The North Star Puzzle Teaches Kids While They’re Having Fun

This is the toy your parents didn’t tell you about…and we can’t imagine why not. Maybe mom and dad hadn’t heard of the North Star Puzzle yet? In any case, we’re here to tell you about this wonderful educational toy.

The North Star Puzzle is comprised of five sticks that you combine to create different shapes by weaving the pieces together. It’s both a learning tool and a 3D game that requires manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination and is deceptively difficult. Anyone over the age of 6 should be able to do this brain teaser that comes in three colors: yellow, red, and purple.

Once you’ve mastered the easy puzzle, there is a medium and a hard puzzle waiting. Once these puzzles are complete, you have a toy you can use to play catch. It comes apart easily for you or a friend to master again.

These games are made exclusively in New Mexico by Steven Machado, who has a degree in education. He said that it takes 400 times to repeat an action before it finds a place in our brain, noting that this is work. These puzzles take just 10-20 times of repetition before it’s remembered. Steven cites that the biggest difference is play. He says that the focus of education should be on children and how they learn.

This company started selling in 2015. They travel around showing their wares at trade shows where kids can see these hands-on games, fall in love with them, and want them for themselves. These puzzles make you work while having fun.

These games aren’t just for fun, either. Check out what one mom said about the puzzle: “By homeschooling my three children and using the North Star Puzzle in their curriculum, the skills learned will benefit them all their lives. Thank you, North Star Puzzle!!!!”

This learning tool is small, easily portable (drop it in your purse or the pocket in the back seat of your car), inexpensive, and can be used over and over again. It stimulates imagination and is very much “hands on.” This thing packs a lot of punch.

If you’re looking for a great interactive and educational toy, consider North Star Puzzle!

Rio Grande Wholesale Makes Gorgeous Native American Jewelry and Pottery

Originally operating as a wholesale pottery shop for Native American Pottery, Rio Grande Wholesale has moved on to larger scale projects, and now services customers with beautiful Native American jewelry, in addition to pottery.

Rio Grande Wholesale opened 22 years ago as a Native American pottery shop. When the current owner of the shop took over 18 years ago, Native American jewelry was added to the inventory, which changed the direction of the company forever.

The owner of Rio Grande Wholesale is a 5th generation Indian Trader, which gives them a unique perspective and eye for detail when it comes to authentic Native American wares.

Are your customers looking for beautiful Native American jewelry to add to their wardrobe? Rio Grande Wholesale has exactly what they need.

Some of their most popular pieces are their Turquoise jewelry necklaces, bracelets and more.

These pieces are made from beautiful turquoise stones, which are shaped and fitted into various necklace, earring, and bracelet designs.

Each piece is made to enhance the beauty of its wearer, and bring out stunning facial features. These pieces are sure to be head turners and eye catchers, no matter the occasion!

Whether it’s jaw-dropping floral designs, geometric shapes, or natural stone cuts, Rio Grande Wholesale’s collection of turquoise jewelry has to be witnessed first hand in order to appreciate the craftsmanship that’s put into every piece.

All of the jewelry sold by Rio Grande Wholesale is ethically sourced directly from Native American artists, so you alway know it’s authentic and well-made!

The jewelry from Rio Grande Wholesale is stunning, but of course, we have to talk about their pottery selection.

This was what started it all for Rio Grande Wholesale, and we’re pleased to say they continue the practice of selling Native American pottery today.

Their collection of Pueblo Pottery is authentically made, with earthy colors and intricate designs.

You won’t be able to find pottery made like this anywhere other than at Rio Grande Wholesale!

If you’d like to see their work up close and in person, they can be found at the Las Vegas Souvenir & Resort Gift Show, Sept. 13 – 16. For more information on the show, check them out online.

Rio Grande Wholesale is your number 1 source for quality, authentic Native American pottery and jewelry!

Nell Mercier Paints Beautiful Art and Creates Stunning Pieces of Jewelry

Not all businesses come about intentionally.

Take Nell Mercier and her business, for example. Nell Mercier jewelry was started “quite by accident,” as Mercier tells it.

“I have a BFA in graphic design but was a pre-k teacher when my business began. I started oil painting to reintroduce art into my life,” Mercier says. “I quickly felt overwhelmed trying to fill large canvases and consequently swung the pendulum and tried to paint as small as I could instead.”

As more requests for her jewelry came in, more time was spent painting her miniatures, until eventually, Mercier had to make her jewelry business her full-time job.

Each miniature oil painting that Nell Mercier creates is painted on a wood panel, varnished, mounted in a sterling silver setting, and finished with an engraved signature on the back. Each pendant hangs on a 1.5mm sterling silver neck ring. Make no mistake, these piece of miniature oil painting masterpieces are so stunning, they should be hung in an art gallery!


Pendants are Nell Mercier’s best-selling products and for good reason. These wonderful, miniature works of art are expertly painted with the precision that only a true master artist could achieve.

Most of the images that she creates are based on coastal scenes, and these scenes tend to be the most popular, as well.

Mercier says these scenes, with the beautiful colors found in nature, lend themselves to attractive subject matter for wearable art.

Each piece is meticulously crafted to accurately represent whatever subject Mercier is painting.

For example, her Black Lab pendant shows the perfect image of a small black Labrador sitting on the beach and staring out into the vast expanse of the ocean.

Her In Bloom pendant shows a beautiful oil painting of a small pink rose, that’s blooming so brightly that you’d swear you could almost smell its lovely scent.


If you’re buying a handmade pendant from Nell Mercier, you’re going to need a necklace to hang it from, right? Lucky for you and your customers, Nell Mercier also provides some very high-quality necklaces for customers, as well.

Each pendant you order comes with a 1.5mm sterling silver neck ring. Nell Mercier Jewelry carries other sterling silver necklace styles as well if you would like to offer a variety to your customers. The Nell Mercier Jewelry website is set up for retail orders, so please contact Nell to discuss painted images and necklace options.

Nell Mercier is the place to shop if you want to provide your customers with some truly breathtaking works of art. Their jewelry will transform any outfit into a stunning masterpiece. Supplies Catholic Christians With Beautiful Rosaries, Crucifixes, and More

Many religious worshippers across the world, from Buddhists to Christians, use religious items to signify their dedication to their chosen religion. Some, including Catholic Christians, use religious items like rosaries and crucifixes to pray over and ask for blessings.

If you’re looking for high-end religious items, they can be found when you buy from the wonderful!

Jerry Cwik, owner of RosaryCard. net and Iconeum LLC, started his company as a hobby, featuring high-end religious icons from Poland and Greece. After attending a few trade shows with Catholic Marketing Network, Mr. Cwik expanded the businesses to include Catholic rosaries, jewelry, and art. has a stunning collection of religious jewelry to choose from, including crosses, crucifixes, Saint medals, rosaries, and Catholic stickers.

Religious Jewelry

The religious jewelry sold by is beautiful and stunning. They have collections that range from crosses and crucifixes to Patron Saint medals and military medals. Anything that your religious customers could want, they can find it at

Their jewelry comes in a variety of metals and materials, including sterling silver, gold filled, 14k gold, wood, glass, or base metal.

Their Catholic crucifix designs are expertly detailed and depict the biblical crucifixion of Jesus Christ. There are many different metal designs available for the crucifix, but one of our favorites is the wooden cross necklace. This design features a crafted wooden cross on a genuine leather cord, with a golden statue of Christ with red wounds on his hands and chest. It’s a beautiful work of art that is perfect for anyone.

Wooden Cross Necklace


Rosaries are a very important religious item for Catholics. They come in many shapes, colors, and materials, and choosing the right one really comes down to someone’s own personal needs and preference.

The Rosary, once blessed by a priest, is used during prayer to receive a blessing. The Rosary can be kept in cars, in homes, and can be used for special occasions or everyday use.

Everything from Communion Rosaries to Birthstone Rosaries and even Child Rosaries are available from

Divine Mercy Rosary Beads For A Child With Pouch

Their Child Rosaries are great gifts for young boys and girls who are just beginning to learn about their faith.

These Rosaries are made from bright and colorful beads and nylon pieces, as well as metal, but make no mistake; they are just as expertly crafted as the normal adult Rosaries made by They have blue Rosaries for boys, pink Rosaries for girls, and Rosaries with illustrated angels, The Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ on them.

Most of the child Rosaries also come with their own carrying pouch so they can be easily carried around by a child.

Catholic Stickers

Stickers are wonderful tools of encouragement for kids in school. Not only that, they’re also subtle reminders of the Catholic faith that can be applied anywhere, such as on notebooks, cars, laptops, and more. has many Catholic and Christian sticker themes to choose from, including Mary, Jesus, popes, biblical scenes and saints.

Blessed Heart Catholic Stickers

You can even use stickers on letters and mail that you send out to family and friends, as a subtle reminder of the Catholic faith.

The stickers range in design from centuries-old religious art, to more modern and kid-approved illustrations. has everything that a practicing Catholic needs, from Rosaries and jewelry to stickers. Give them the option of having the best in the business, when they shop with!

All Seasoning Will Spice Up Your Dinner Table

If flavorful, hard-to-find specialty seasonings are what your food is missing, let All Seasoning take care of your shopping list!

“We provide those one-of-a-kind specialty seasonings and spices that are hard to find, and that make your store special,” owner Kim Huntington said. “Our customers are really important to us and our friendly staff makes certain you are 100 percent satisfied.”

JL Masters Dry Rub

This brand new dry rub will make any meat taste extraordinary after frying, baking, grilling or broiling. With no artificial ingredients, fillers or preservatives, these dry rubs can be used for any meal!

“Our choice blend of herbs and spices never mask the natural flavors of your meat,” Huntington said. “They only enhance it.”

The JL Masters Beef Rub is processed from salt, sugar, lemon powder, garlic powder and other spices, and it is preferred by culinary professionals! Is chicken more your style? Try the poultry rub with salt, sugar, paprika, garlic, and onion. Or if you are a barbecue master, the JL Masters BBQ Rub with paprika, salt, sugar, and garlic powder will amp up your cooking game.

Hard to Find

Want something different for the table? Try out spices and sauces from All Seasoning’s inventory of hard-to-find items. Tiger Sauce is a spicy blend of red peppers, vinegar, and other spices in a cayenne pepper base. The sauce pairs with meats, seafood, and poultry and can even be used in sandwiches and soups.

All Seasoning products aren’t just for food items; the Lysander’s Cider Spice mixed in beverages is a wonderful treat! Cinnamon and cloves blend together to make apple cider, wine or even coffee even better.

Smoker Bags

Smoker bags are a unique method of cooking healthy and low-fat food! All Seasoning smoker bags keep the smoke inside and create a variety of flavors. From mesquite and alder chips to hickory flavored bags, your fish, pork, beef, and vegetables will come out tasting perfect!

Sauces, marinades, seasonings, and spices take a meal from good to great, and All Seasoning has anything a chef could ever need.

Motorhead Products Provides Beautiful Memorabilia and Gifts for Auto Enthusiasts

When you want automobile and racing-themed merchandise, you want to make sure the company you’re buying from knows their stuff. MotorHead Products, born in the heart of Alabama racing country, knows what they’re talking about when it comes to high-quality, expertly-made racing and automobile gifts and memorabilia.

MotorHead Products manufacturers fantastic novelty items that are under license from some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as General Motors, John Deere, International Harvester, PAWS, Wild Wings, Busted Knuckle Garage, MOPAR, and Dreamworks.

No matter what aspect of automobile memorabilia your customers are interested in, you can be sure that MotoHead Products will have a gift that they will absolutely love to own.

Chevy BBQ Set

Take their Chevrolet section, for example. Know any customers that are Chevy-heads? Then they won’t have to struggle to find amazing gifts and novelty items that celebrate their affection for one of America’s oldest and largest car companies. Whether it’s a Chevy logo emblazoned wallet, a key chain, cups and coolers, and even BBQ grilling sets, you can find it all at MotorHead Products.

If you have fans of The Busted Knuckle Garage, MotorHead Products wants to be your exclusive source for all things BKG. They have cups, grilling sets, cellphone holders, can shafts, wallets, and even serving trays emblazoned with the recognizable logo of The Busted Knuckle Garage. Any one of these gifts would be perfect for a die-hard enthusiast, and MotorHead Products wants to make it easy for fans to find their passion.

BKG Melamine Serving Tray

But what about your outdoorsy hunting and fishing customers? Does MotorHead Products have gifts that even they would enjoy? I think you already know the answer to those questions.

For hunting and fishing enthusiasts, give your customers the option of buying the wonderful products made by Wild Wings. They offer various scenes of wonderful wildlife, including deer, fish, and ducks.

Take a look at their beautifully crafted Wild Wings Cutting Board featuring mid-flight Wood Ducks. It’s perfect serving up delicious finger foods, hot dishes, or as a traditional cutting board. Unlike most cutting boards, this product is made from heavyweight, shatter and heat resistant tempered glass instead of the traditional wood.

Wild Wings Cutting Board

There’s no excuse for shopping from anywhere else besides MotorHead Products. Once you see how many amazing, licensed products that offer for wholesale, you’ll race to the phone to buy from them!

Sandia Pet Products Is Ready To Supply Your Pets With Fun and Stylish Products

If you own a pet, sell to pet owners, or even just know of a pet, then we have a great resource for you. Sandia Pet Products, Inc. has great products at even better prices, and your customers are going to love them!

Sandra Alexander started this business nearly three decades ago combining her love of pets and sewing. She took two sewing machines in her utility room and used them to make cat and dog collars and leashes, taking an order and delivering it the next day.

That has since expanded to offering collars, harnesses, and leashes for ferrets, portable water bowls, and products for dog training, including clicker trainer waist belts, control lines, and agility tabs. Her shop now sells specialty products throughout the US and to Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Finland.

This is a one-stop-shop for most of your pet needs and the best part is, most of your products can match each other. Find a harness that matches the dog’s collar or your favorite outfit you wear to walk the dog; they are bound to have your color.

Make your dog, cat or horse really stand out when you choose fuchsia, hunter green, neon pink, turquoise, or rust. They can also be stylin’ in patterns like the American flag, aqua camouflage, paws on a baby blue background, flames, cattle drive, Christmas toys, baseballs, and much more.

Their folding water bowls are the ideal thing for people who like to hike or travel with their pets. They can be attached to a backpack with just a snap. And if you plan it just right, you can even make it match your collar, leash, and harness. They also have self-filling water bowls, providing your pet with fresh water all day in case you need to be away.

Another terrific set of products is for the Paws and Stripes, which is an organization that provides service dog training for veterans returning with battlefield stress disorders. Here you’ll find training packs, collars, a pull handle for use on an agility course, leashes, and a stick toy specifically designed and branded for Paws and Stripes. Sandia is also proud to support pet rescue organizations and provides discounted products for nominal shelters and humane societies.

You’ll like the selection of products available here, but you’re going to love the quality. Sandra’s personal goal is to offer the industry’s highest quality products, the fastest delivery, and the best customer service at a highly competitive price. As an added bonus, all their products are proudly made in the USA!

For quality products you’ll love to get your pets, check out Sandia Pet Products, Inc.!

Marion-Kay Spices Brings Amazing Flavor To Every Household

Bring flavors from every corner of the world into your kitchen and watch mealtime become an exciting experience!

Since 1922, Marion-Kay Spices has imported spices from countless regions to blend, grind, mix bottle and ship directly to customers. M.K. Summers founded Marion-Kay and passed along the business to his daughter Madelyn Reid, and her husband James in 1986. Since then the spice company has operated out of Brownstown, Indiana.

Jim became a Master Blender with his talent of creating new blends, and a new line of spices was born: J.R. Mad’s line. Today, Marion-Kay is owned by three of the Reid’s children, John and Kordell Reid, and Pamela Warren.

JR Mad’s BAM! Seasoning

Not only does Marion-Kay deliver to personal kitchens, but the spices are also available for fundraising, custom blend services, and food services!

The spices, peppers, seeds, blends, herbs and extracts at Marion-Kay are made of high-quality raw materials with no fillers or additives. The garlic is 100 percent garlic — no mix of other pieces! — and the “sneeze-less” black pepper is imported from India and removed of foreign matter and dust.

Crushed Red Pepper

Looking to try a signature item that has stood the test of time? Marion-Kay Chili Powder, Chef’s Secret Seasoning, and J.R. Mad’s MADGIC Fish Breading are popular options that are sure to take your cooking to the next level. Even better, Marion-Kay is internationally known for the award-winning Pure Vanilla Extract and Marion-Kay Chicken Seasoning 99-X.

If your recipe or restaurant calls for a unique spice or flavor, Marion-Kay can whip it up. Trained personnel develop custom blends for any style of cuisine like American, Cajun or Thai. Secret formulas also stay safe with Marion-Kay!

Bar-B-Que Seasoning

Not only does Marion-Kay offer the ingredients needed for amazing dishes, the company even supplies recipes! From drinks and appetizers, side dishes and main courses to desserts, Marion-Kay shows you how to bring a punch of flavor to your taste buds!

For a flavorful experience in the kitchen, trust the company who has been blending spices for 95 years. Marion-Kay Spices promises to deliver the finest spices in the world!

Rad Dog Makes Walks With Four-Legged Friends A Blast

Live life unleashed with made-in-America products from Rad Dog and let your pooch enjoy the wonderful outdoors!

Brian Dagnon brought Rad Dog to life after a train run in the foothills of Colorado. He began formulating an idea of how to run with a dog without carrying a leash. the first product of Rad Dog, the Release N Run Leash, was born.

This innovative dog accessory allows the retractable 4-foot leash to be stowed in the collar when not in use, meaning less equipment to carry when out on the trails with any four-legged friend. Made for dogs weighing up to 110 pounds, the Release N Run is made of climber webbing, Cordura, and Spectra cord.

Release N Run Leash

The leash was the beginning of a company that now offers feed bags, pocket bowls, and more!

Going out for the weekend with your dog? Pack the Rad Dog feed bag to carry along dry food. With two compartments for food and accessories, the bag rolls up smaller as food is emptied out. Don’t forget the bowl! Rad Dog’s Pocket Bowl folds up to the size of a camera battery and works for both food and water.

Don’t forget the bowl! Rad Dog’s Pocket Bowl folds up to the size of a camera battery and works for both food and water. Waterproof, lightweight and small enough to put in your pockets, this accessory is a must when taking your dog on any run or trip.

Pocket Bowl

If you want to let your dog run free when out on the beach or on a trail, try out the Double Duty leash. This leash clips around your waist or shoulder when you set your pet free. Even better, it’s so secure it won’t bounce around while you explore!

Know somebody who loves dogs just as much as you? Consider a gift pack for a birthday or any holiday. Rad Dog features multiple products in each gift pack, including the Double Duty Leash, waste bags, dog treats, Pocket Bowl and running bottle. Owner and pet both will be delighted with these durable goods.

Rad Dog strives to create simple products to allow you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors, so pick up any of these fantastic accessories to take your adventure to the next level!

Egyptian Museum Specializes In Amazing Fine Glass Creations

The skilled artisans at Egyptian Museum are experts at making fine Egyptian glass gifts and have been creating glass products for more than 15 years. In fact, they have developed more than 1,630 unique products.

Their products can be found in major catalog companies, garden centers, and gift shops. They offer the highest quality of Egyptian glass products in America at the lowest prices and with the widest selection. Their wares include perfume bottles, drink stirrers, hummingbird feeders, candy dishes, and much more.

Their Christmas ornaments are exquisite. Check out Egyptian Museum’s 15th Anniversary Collectible Ornament in green that has a glass-blown Christmas tree inside that is etched on the outside. They have many other ornaments to choose from in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. You could easily decorate your tree and not repeat an ornament. They even have tree toppers to finish it off. The colors complement one another, so instead of clashing, the ornaments would work well together.

Their smaller ornaments have even more detail and personality. They have a small ornament that looks like a kettle, one that looks like a hot air balloon, and one that looks like a lighthouse. They are whimsical, yet elegant: the perfect gift for someone on your list.

The same detail and beauty can be found in their perfume bottles that you can purchase in a sage green, golden yellow, and sapphire blue. They are sure to become a centerpiece.

If you like their style of products, their cordial glass in gold is bound to be a favorite. Even the stem has a bit of detail and the body of the glass is etched in a crisscross detail. The other glasses are just as beautiful and have their own unique patterns. You’ll easily find the perfect decanter to coordinate with your glasses.

Now for the utterly charming: animals in glass. The octopus is especially clever, and the elephant is amazing. Their series of dragonflies would enhance a number of rooms, and the hummingbird is a must for bird lovers.

Probably the prettiest products have to be the eggs. The gold painting and etching on each is detailed and well done. The colors are soft and pleasing to the eye.

Even the candy dishes are wrapped in personality and done in that same fine attention to detail. Find them in pink, red, yellow, clear, and pale lavender.

They have many more products, like candle holders, oil burners, bird feeders, vases and breast cancer awareness ornaments, all done in the same style that you can only get with glass blown products.

For beautiful and unique gifts you can only find here, check out Egyptian Museum!