Honey House Naturals Provides Customers With High-End Natural and Organic Products

Natural body and skincare products can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and can originate from a variety of interesting sources. From naturally derived plant-based skincare to those made without the use of harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good to the skin, natural skincare is a thriving industry that seeks to provide customers with safe alternatives to the mass produced skincare products from major corporations. Honey House Naturals is one of these companies that wants to give its customers the high-quality skincare products that can enhance their overall health and beauty.

The story of how Honey House Naturals got its start is a unique one. It all began on a farm near Puget Sound, Washington, where Ruth Willis, a.k.a. “Queen Bee,” began keeping bees to enhance the fruit trees in her family’s backyard orchard. The bees began producing delicious honey, that Ruth began to sell at the local farmer’s market. But Ruth saw the potential in these bees and the honey they were producing and believed that their honey could be used for so much more.

Ruth found out exactly what this honey could do when one of her friends came to her with severely dry and cracked skin on their hands. This is how the idea for Honey House Naturals’ very first Bee Bar came about. The Bee Bar is a concentrated lotion bar made of pure beeswax and healing emollients. The Bee Bar was a success, and treated her friend’s damaged skin perfectly, restoring the softness and natural beauty of her skin within no time.

After succeeding at her local farmer’s market for many years, Ruth decided to take her business to the world. Since 1994, this 100% woman-owned company has been following their motto of “Natural, Nurturing, Unique” skincare and providing amazing products to customers who are looking for high-end, natural skincare products. They believe the purest values of skincare are integrity, purity, reverence, and health, and when your customers try their unique products, they’ll see exactly what those values mean.

Bee Bars

Honey House Naturals’ first and most popular product is their Bee Bar. The Bee Bar is a solid bar of lotion that is perfect for anyone suffering from dry skin and eczema. The bar is warmed by the hands to release the healing essential oils and butter, but it won’t dry out like most bars of soap. It comes in a variety of refreshing scents, like Vanilla, Lavender, and Spring Meadow, and with normal daily use, can last approximately six months.

Royal Bee Foot Bar

Do you have customers who have tired, dry, and worn out feet? Introduce them to the awesome Royal Bee Foot Bar. This amazing lotion is packaged in a 2.5 oz twist-up tube applicator, making it easy to apply it to any problem areas on the skin. It’s made especially with foot care in mind and contains organic coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, organic palm wax, lanolin, organic argan oil, and Honey House Naturals’ special Honey House fusion of honey extract, propolis extract, pollen extract, and beeswax. It also contains deoplex, a natural antibacterial odor eliminator, so your customers can keep their feet smelling and feeling great.

Lip Butters

Let’s not forget the lips as well. Lipcare is often an overlooked part of skincare, but it’s one of the most important places to keep moisturized. No one likes dry, cracked lips, and Honey House Naturals Lip Butter will keep lips looking, and feeling fresh. The Lip Butter Tubes come in 11 wonderful flavors, like Apple Pear and Peppermint.

Bee Butter Cream

If your customers are looking for great skincare in a cream form than Honey House Naturals has exactly the right product. Their Bee Butte Cream is perfect for massaging into dry and damaged skin and is made from honey, beeswax, and royal jelly, also known as the “nectar of youth” for the Queen Bee. The 8 oz. tub of Bee Butter Cream helps to restore the natural moisture of your skin, and comes in four scents: honey, citrus, vanilla and natural.

Honey Blossom Soap

Honey Blossom Soap isn’t like very other soap out there. While most soaps clean your skin and leave you smelling fresh, they often times leave your skin feeling dry and moistureless. Not Honey Blossom Soap. This fantastic product gets you smelling fresh and clean, without stripping your body of the natural oils that keep it feeling smooth. It’s made from royal jelly, shea butter, and honey, with added Vitamin E, and olive oil. Take a whiff of their heavenly honey, citrus, or lavender fragrances!

Bee Manly Organic Beard Balm and Beard Elixirs

Last but certainly not least, we can’t forget about the men! Men care just as much, sometimes even more, about their skin than most people think. That’s why Honey House Naturals has its own selection of manly scents and products, called the Bee Manly product line! Honey House makes three fantastic products for men, the Bee Manly Foot Bar, Bee Manly Beard Elixir, and the Bee Manly Beard Balm. These products will keep a man’s beard looking soft, moisturized, and manageable! Not only are they great for the skin, they also come in a selection of super manly scents, like Smoky Cedar, Brisk Citrus, Rugged Mint, and Naked (a no-fragrance, natural scent).

Honey House Naturals knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to natural skincare. If you have customers that are looking for an alternative solution to their dry, cracked skin and eczema, or even male customers looking to freshen up their beards, Honey House Naturals has the high-end, natural products they crave! Check them out today, and see the difference that natural products can make on your customers’ skin!

Village Wrought Iron Gives Any Living Space A Beautiful Rustic Look

Brighten up your living spaces with classic wrought iron decor in any style and variety for your needs!

For a true American-made experience, Village Wrought Iron offers the best in crafted wrought iron products. Based in Central New York, the company uses traditional methods of cutting, shaping, hammering and welding to create durable indoor and outdoor products. Village Wrought Iron was founded in 1975 and today continues with its philosophy of offering finely made items! They have more than 2,000 unique products available for customers to enjoy!

Don’t worry about shipping when buying from Village Wrought Iron. They have an amazing Drop Shipping ability that they’ve been doing for more than 25 years. When someone orders from Village Wrought Iron before 8 a.m., their order will ship that day or within 24 hours of the order on stock inventory. That means you can rest assured that your order will arrive to you very quickly with no delay! For more information on their Drop Shipping policy, check out their information sheet.

Turn your outdoor space into a stunning landscape with garden pieces from Village Wrought Iron. Add charm to your garden with daisy or daffodil garden stakes that will reflect gorgeous sunlight with their jewel-colored centers. Do you have more of a free-spirited soul? Try the sun and moon garden steak, centered with a deep blue stone that is sure to bring tranquility to your yard. Or, bring life to any ordinary fence with a variety of decorative hanging silhouettes! Show off your favorite animal with a hummingbird, moose, buffalo or even penguin, or get festive for the holidays with Halloween and Christmas-themed hangings.

Adorn your front door with the perfect wrought iron piece to transition from your outdoor space to indoor living. Village Wrought Iron creates any style over the door plaque with initials, animals or personalized last names!

Bring the lovely Village Wrought Iron collections into any office or living room with business card holders topped with florals, bears or birds. Keep bookshelves organized with bookends, and keep papers organized with newspaper recycle bins.

Village Wrought Iron has items for every area of the home, too! Create a rustic atmosphere in your dining room with cup racks or hooks. Napkin holders will be a classic table centerpiece and grapevine, tree or dragonfly napkin rings are perfect for any dinner party.

Don’t worry about shipping when buying from Village Wrought Iron. They have an amazing Drop Shipping ability that they’ve been doing for more than 25 years. When someone orders from Village Wrought Iron before 8 a.m., their order will ship that day or within 24 hours of the order on stock inventory. That means you can rest assured that your order will arrive at you very quickly with no delay!

The products of Village Wrought Iron will pull together any style in the home, from rustic to intricate, and remain durable for years to come!

Plant Stand Inc.’s Genius Invention Keeps Plant Stains Off You Floors

Plant Stand Inc. got its start from the mind of creator Bob Gillingham, a New Zealand carpet cleaner who noticed a problem with customers who owned potted plants. Gillingham noticed that when his customer would place their beautiful potted plants on top of carpets or concrete, the plants would leave an unsightly stain if left in one place for prolonged periods of time. It would stain and rot the carpet to the point of being irreparable. So Gillingham decided to do something about this problem.

Plant Stand’s Story

That’s when he came up with the idea for his 12″ Plant Stand, a potted plant accessory that lifts the pots off the floor so air can travel underneath the pots, allowing the staining water underneath to evaporate. Gillingham moved to the USA in 1997 to sell his Plant Stands, and since that time, the company has added more products to their line of Plant Stands.

Plant Stand now has five different ways for customers to life their precious potted plants off the ground, and protect the flooring underneath, including their Down Under Plant Stands, Down Under Plant Caddies, Down Under Plant Turners, Down Under Plant Saucers, and Pot Toes.

The Original Plant Stand

The original Plant Stand is virtually invisible when in use under a potted plant, giving it the illusion that the pot is still sitting on the deck or floor. The standard 12-inch stand can easily adjust to fit pots ranging in size from 4 to 12 inches. The 16-inch Stand can adjust from 10 to 16-inches. These very durable Plant Stands can hold any pot or planter up to 500 lbs. Plant Stands also come in a variety of colors, including black, forest green, terra cotta, and clear.

Plant Caddies

Plant Stand’s most popular products are the Down Under Plant Caddies. These versatile products can also move any potted plant up to 500 lbs. thanks to its five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheels. The caddies are made from UV-resistant plastic, ensuring that they won’t become brittle or fade in the harsh sunlight. It also features one locking caster to keep the plant in place when not being moved around. The Plant Caddie is available in three different sizes to fit any customers’ need: 14-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch.

Plant Turner

Another super helpful product from Plant Stands is their Down Under Plant Turner. This product is basically a Lazy Susan for potted plants, and allows any potted plant to turn easily 360 degrees. Each Plant Turner is made up of either a 12-inch or 16-inch saucer base. The 12-inch saucer supports up to 250 lbs. and the 16-inch saucer can easily hold up to 400 lbs. Turning plants every so often promotes healthier plant growth and lifespan by allowing the plants to get even sunlight distribution. Plant Turners come in two colors, black and terra cotta.

Plant Stand Inc. has so many wonderful products for happy plant owners, you’d be hard pressed to find better products anywhere else! Buy from this awesome company today, and see what an amazing difference a Plant Stand makes for decks, carpets, carports and more!

Mountain Mamas Makes ‘Products with Purpose’ For Every Woman

Mountain Mamas provides women of all ages, sizes and styles quality clothing and accessories that feel as good as they look. If you can pair style with comfort, you’ll always have a winning combination!

Lois Hall, aka Head Mama, believes that “the everyday woman deserves something that she can put on and look put-together. She has access to clothing that has a good look, a good feel, she can wash it and have everyday life with it.” So she went out and created just that.

These pieces can be dressed up or down and the colors are vibrant. The garments are cut in a way that drapes the body well, with patterns that sway and move with the body. Every single one of her items is flattering and gorgeous!

Even thought their shirts and hoodies drape, they will in no way “hang” on you. Instead, they compliment the wearer very well. There are several colors to choose from and one-size fits most people. The fabric is so soft you might feel like you are in your PJ’s all day. The dresses are also just perfect and easy to pack in a suitcase. This is because the cut of the dresses accentuates the positives of anyone’s body, leaving enough coverage that any woman can wear leggings or skinny jeans underneath.

Your customers will also love the way they look in the Movin’ Mama Wear collections, which features athletic tops and leggings. Whether you’re out doing hot yoga or going for a jog, you want to still look and feel fantastic. The waistbands are wide and they hug everything in place. They have solids and truly fun patterns to choose from, no matter what your customers are looking to buy. The tunics are no exception to this rule; they are sophisticated and stylish, while also being easy to move around in — because comfort reigns supreme at Mountain Mamas!

Mountain Mamas isn’t just a clothing company; they also do amazing charity work. If you by the fuchsia tunic with the rounded neckline to pair with leggings, part of that purchase will benefit Friends of Animals.  Or, if you purchase the ruffled flirty skirt in black and white, you will be helping out the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. These are just a few of the examples of charities that Mountain Mamas donates to. Each product line goes to a charity and a donation is made with every purchase. Mountain Mamas calls their clothing line “Products with Purpose,” and with all the charitable donations that they contribute to, it’s not hard to understand why.

Your customers can also keep the cost down on care for these items because they don’t have to be dry cleaned. Simply machine wash them and lay them on a line to dry.

Not only are the clothing options amazing, their accessories are, too! We recommend the jewelry made of Tagua and leather. Tagua, known as the vegetable ivory, is made from a nut that grows on palm trees in Ecuador. The pieces are colorful and polished.

For a pop of color, consider The Rounds collection, also made from the Tagua nut. These pieces feature vibrant hues of red, orange and purple. Have customers that are looking for the perfect scarf? They have those, too. They have lots to choose from, including neutral tones in the Natural Chic collection that look and feel like linen, to the Provence scarves that look like art!

Mountain Mamas’ clothes allow your customers to be comfortable without being self-conscious. They are practical, yet stylish, and are quite simply the highest quality clothing you can purchase without a hefty price tag. Plus, you know you’re doing something good in the world when you buy from them, thanks to their amazing charity work.

For clothes that suit every woman, check out Mountain Mamas!

Ozark Mountain Kids Makes Nap Mats and Nursing Pillows That Are Perfect For Every Child

As any parent knows, one of the most difficult things is getting your child to fall asleep, and stay asleep throughout the night. Kids and babies might fall asleep, but keeping them asleep is another task completely. But maybe it isn’t the child’s fault for not being able to sleep; maybe it’s the bedding that your customers are using?

Enter Ozark Mountain Kids, a family owned and operated business that’s been making amazing products for almost three decades.

Ozark Mountain Kids’ Story

Christy Kinney, the current owner of Ozark Mountain Kids, is a third-generation owner of the company, which was started by her grandmother in the 1980s. Back then, her grandmother was making and selling plush ducks, chickens, seasonal snowmen, scarecrows, and of course, the famous Redford Heel Sock Monkey.

The company moved into a wider variety of products in 1997, when Christy had her first child. This is where the idea for their now famous nursing pillow was born. Later on, in the 2000s, the company had to find a way to compete with overseas online markets, and this is when the popularity of the nursing pillow really took off in the U.S. They now manufacture not only nursing pillows, but also nap mats, children’s bedding, and toys.

Nursing Pillows

When it comes to nursing pillows, Ozark Mountain Kids knows how to make something that’s both functional and comfortable for new moms. Their nursing pillows are designed to be both a more comfortable way for moms to nurse their newborns, and a way for babies sit up comfortably with plenty of support.

Their nursing pillows come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, so no matter what your customers’ style preferences are, they’ll be able to find the perfect nursing pillows when they shop at Ozark Mountain Kids.

One of the most noteworthy things about their nursing pillows is the use of Chenille fabric. Chenille is a French fabric that has an extremely soft and comfortable feel to it. Chenille also has a unique pattern that distinguishes it from other types of fabric. It’s a great fabric for newborn and baby products, and Ozark Mountain Kids makes good use of this fabric in many of their products.

Nap Mats

Nap Mats are also a huge seller from Ozark Mountain Kids. These mats are fantastic for young ones to nap on, and are made from high-quality material that’s both comfortable and stylish! All the Nap Mats are made in the USA and are machine washable. The Nap Mats are easy to carry around and fold up into a nice carrying mode when not in use. Your customers will have no problem carrying this product around wherever they go, whether it’s on family vacations, trips to the park, or even right at home!


For children that are a little bit older, check out Ozark Mountain Kids’ line of teepee play houses. They’re made in the design of a traditional Native American teepee and come with hardwood dowel rods that can easily fan out to assemble the teepee. When not in use, the teepee folds down and allows it to be stored away in a closet or under a bed. Each teepee features a large front door and a smaller window in the back.

Ozark Mountain Kids excels at making the absolute best newborn, baby, and kids products in the world! Take a look at their awesome wares, and give your customers the option of buying high-quality and comfortable pillows, nap mats, and more!

Unrivaled Candles Places Valuable Jewelry In Each Of Their Amazing Candles

Candles are a bestselling product for floral and gift shops, and they have been for many years. Customers are always looking for a new scent to spice up a room, or a new way of making candles (soy, beeswax, gel, etc.) that’s innovative and more efficient than the traditional way of making them.

Unrivaled Candles takes candle innovation one step further than most. Not only do they produce hand-poured candles made with high-quality soy and paraffin blended wax, they also include a special gift inside of each one of their wonderfully scented candles!

The Story of Unrivaled Candles

In 2010, Unrivaled Candles owner Nina Bright decided to start her own candle company. She had always loved candles, and had heard of other companies doing the “jewelry inside your candles” idea, and Nina decided to try this model out for herself. Nina buys her jewelry wholesale with the jewelry reaching a retail value of up to $10,000. Now, she spends her days working from home creating her amazingly scented mystery jewelry candles!

Each one of the candles made by Unrivaled Candles contains a valuable piece of jewelry inside, that can be valued anywhere from $10 to $10,000. The allure of Unrivaled Candles, besides their amazing selection of scents, is the mystery of how valuable the piece of jewelry inside your candle will be! It’s a winning system for getting customers to buy Unrivaled Candles over and over again, just to see if they can get a more expensive jewelry piece in each subsequent candle purchase.


But, of course, it’s not all about the jewelry with Unrivaled Candles. The magnificent and alluring scents they produce are reason enough to purchase from them over their competitors.

They have candle scents that smell so similar to the desserts and treats they are based on that they are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Everyday Fragrances is their signature line of candles and are available in a variety of scents for all occasions. For flavorful scents that will make you want the real thing, check out their Peach Cream and Orange Vanilla scents. The Peach Cream candle is a summer favorite, and perfectly emulates the smell of ripened peaches with a dollop of cream on top.

For more floral and homey scents, take a whiff of their Country Cabin and Gardenia Path candles. Country Cabin is a blend of cinnamon, spice, and woodsy smells that accurately recall the feeling of a cabin in the woods during the winter. Gardenia Path is full of the fragrance of the flower that it’s named after, and recalls a leisurely stroll through a gardenia garden.

Accessories and Wick Dippers

Unrivaled Candles also has candle accessories and holders for Seasonal events, such as their Frosted Ornaments for Christmas, and Jack-O-Lantern candle holders for Halloween. Your customers will love the variety of holiday accessories that Unrivaled Candles provides for purchase.

Wick Dippers are another accessory that Unrivaled Candles excels at making. Not only are their Wick Dippers excellent at extinguishing candle wicks without releasing smoke, they are also beautifully crafted. Each Wick Dipper is made from high-end materials to prevent breaking, and are designed to be elegant and dazzling as well. The metal vine and jewels that encompass the dipper are exquisitely crafted to be a fashion statement as well as a functional tool.

Some of their newest scents that are sure to entice your customers are Ma Cherie and The Hunter. Ma Cherie is a cherry scented candle that’s great for romantic evenings alone with a loved one, or to put someone in the Valentine’s Day mood.

The Hunter is part of the Men’s Fragrances line of candles, which also includes Black Tie and Gentleman. The Hunter is a “uniquely masculine fragrance” that has notes of amber wood, citrus, sea salt, and bergamot. It’s the perfect candle for a hunting lodge, hunting camp, house, or office!

Unrivaled Candles takes their candlemaking seriously, and seek to provide a wonderful experience for not only the people who have the pleasure of smelling their candles but the customers who buy the candles in order to find valuable pieces of fine jewelry!

Murbles®: The Outdoor Family Game For All Ages

When customers are outside with family, enjoying the great outdoors, they’re sometimes going to need something to keep them entertained. The grilled food and conversations can be great, sure, but what if they’re looking for something a little more active and competitive? Murbles, by Kramer Kreations, is the game that your customers will be begging to add to their collection of fun, family-friendly games!

Murbles is a game that requires no skill, and anyone can start playing and having fun right away, even if they’ve never played it before! Murbles takes cues from games such as bocce ball, horseshoes, and of course, marbles.

How It Started

The idea behind Murbles started way back in 1979 when creator Murray Kramer was in college. He was playing horseshoes with a retired gentleman who lived next door to him. For two years, Murray attempted to win a game of horseshoes against the gentleman, but simply couldn’t. So, instead, Murray decided to create his own game, one that anyone could easily learn how to play and win.

Murray based his game on the ancient European game of Bocce, where players attempt to get as close to possible to the “scoring” ball, and closer than their opponent’s balls. Murray’s game is different, however, because his Murbles are sized right, lighter, and more dynamic than the standard Bocce balls, making for a more enjoyable experience for players.

Murbles can be played by anywhere between two to 16 players. They come packaged in a heavy duty canvas tote bag, with the instructions for the game conveniently printed on the bag. You’ll never be in a place where you don’t remember how to play the game, or remember what the rules for scoring are.

How To Play

To play Murbles, two or more players select different colored Murble balls. There is one ball that is designated the “point” ball, and players attempt to throw their colored balls as close to the white point ball as possible. The player with their colored ball closest to the white point ball, and closer than their opponent’s balls, scores points that round. This is a brief overview of how the game is played, but for more detailed instructions check out the official rules.

Fun For Everyone

This game isn’t just great for kids and teens, it’s also a fantastic game for adults of all ages, from parents to grandparents. The rules vary slightly from children to adults; children play the game with two balls, adults play with three. It’s not difficult to learn the game, and once it’s learned, Murbles can be played over and over again for hours of family-friendly entertainment.

Murbles can also be played literally anywhere you want to play it! From a campground to the beach, to your backyard and more! There’s no limit to where Murbles can be enjoyed. That’s the advantage of this fun game!

Made With Quality In Mind

Murbles are proudly made in America and are manufactured using the highest quality plastic available, to ensure that the balls last for years to come. They are injection molded 3-inch diameter solid high-density plastic balls that weigh 1/2 pound each. and are available in 20 fun colors. A wide variety of colors makes it easy for customers to pick their favorite colors, or for them to pick the colors of their favorite sports teams.

Murbles is a fantastic family-friendly outdoor game that can be played literally anywhere! The environmental obstacles only add to the fun and skill of each game. Give your customers the option of buying Murbles for their next family outing, and see how much fun this simple but addicting game can be.

Scratch & Grain Baking Company Makes Baking Easy and Fun

Let’s face it, baking is tough stuff. It’s not that it’s hard to place something in an oven at a certain temperature and wait for it to cook to perfection. It’s the preparation, measurement, and mixing that makes it hard for some people. If you don’t measure out the ingredients to the precise measurements, or you forget to add a certain ingredient, your culinary creation could end up being a disgusting dud.

But that’s what Portland, Oregon company Scratch & Grain Baking Company is hoping to change. They want to make baking easy, fun, and delicious, with their easy-to-use baking kits!

Their Story

The idea behind Scratch & Grain Baking Company become reality after Portland neighbors Taya and Leah decided to collaborate on a new adventure. Leah had an idea for a new business involving baking, and Taya had the cooking skills to make that idea come to life.

They wanted to make homemade baking fun, delicious, easy and a little bit healthier. The way they accomplished these goals was through their precisely measured baking kits that made the sometimes complex task of baking less stressful and more enjoyable.

It took them more than 1,000 variations to finally get the perfect recipes, but, like most things in life, you have to go through a few missteps in order to get to perfection.

Each one of their baking kits uses all-natural ingredients, and are GMO-Free. Scratch & Grain Baking Company chose to go the all-natural route not only because it’s proven to be healthier, but all-natural ingredients also make the recipes taste better! Most of their ingredients are also certified organic, so they’re perfect for your customers who are committed to living an organic, and all-natural lifestyle.

Some of their bestselling products include their All-Natural Confetti Cupcake & Cake Kit, their Organic Pumpkin Bars, and All-Natural Gluten-Free Cornbread kit.


The Confetti Cupcake & Cake Kit makes 12 large cupcakes or 32 mini cupcakes, and also comes with all-natural confetti sprinkles that are free from artificial dyes. These sprinkles are actually made from fruit and vegetable juices, making them very different than most sprinkles on the market, but they taste just as good!


Cupcakes are fantastic, but Scratch & Grain Baking Company thinks that a well-made cornbread is just as delectable. That’s why they also offer baking kits for other baked goods that aren’t desserts and sweets. Their All- Natural Cornbread Kit includes honey granules so every bite of delicious cornbread has a hint of sweet flavor to it. Besides being made of organic and all-natural ingredients, their honey cornbread is also gluten-free! This ensures that every customer, even those with dietary restrictions, are able to enjoy their delicious baking kits!


Let’s not forget the cookies, however. There’s nothing out there better than a fresh baked, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie. Scratch & Grain Baking Company’s chocolate chip cookie kit features eight simple steps and 8 simple, high-quality individually packaged ingredients for making the best chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever had! The only thing you’ll need is an egg, unsalted butter, and one of Scratch & Grain’s chocolate chip cookie kits, and you’ll be making delicious cookies in no time.

Scratch & Grain Baking Company doesn’t mess around when it comes to baking; they want to make baking delicious goods simple, healthy, and fun!

Pali Jandals by Pali Hawaii Give You Comfort and Style For Warmer Weather

Bring the Hawaiian lifestyle to your home, even if you’re nowhere close to a beach. Pali Hawaii footwear, world-famous for more than 30 years, gives you the perfect fit for summertime!

With styles for both men and women, it’s easy to find the footwear that works for you. Three new styles of next generation Jandals, inspired by the Pali Hawaii’s original classic, will let you walk down the street in confidence!

The Jon Jandal is a more rugged take on the classic Pali’s sandals. This style features thicker straps and a deeper footbed, ensuring quality comfort. Slip on a pair of brown or black Jons and you’ll have shoes to match any outfit!

For women, the Jane and Jaya Jandals are the way to go. The Jane line adds elevation to the classic sandal style but still features the iconic Hawaiian weave design. Also with an elevated heel but with three straps instead of two is the Jaya Jandal! Both styles come in brown and black and are made of waterproof material.

The simple style of the Jon, Jane and Jaya Jandals make it easy to pair these sandals with anything, but for a little more glitz, try out the Karma or Spark Thongs, which are decked out in gorgeous jewels that are perfect for the summer. Want something more than the two straps while keeping it simple? The Tia slides feature a weaved design that can help you dress up an outfit while staying comfortable.

Stick with the classic Pali Hawaii style with the Buckle sandals, in both brown and black, or go old school with varying colors of Flip Thongs that are sure to be the most durable flip flops you’ve ever tried.

Keep your feet happy and stylish with these versatile sandals from Pali Hawaii, and enjoy that beach life in comfort!

Give Your Customers Purposeful Products With McHarp: Crosses With Meaning

There’s nothing more honest than a family business; especially one that manufacturers beautiful inspirational pieces like the ones that McHarp: Crosses With Meaning makes.

This mother-and-daughter company started in early 2000, by Ruth McNay and Linda Harp. The idea behind McHarp is “producing a product that allows them to explore and honor their heritage, and express their love of beauty, balance, and harmony.” Although the company was sold in 2014, the new owners continuously work to honor the legacy that Ruth and Linda started more than 15 years ago. Jim and Kim Keeter, the new owners of McHarp, have continued the family-run business in the same spirit as Ruth and Linda.

The crosses they make aren’t just your normal every day crosses; these crosses take inspiration from ancient cross designs throughout history, and each one is beautifully and accurately crafted to reflect historical crosses.

Browsing through their collection of crosses, it’s not hard to see why McHarp crosses are highly sought after by customers and store owners alike.

McHarp makes it simple to find the exact cross that you’re looking for, no matter the style, season, or country of origin. In fact, if you’re looking to get a cross from a variety of countries, McHarp has you covered, with each countries’ cross styles categorized on the sidebar of their website.

They have crosses from countries all over the world, including Scotland, Wales, England, France, Germany, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, and so much more! Each country has their own style of cross art, and you can see a detailed description of each one of these crosses to better decide on which cross is right for you and your customers.

Beautiful world crosses are McHarp’s main area of expertise, but it’s not the only thing that this wonderful company sells. They also manufacture a large variety of manuscript letters, from A to Z.

If you thought the crosses were the only products that were given intricately detailed descriptions, think again. Their manuscript letters are also given a detailed history, so you always know where the designs originated, and the history behind each product.

McHarp also makes gorgeous replicas of Christian Missions, such as the Alamo Mission and the San Juan Mission. These products showcase the classic architecture of these historical mission sites with very accurate detail. They’re perfect for displaying in a home, office, or place of worship.

And if you’re preparing for the 2017 holiday season (it’s never too early to start), then check out McHarp’s great selection of ornamental crosses. These ornaments feature the same intricately detailed cross designs available in their full-size cross selections but shrunk down to the perfect Christmas ornament size.

McHarp: Crosses With Meaning are experts at accurately recreating historical crosses from different countries and time periods. Your customers will love the intricate details placed in every one of their amazing products.