiple products in each gift pack, including the Double Duty Leash, waste bags, dog treats, Pocket Bowl and running bottle. Owner and pet both will be delighted with these durable goods.

Rad Dog strives to create simple products to allow you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors, so pick up any of these fantastic accessories to take your adventure to the next level!

Egyptian Museum Specializes In Amazing Fine Glass Creations

The skilled artisans at Egyptian Museum are experts at making fine Egyptian glass gifts and have been creating glass products for more than 15 years. In fact, they have developed more than 1,630 unique products.

Their products can be found in major catalog companies, garden centers, and gift shops. They offer the highest quality of Egyptian glass products in America at the lowest prices and with the widest selection. Their wares include perfume bottles, drink stirrers, hummingbird feeders, candy dishes, and much more.

Their Christmas ornaments are exquisite. Check out Egyptian Museum’s 15th Anniversary Collectible Ornament in green that has a glass-blown Christmas tree inside that is etched on the outside. They have many other ornaments to choose from in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. You could easily decorate your tree and not repeat an ornament. They even have tree toppers to finish it off. The colors complement one another, so instead of clashing, the ornaments would work well together.

Their smaller ornaments have even more detail and personality. They have a small ornament that looks like a kettle, one that looks like a hot air balloon, and one that looks like a lighthouse. They are whimsical, yet elegant: the perfect gift for someone on your list.

The same detail and beauty can be found in their perfume bottles that you can purchase in a sage green, golden yellow, and sapphire blue. They are sure to become a centerpiece.

If you like their style of products, their cordial glass in gold is bound to be a favorite. Even the stem has a bit of detail and the body of the glass is etched in a crisscross detail. The other glasses are just as beautiful and have their own unique patterns. You’ll easily find the perfect decanter to coordinate with your glasses.

Now for the utterly charming: animals in glass. The octopus is especially clever, and the elephant is amazing. Their series of dragonflies would enhance a number of rooms, and the hummingbird is a must for bird lovers.

Probably the prettiest products have to be the eggs. The gold painting and etching on each is detailed and well done. The colors are soft and pleasing to the eye.

Even the candy dishes are wrapped in personality and done in that same fine attention to detail. Find them in pink, red, yellow, clear, and pale lavender.

They have many more products, like candle holders, oil burners, bird feeders, vases and breast cancer awareness ornaments, all done in the same style that you can only get with glass blown products.

For beautiful and unique gifts you can only find here, check out Egyptian Museum!

Adley & Company Brings Artisan Gifts To The Home and Garden

Find luxury items for every corner of the home at Adley & Company and let your personal style shine.

Homeowners and apartment dwellers can spice up their living space with garden items, lighting, and bedding, and even find design inspiration when they shop with Adley & Company.

“We began our concept with one item in 2015, sophisticated and luxurious throw blankets,” owner Veronica Cizmr said. “We have now expanded into all corners of the home and offer a curated collection of decor items, furniture, kitchen, bedding, table decor, mantel decor, towels and many fair trade and artisan made goods.”

With summer right around the corner, Adley & Company’s garden selection is just what any homeowner needs to brighten up a yard or porch. Succulent arrangements in wooden planters, white or black pots will bring peace and calm to any space, and tall topiary pieces can create the perfect frame for a front door.

Light up your backyard entertainment area (or sidewalk!) with ceramic Pagoda solar powered lamps that resemble sand-cast temple lanterns. If your space has more of a bohemian feel, try the gorgeous, green basilica metal lattice work lanterns than can be hung on the yard or porch.

Summer is also the time for dinner parties and grilling, so don’t forget to spruce up the kitchen. Gingham dishcloths pull double duty to clean hands and create farmhouse vibes, and handmade fair trade Mexican dishes bring a splash of color to the table. For the baker of the family, pick up a cast iron muffin tin, grill skillet or dutch oven that are sure to last for many years to come.

If a big party or wedding is on the horizon, Adley & Company’s tiered basket and metal display stand for cupcakes or treats will make your food spread pristine and picture-perfect.

The summer season is a great time for fresh, new styles, which Adley & Company easily serve up no matter what your personal taste is!

LogoArt Licensed Jewelry Makes Quality Jewelry That Sports Fans Will Love

Jewelry isn’t just for elegant evenings out on the town, fine dining, or the workplace; jewelry can be worn by anyone for any occasion. Yes, even sporting events, as LogoArt Licensed Jewelry proves with their high-quality collection of jewelry for the sports fans in all of us.

LogoArt is a partnership between Quality Gold, Inc. of Fairfield, Ohio and Jewel-Craft, Inc. of Erlanger, Kentucky. Both companies make wonderful jewelry on their own, but LogoArt was created to fit a specific niche of the jewelry industry: licensed sports jewelry. LogoArt gives sports fans the opportunity to express their love for a specific team, university, or organization through high-quality and fashionable jewelry.


The jewelry made by LogoArt isn’t some cheap and easily breakable jewelry that you can find anywhere. Their jewelry is made with only the finest 14k, 10k and sterling silver metals, so you can be assured that the products bought from LogoArt will last a lifetime.

LogoArt specializes in all styles of jewelry and jewelry accessories, such as pendants, charms, beads, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, tie tacs, lapel pins, money clips, necklaces, dog tags, and key chains!

Their best-selling products are their split-chain style necklaces, which can be purchased in either sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver. These are beautiful pieces of jewelry that feature two sturdy and shimmering chains with a solidly made pendant suspended in the center. Every major collegiate sports team is available for wearing on this necklace, as well as MLB, NBA, NASCAR, NHL, and even sorority logos.

A fantastic new product from LogoArt that is sure to “wow!” your customers is their enameled bead collection. These beads are perfect for a charm bracelet and are made from high-quality sterling silver. They feature an expertly crafted block-style bead that captures all the fine details of a team’s logo.

The people at LogoArt Licensed Jewelry are experts at making high-quality jewelry that stands out from the competition. Your customers will love the variety of styles and teams available from this amazing company!

Honey House Naturals Provides Customers With High-End Natural and Organic Products

Natural body and skincare products can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and can originate from a variety of interesting sources. From naturally derived plant-based skincare to those made without the use of harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good to the skin, natural skincare is a thriving industry that seeks to provide customers with safe alternatives to the mass produced skincare products from major corporations. Honey House Naturals is one of these companies that wants to give its customers the high-quality skincare products that can enhance their overall health and beauty.

The story of how Honey House Naturals got its start is a unique one. It all began on a farm near Puget Sound, Washington, where Ruth Willis, a.k.a. “Queen Bee,” began keeping bees to enhance the fruit trees in her family’s backyard orchard. The bees began producing delicious honey, that Ruth began to sell at the local farmer’s market. But Ruth saw the potential in these bees and the honey they were producing and believed that their honey could be used for so much more.

Ruth found out exactly what this honey could do when one of her friends came to her with severely dry and cracked skin on their hands. This is how the idea for Honey House Naturals’ very first Bee Bar came about. The Bee Bar is a concentrated lotion bar made of pure beeswax and healing emollients. The Bee Bar was a success, and treated her friend’s damaged skin perfectly, restoring the softness and natural beauty of her skin within no time.

After succeeding at her local farmer’s market for many years, Ruth decided to take her business to the world. Since 1994, this 100% woman-owned company has been following their motto of “Natural, Nurturing, Unique” skincare and providing amazing products to customers who are looking for high-end, natural skincare products. They believe the purest values of skincare are integrity, purity, reverence, and health, and when your customers try their unique products, they’ll see exactly what those values mean.

Bee Bars

Honey House Naturals’ first and most popular product is their Bee Bar. The Bee Bar is a solid bar of lotion that is perfect for anyone suffering from dry skin and eczema. The bar is warmed by the hands to release the healing essential oils and butter, but it won’t dry out like most bars of soap. It comes in a variety of refreshing scents, like Vanilla, Lavender, and Spring Meadow, and with normal daily use, can last approximately six months.

Royal Bee Foot Bar

Do you have customers who have tired, dry, and worn out feet? Introduce them to the awesome Royal Bee Foot Bar. This amazing lotion is packaged in a 2.5 oz twist-up tube applicator, making it easy to apply it to any problem areas on the skin. It’s made especially with foot care in mind and contains organic coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, organic palm wax, lanolin, organic argan oil, and Honey House Naturals’ special Honey House fusion of honey extract, propolis extract, pollen extract, and beeswax. It also contains deoplex, a natural antibacterial odor eliminator, so your customers can keep their feet smelling and feeling great.

Lip Butters

Let’s not forget the lips as well. Lipcare is often an overlooked part of skincare, but it’s one of the most important places to keep moisturized. No one likes dry, cracked lips, and Honey House Naturals Lip Butter will keep lips looking, and feeling fresh. The Lip Butter Tubes come in 11 wonderful flavors, like Apple Pear and Peppermint.

Bee Butter Cream

If your customers are looking for great skincare in a cream form than Honey House Naturals has exactly the right product. Their Bee Butte Cream is perfect for massaging into dry and damaged skin and is made from honey, beeswax, and royal jelly, also known as the “nectar of youth” for the Queen Bee. The 8 oz. tub of Bee Butter Cream helps to restore the natural moisture of your skin, and comes in four scents: honey, citrus, vanilla and natural.

Honey Blossom Soap

Honey Blossom Soap isn’t like very other soap out there. While most soaps clean your skin and leave you smelling fresh, they often times leave your skin feeling dry and moistureless. Not Honey Blossom Soap. This fantastic product gets you smelling fresh and clean, without stripping your body of the natural oils that keep it feeling smooth. It’s made from royal jelly, shea butter, and honey, with added Vitamin E, and olive oil. Take a whiff of their heavenly honey, citrus, or lavender fragrances!

Bee Manly Organic Beard Balm and Beard Elixirs

Last but certainly not least, we can’t forget about the men! Men care just as much, sometimes even more, about their skin than most people think. That’s why Honey House Naturals has its own selection of manly scents and products, called the Bee Manly product line! Honey House makes three fantastic products for men, the Bee Manly Foot Bar, Bee Manly Beard Elixir, and the Bee Manly Beard Balm. These products will keep a man’s beard looking soft, moisturized, and manageable! Not only are they great for the skin, they also come in a selection of super manly scents, like Smoky Cedar, Brisk Citrus, Rugged Mint, and Naked (a no-fragrance, natural scent).

Honey House Naturals knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to natural skincare. If you have customers that are looking for an alternative solution to their dry, cracked skin and eczema, or even male customers looking to freshen up their beards, Honey House Naturals has the high-end, natural products they crave! Check them out today, and see the difference that natural products can make on your customers’ skin!

Village Wrought Iron Gives Any Living Space A Beautiful Rustic Look

Brighten up your living spaces with classic wrought iron decor in any style and variety for your needs!

For a true American-made experience, Village Wrought Iron offers the best in crafted wrought iron products. Based in Central New York, the company uses traditional methods of cutting, shaping, hammering and welding to create durable indoor and outdoor products. Village Wrought Iron was founded in 1975 and today continues with its philosophy of offering finely made items! They have more than 2,000 unique products available for customers to enjoy!

Don’t worry about shipping when buying from Village Wrought Iron. They have an amazing Drop Shipping ability that they’ve been doing for more than 25 years. When someone orders from Village Wrought Iron before 8 a.m., their order will ship that day or within 24 hours of the order on stock inventory. That means you can rest assured that your order will arrive to you very quickly with no delay! For more information on their Drop Shipping policy, check out their information sheet.

Turn your outdoor space into a stunning landscape with garden pieces from Village Wrought Iron. Add charm to your garden with daisy or daffodil garden stakes that will reflect gorgeous sunlight with their jewel-colored centers. Do you have more of a free-spirited soul? Try the sun and moon garden steak, centered with a deep blue stone that is sure to bring tranquility to your yard. Or, bring life to any ordinary fence with a variety of decorative hanging silhouettes! Show off your favorite animal with a hummingbird, moose, buffalo or even penguin, or get festive for the holidays with Halloween and Christmas-themed hangings.

Adorn your front door with the perfect wrought iron piece to transition from your outdoor space to indoor living. Village Wrought Iron creates any style over the door plaque with initials, animals or personalized last names!

Bring the lovely Village Wrought Iron collections into any office or living room with business card holders topped with florals, bears or birds. Keep bookshelves organized with bookends, and keep papers organized with newspaper recycle bins.

Village Wrought Iron has items for every area of the home, too! Create a rustic atmosphere in your dining room with cup racks or hooks. Napkin holders will be a classic table centerpiece and grapevine, tree or dragonfly napkin rings are perfect for any dinner party.

Don’t worry about shipping when buying from Village Wrought Iron. They have an amazing Drop Shipping ability that they’ve been doing for more than 25 years. When someone orders from Village Wrought Iron before 8 a.m., their order will ship that day or within 24 hours of the order on stock inventory. That means you can rest assured that your order will arrive at you very quickly with no delay!

The products of Village Wrought Iron will pull together any style in the home, from rustic to intricate, and remain durable for years to come!

Plant Stand Inc.’s Genius Invention Keeps Plant Stains Off You Floors

Plant Stand Inc. got its start from the mind of creator Bob Gillingham, a New Zealand carpet cleaner who noticed a problem with customers who owned potted plants. Gillingham noticed that when his customer would place their beautiful potted plants on top of carpets or concrete, the plants would leave an unsightly stain if left in one place for prolonged periods of time. It would stain and rot the carpet to the point of being irreparable. So Gillingham decided to do something about this problem.

Plant Stand’s Story

That’s when he came up with the idea for his 12″ Plant Stand, a potted plant accessory that lifts the pots off the floor so air can travel underneath the pots, allowing the staining water underneath to evaporate. Gillingham moved to the USA in 1997 to sell his Plant Stands, and since that time, the company has added more products to their line of Plant Stands.

Plant Stand now has five different ways for customers to life their precious potted plants off the ground, and protect the flooring underneath, including their Down Under Plant Stands, Down Under Plant Caddies, Down Under Plant Turners, Down Under Plant Saucers, and Pot Toes.

The Original Plant Stand

The original Plant Stand is virtually invisible when in use under a potted plant, giving it the illusion that the pot is still sitting on the deck or floor. The standard 12-inch stand can easily adjust to fit pots ranging in size from 4 to 12 inches. The 16-inch Stand can adjust from 10 to 16-inches. These very durable Plant Stands can hold any pot or planter up to 500 lbs. Plant Stands also come in a variety of colors, including black, forest green, terra cotta, and clear.

Plant Caddies

Plant Stand’s most popular products are the Down Under Plant Caddies. These versatile products can also move any potted plant up to 500 lbs. thanks to its five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheels. The caddies are made from UV-resistant plastic, ensuring that they won’t become brittle or fade in the harsh sunlight. It also features one locking caster to keep the plant in place when not being moved around. The Plant Caddie is available in three different sizes to fit any customers’ need: 14-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch.

Plant Turner

Another super helpful product from Plant Stands is their Down Under Plant Turner. This product is basically a Lazy Susan for potted plants, and allows any potted plant to turn easily 360 degrees. Each Plant Turner is made up of either a 12-inch or 16-inch saucer base. The 12-inch saucer supports up to 250 lbs. and the 16-inch saucer can easily hold up to 400 lbs. Turning plants every so often promotes healthier plant growth and lifespan by allowing the plants to get even sunlight distribution. Plant Turners come in two colors, black and terra cotta.

Plant Stand Inc. has so many wonderful products for happy plant owners, you’d be hard pressed to find better products anywhere else! Buy from this awesome company today, and see what an amazing difference a Plant Stand makes for decks, carpets, carports and more!