Give Your Customers Purposeful Products With McHarp: Crosses With Meaning

There’s nothing more honest than a family business; especially one that manufacturers beautiful inspirational pieces like the ones that McHarp: Crosses With Meaning makes.

This mother-and-daughter company started in early 2000, by Ruth McNay and Linda Harp. The idea behind McHarp is “producing a product that allows them to explore and honor their heritage, and express their love of beauty, balance, and harmony.” Although the company was sold in 2014, the new owners continuously work to honor the legacy that Ruth and Linda started more than 15 years ago. Jim and Kim Keeter, the new owners of McHarp, have continued the family-run business in the same spirit as Ruth and Linda.

The crosses they make aren’t just your normal every day crosses; these crosses take inspiration from ancient cross designs throughout history, and each one is beautifully and accurately crafted to reflect historical crosses.

Browsing through their collection of crosses, it’s not hard to see why McHarp crosses are highly sought after by customers and store owners alike.

McHarp makes it simple to find the exact cross that you’re looking for, no matter the style, season, or country of origin. In fact, if you’re looking to get a cross from a variety of countries, McHarp has you covered, with each countries’ cross styles categorized on the sidebar of their website.

They have crosses from countries all over the world, including Scotland, Wales, England, France, Germany, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, and so much more! Each country has their own style of cross art, and you can see a detailed description of each one of these crosses to better decide on which cross is right for you and your customers.

Beautiful world crosses are McHarp’s main area of expertise, but it’s not the only thing that this wonderful company sells. They also manufacture a large variety of manuscript letters, from A to Z.

If you thought the crosses were the only products that were given intricately detailed descriptions, think again. Their manuscript letters are also given a detailed history, so you always know where the designs originated, and the history behind each product.

McHarp also makes gorgeous replicas of Christian Missions, such as the Alamo Mission and the San Juan Mission. These products showcase the classic architecture of these historical mission sites with very accurate detail. They’re perfect for displaying in a home, office, or place of worship.

And if you’re preparing for the 2017 holiday season (it’s never too early to start), then check out McHarp’s great selection of ornamental crosses. These ornaments feature the same intricately detailed cross designs available in their full-size cross selections but shrunk down to the perfect Christmas ornament size.

McHarp: Crosses With Meaning are experts at accurately recreating historical crosses from different countries and time periods. Your customers will love the intricate details placed in every one of their amazing products.

Intrada Italy Brings Italian Flare To Your Dinner Table

For beautiful decor and accessories that will bring life to your home, Intrada® Italy has the handmade pieces for you!

Intrada® Italy has 35 years of experience in crafting Italian pottery, Italian ceramics, and dinnerware to “brighten any lifestyle.” The collections bring the best of the Italian regions into your own personal space.

Intrada’s pottery collection has a wide range of styles from Medici and Fleur de Lis, to Pompei and Chianti. The rainbow of colors are eye-catching and dreamy and will easily be the conversation piece of any room.

The Chianti collection of pottery is a fun celebration of grapes and wine. These bottle holders, wall plates, jars. and pitchers are a testament to leisure time and feature fruits and scenes of the varying wine countries.

If your home needs a bit of good fortune and charm, think about adding an authentic ceramic rooster to your belongings. These bold, handmade roosters and hens are traditional Italian pieces that will bring style to any kitchen. Two of Intrada’s most popular ceramic roosters are poised in fighting stances looking up and down, painted in dramatic, vibrant colors that are sure to spark conversation.

Spice up your dinner parties with gorgeous Italian dinnerware collections that will leave your guests yearning for a trip to Italy. Baroque red, cream, paprika and honey colors will brighten up your dining area, and antipasta sets handpainted with corals and poppies bring Italian fashion right into your kitchen.

To add even more beauty and style to your life, try some of Intrada’s Italian glassware and crystal! Give a toast with a Swarovski frosted flute set, or maybe a platinum or gold stemmed flute that will make you feel like royalty. For elegant pieces dotted throughout the rest of your home, Intrada’s crystal cat and piano figurines and crystal ashtrays will sparkle and shine with the perfect amount of brilliance.

Intrada® Italy offers so many options of pieces that are hand made in Italy you are sure to find the perfect style and color to fit into your life!

Naked Infusions Makes The World’s Best Organic Chips & Salsa

Throw a naked party today! Just don’t forget to wear clothes.

Naked Infusions offers the world’s best chips and salsa, and you will absolutely want to host a party in honor of this pairing.

And no, this isn’t just another brand of salsa. They offer everything that today’s choosy consumers desire: their products are 100% certified organic, non-GMO, no sugar, no onions, no vinegar, no calcium chloride, are gluten-free, locally sourced, and they offer six vegan flavors. The business is run by Selene Kepila, who labored two years in her kitchen to recapture the salsa of her youth, tipping her hat to local farmers who provide quality ingredients everyone will love.

To perfectly pair the salsa, they have created a restaurant style tortilla chip that is thin, while also being gluten-free, organic, and low in calories. They offer all that and have still been called by satisfied customers “the freshest salsa I’ve ever tasted.”

Stores have taken notice. You can find their wares at many grocery stores around the country. Their products have also started appearing in mini-bars and food service in high-end restaurants and hotels.

Let’s talk specifics. You want to know what flavors you can get, right? How about Fire Roasted? Or, for those who really like it hot: Signature Ripe Tomato Salsa, which is extra hot. On the milder end, consider their Signature Rip Tomato salsa or Black Silk Expresso Salsa. Mix it up with Rustic Blue Cheese Salsa or California Burnt Sage. It’s not like you can go wrong. If you just can’t decide, try them all using their Salsa of the Month Club. $17.99 a month gets you salsa, chips and a recipe every month, and that even includes the cost of shipping. For the ultimate party, get

On the milder end, consider their Signature Rip Tomato salsa or Black Silk Expresso Salsa. Mix it up with Rustic Blue Cheese Salsa or California Burnt Sage. It’s not like you can go wrong. If you just can’t decide, try them all using their Salsa of the Month Club. For a price of $17.99 a month, you get salsa, chips and a recipe every month, and that even includes the cost of shipping. For the ultimate party, get their Can’t Get Enough Party Pack to get 15 jars delivered to your door. Other quantities at great savings are also available.

You can find these products in person in 41 states and online at

And, while you’re snacking on these delicious products, you’re also making the world that much better. Naked Infusions donates a portion of every sale to Brainwave Optimization to help those in need make the world more beautiful.

Right now, you can get $10 off your first wholesale purchase by ordering online!

So, eat up for the joy of it, or for the greater good. Either way, it would be hard to top the products you can find at Naked Infusions!

Romarsi, LLC Brings Fresh Pesto Flavors To The Dinner Table

Fresh pesto sauce tastes like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Sure, you can buy pesto from the store and it’ll taste OK, but to really authentic tasting Italian pesto, you need to buy your pesto from the family-owned Romarsi, LLC.

Romarsi, LLC has a solid mission statement that drives everything they do:

Our mission is to bring you all natural gourmet pesto sauce made from garden fresh basil infused with the finest pure olive oil, classic parmesan cheese and other high-quality ingredients, which makes preparing food for busy lives incredibly healthy and easy.

The journey from a family farm to a full-fledged business began from owner and founder Mary Silvestri’s own father and grandfather. Her father, Francesco, began the tradition of growing basil from seeds of the previous year, and Mary continued the tradition with her own family. But it was Mary’s mother, Ernestina, that introduced her to the famous recipe for making pesto sauce that is still used today to make Romarsi pesto.

Romarsi’s products are made with love and care, to ensure that customers get the best sauce available on the market. Their company supports local farmers who supply the flavorful basil used in every ounce of their fresh pesto sauce.

Their Pesto To Go is a perfect addition to any family’s kitchen, and kids will love it, too! The Pesto To Go product can be frozen for later use, or placed in the fridge for whenever you want a quick snack. It’s great as an appetizer or main entree and goes well with a variety of tasty foods. Add it to pasta, seafood, chicken, rice, pizza, vegetables and so much more for the awesome flavor of pesto no matter what you’re eating!

Not only is Romarsi’s pesto sauce delicious and flavorful, it’s also made with all-natural ingredients, meaning it’s also better for your health than normal pesto! Pesto To Go uses no preservatives and is cholesterol free. It’s also naturally low in fat and calories, but high in those ever-important antioxidants. Romarsi promises that their pesto is “fresh and healthy — not cooked and jarred.”

Romarsi, LLC also does a lot with their community to teach the art of gardening, basil, and pesto to future gardeners. They have a partnership with St. Benedict’s School in Newark, New Jersey that teaches students how to grow basil on their own. They also teach entrepreneur workshops at Montclair State University to MBA students looking to start their own business.

As you can see, Romarsi, LLC not only makes the best pesto sauce around, they are also concerned with helping future gardeners and business owners achieve their dreams. These are just some of the reasons to try Romarsi, LLC’s fresh basil pesto sauce for yourself, and let your customers experience the most delicious pesto sauce on the market!

Barrel-Art Designs Beautiful Wooden Creations That Will Captivate Your Customers

Wine connoisseurs looking to add unique pieces to collections throughout their home will find the perfect barrels, wall art, bars and more with the amazing company Barrel-Art!

The Hampton, Virginia, company began when owner Mike Prieto found a love for woodworking after losing his belongings in a fire. Prieto and his wife, Kambra needed furniture immediately so he learned the trade to build what the most important pieces. After visits to various European wineries, Prieto created a bar out of a wooden barrel, leading to interest in his new creation. From that point on, Prieto received so many requests for other items that he brought Barrel-Art to life.

Prieto’s traditional barrels are perfect decorative pieces for any room. They originate from France and Spain and include dates, toasting notes or origin stamps on the dark walnut, red mahogany, natural or plain finishes. These barrels can serve as end tables, nightstands or dining room decor and bring the wine country into your home!

The wine bars of Barrel-Art are even more beautiful pieces to display your wine collection. The traditional barrel bar, Barrel-Art’s first creation, features two doors that open to reveal shelves to slide in your favorite drinks. Rich finishes of natural, red mahogany or dark walnut will fit into any style decor. Open barrel bars are stained red on the inside from the red wines once held there, and the open sides allow for perfect showcasing of bottles. If you want to show off spirits in addition to wine, pick up a barrel with an additional shelf and a lazy Susan!

Looking for other ways to bring Barrel-Art’s woodwork into your home? Prieto has designed various bar stools, benches and even a fire pit from the French and Spanish barrels. Relax outside with a comfortable rocking chair, add an oak-finished coffee table with storage into your living room or turn your bathroom into a place all guests will want to view with a wine barrel sink! There is a piece of furniture for every room crafted from the variety of barrels in Prieto’s collection.

Barrel-Art offers even more choices of wood pieces from business card and cell phone holders to pet beds and feeders! Try out one more way to store your bottles with the gorgeous champagne riddling racks, made from French Oak.

Whether for decor or wine and spirit storage, Barrel-Art’s woodwork will turn your home into something reminiscent of the wine countries in Europe. Serve up your guests in style from the exclusive bars and barrels of Barrel-Art!

Heartful Art LLC Makes Products With The Intention To Inspire

Raphaella Vaisseau founded Heartful Art LLC to inspire the world with her abstract expressionist paintings. In the beginning, watercolor was Vaisseau’s art medium of choice because of its rich qualities and vibrant colors. Later she adopted acrylic to her techniques as an artist. Acrylic paint allowed her to express her visions more boldly and provided her with another opportunity to evolve as an artist.

Her paintings are meant to inspire and bring a realization of self-worth and empowerment and often come with quotes incorporated into the paintings. You can find her art not only in the shape of original paintings but as magnets and posters.

Flowers, symbols, and quotes are common components of Raphaella Vaisseau’s art. Hearts are a popular element in many of her creations. In Raphaella’s own words “a painting of a heart can remind us to focus in on our own hearts, to listen and trust our own inner guidance above all things.” This accurately explains most of Vaisseau’s art and gives us an insight to what inspires her to create her unique pieces.

Although Raphaella creates a full range of original art, her magnets, posters, and typography quotes are trending in gift shops, yoga studios, and bookstores across America. The happy colors and playfulness of designs combined with words of wisdom by Thoreau, Emerson, Buddha, Rumi, Eleanor Roosevelt, and more, provide individuals with support and motivation to excel and enjoy life.

Vaisseau started her company in 1991 and committed to it full time in 1997. She has been able to support herself through her art ever since. In 1997, she moved from Los Angeles to southern Oregon to work and evolve as an artist and has been able to support herself through her art ever since. Now residing in Miami, Florida, her artwork has been archived in the American Folk Art Museum in NYC and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. A number of her paintings have also been displayed at exhibits in select galleries, both in the U.S. and Europe. Raphaella is included as a featured artist in the January 2017 edition of Women in Art 278, an international art magazine.

One of Heartful Art’s primary intentions is for the art to be “assisting people everywhere to empower themselves and others.” Your customers will find that Raphaella Vaisseau’s art can make a positive difference in their lives, just the way she intended.

Put The “Wow” Into Your Space For The Holidays With A Poinsettia Tree Rack

For a truly breathtaking display during the holidays consider these gorgeous Poinsettia tree racks from Creative Display Center. You can display up to 375 plants on 15 tiers, bringing color, beauty, and height to any space. Alternate white and red poinsettias or display poinsettias in spiral stripes to add interest and candles for even more beauty. These are simply stunning displays.

Not only are they beautiful, but practical, too; they have taken much of the work out of it for you already. You need only a ratchet and a screwdriver to assemble the tree and some take as little as 20 minutes to put together. They even offer floor trays that go under the racks to catch most of the overflow water and keep your floors clean. Once finished with them, they can be put back in the original box for easy storage. Best of all, these racks are made of powder-coated steel right here in the U.S. To make your display portable, they offer affordable wheels for every size rack.

The bigger tree racks are perfect for display in open areas, like malls, lobbies, church foyers, and entrance halls.

In all, there are 16 styles and sizes to choose from, including half tree styles and full round styles with heights ranging from 3 to 15 feet tall. These racks are so versatile, you don’t even need to worry about the size poinsettias you got since you can put either 4″, 6″, or 8″ size plants on the racks using the different size rings available.

They also offer silk poinsettia plants in red and white.

To brighten your display even further, Creative Displays now offers candles and candle holders specifically designed for their racks. They are battery-operated and will run for more than a month with no heat build up. They are non-burn and cool to the touch.

These displays can easily be used year-round. Any plants can be used, they just need to fit into the rings. Fill the racks with spring flowers and lilies for Easter, or use a smaller rack for an herb garden.

They offer, too, a specialty steel tree rack to hold pumpkins, for the Fall season.

To put the “wow” into your space, get a poinsettia tree rack from Creative Display Center!

SouvNear, Inc. Brings The Beauty And Skill Of Indian Handicrafts To The World

The Indian artisan wholesale market is one that often gets overlooked by many wholesale buyers, due in part to its competition with one of the juggernauts of the wholesale world, China. But for a country of more than a billion people, India has plenty of artisan crafters that want to showcase their wares to the world, and show that India can also be a juggernaut in the wholesale market!

SouvNear, Inc., an online artisan Indian wholesale market, wants to make sure that the beautiful products made by the brilliantly skilled workers of India, get into the hands of more buyers.

The Story

SouvNear, Inc. got its start from a group of entrepreneurs in 2013, who were seeking to create a portal that helped undiscovered Indian artisans get their wares noticed by a larger market. Today, SouvNear, Inc. has more than 7,000 curated products on its website from numerous skilled artisans.

SouvNear, Inc. works to make sure that only the best businesses are allowed to sell from their site. They undergo an in-depth background check process on sellers to make sure they are accredited before selling on their site. They even manage the entire process of buying on their site, from order to production, and quality audits to order delivery. When you order from SouvNear, Inc., you can be at peace knowing you are in safe, reliable hands.

The Products

There’s no shortage of beautiful products to be found on SouvNear, Inc.’s website. From home decor to jewelry, and even garden supplies, you’ll find thousands of amazing products that your customers will love.

Many of the products sold by SouvNear, Inc. feature traditional Indian designs and colors, drawing a lot of inspiration from traditional Hindu and Buddhist artwork. The Lord Buddha Statue Candle Holder, which is a soapstone carved statue resembling the Buddhist holy figure, is a beautifully handmade candle holder with a very sturdy base and a bowl on top for holding the candle. It’s the perfect piece of home decor for that more traditional Asian look. But SouvNear, Inc.

Wall Decor

But SouvNear, Inc. also has many modern style products, such as their hand-painted wall art, featuring gorgeously painted floral, scenery, abstract concepts, and more. Take the Pink & Grey Floral Wall-Art, for example. This handpainted 12″ piece features a pink flower on a gray background, and gives a beautiful, but mysterious, radiance that combines abstract streams of thought and landscape.


It’s no surprise that SouvNear, Inc. also carries a wide selection of stunning handmade jewelry on their site. From jewelry to bracelets to necklaces, and even jewelry boxes to keep it all in, SouvNear, Inc. has the jewelry that your customers will love to wear. Their Silver & Black Hanging Earrings in Metal are the perfect accent to any outfit. Designed with traditional Indian motifs, these earrings are handcrafted in brass and finished in silver and black colors.


What about garden accessories that bring a traditional beauty to gardens of all sizes and specialties? SouvNear, Inc. has you covered there as well. Take, for example, their Iron Hanging Lantern in Copper Finish. This exquisite lantern has an antique look to it and features multi-colored glass inserts that shimmer and shine in the light.

SouvNear, Inc. is one the premier place to find exceptional handmade artisan products made by some of the most skilled workers in all of the beautiful country of India. You’ll find wholesale prices you can beat, and products that you can’t buy anywhere else, when you shop online at SouvNear, Inc.

Toilet Tattoos Can Transform Your Plain Toilet Into A Royal Throne

Bring some life to your bathroom decor with unique pieces called Toilet Tattoos. They’re the easiest way to transform the look of your toilet!

Toilet Tattoos was created in 2003 by fashion designer Celeste Massullo after years of designing fashion jewelry and specialty outerwear. Her company Lena Fiore operates in Macedonia, Ohio, and Massullo’s designs have been worn by celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Brooke Shields. Massullo eventually put her fashion skills to the test as she set out for a way to glam up her plain toilet in a hygienic, fashionable way.

Massullo spent two years researching and developing her product and that’s how the idea behind Toilet Tattoos, “the only way to crown your throne,” was born.

Massullo’s creations range from elegant and artsy to whimsical or even personalized. For classic bathroom decor, try out a gold paisley pattern or blue damask, or get a bit wild with leopard or zebra. Give your toilet the royal treatment with a French lily tattoo or Tuscany filigree and watch your bathroom come to life!

There’s even something for your little ones to make their time in the bathroom more fun. Ladybugs, jungle animals, princess crowns and rubber ducks are the perfect addition to your child’s toilet. Even those approaching pre-teen years can have a glam bathroom with lip prints, peace signs or grunge skulls.

Holiday decor isn’t simply limited to the other rooms of your house, thanks to Toilet Tattoos! From classic snowmen to Christmas bells, menorahs and of course, Santa Clause, Christmas cheer can be brought into the bathroom and delight guests during the holidays. Even if holiday celebrations aren’t up your alley, indulge with seasonal tattoos of fall and winter scenes.

Have your own idea for a tattoo? Toilet Tattoos offers orders of your own personal images or monograms to make each toilet in your home truly unique and special!

Bathrooms don’t have to be plain and boring anymore. Accessorize and enhance your porcelain throne with Toilet Tattoos for any occasion!

Lil’ Flickers Candle Co. Brings The Scents of The World To Your Customers

Candles have the ability to not only brighten up any room but to also freshen the air with wonderful scents and aromas. It’s not every day that you find a product that does two things for the price of one! But buying the perfect candle can also be a tasking process. How do you find the one that your customers will love, and is made with high-quality materials that will allow the wick to burn for hours and hours? Well, if you’re looking for a candle company that provides all of those things and more, you’ve found the right business with Lil’ Flickers Candle Company.

The Story

Lil’ Flickers Candle Company was created by Tammy Jo and Mark Kerney in October of 1994, originally as a family owned stay-at-home business. The family worked hard to make a product with scents that were “beyond belief” and also melted evenly when burned.

After years of selling their candles out of their home, Tammy Jo and Mark decided to sell their products through Wild Bird Center in Harlingen, Texas. Eventually, Tammy Jo and Mark passed on the business to Arlene and Bob Stelzer, owners of Wild Bird Center, in April 2002. The Stelzers, the new owners of Lil’ Flickers, have been operating Lil’ Flickers for many years and still work to produce the best candles in the business, in many of the same ways Tammy Jo and Mark used to do it!

Long-Lasting Jar Candles

Lil’ Flickers scented candles are container candles that are placed in a 16-ounce jar. Their scented candles are single wick jar candles, which allows each candle to have an extra long burning time; the average burn time is about 110-115 hours. Their burn time, which averages about 7 hours per ounce of wax, is one of the highest in the industry!

Each candle is also hand-poured, making the scents disperse evenly and powerfully all the way through the candle, from the first lighting of the wick to the bottom of the jar.

Fabulous Scents

Lil’ Flickers Candle Company carries a fabulous array of scents.  From fruity to traditional to woodsy and holiday scents, your customers will have no problem finding the scent that matches their aroma preferences!

Take the Bird of Paradise candle for example. This beautifully made candle features the scents of ripe berries and orchard fruits, candied citrus laced with coconut, and a hint of vanilla sugar. This scent will not only freshen your home, it will also make your mouth water as you imagine feasting on an array of decadent fruits and deserts!

Wanting something a bit more woodsy? Try the Rocky Mountain Cedar candle. This amazing candle features the scents of cedar mingled with hints of pine, oak and fresh juniper blended with a soft floral smell. It’s perfect for a cozy cabin in the woods, or recreating the great outdoors at an apartment in the city.

If you want to feel like you’re enjoying a relaxing vacation on an exotic beach, you need to experience the Pina Colada candle. It only takes one whiff of this creamy coconut milk and pineapple scented candle to be carried off to a tropical beach paradise.

Block Wax Melters

Don’t want to burn a candle, or can’t where you currently live? Don’t worry, Lil’ Flickers has you covered there as well. Their block wax melters are the perfect solution for flame-free zones. These wax blocks melt evenly, just like their famous candles, and come in all of the beautifully aromatic scents that the jar candles do. They’re great for filling up a home or office with a warming scent!

Lil’ Flickers Candle Co. doesn’t skimp out when it comes to quality, value, and alluring scents! Try them today and see why they’re a step above the rest of the competition!