MELT Makes All-Natural Bath And Skincare Products To Soothe Any Skin Type

Handmade beauty products that are both healthy for your skin and unique in their design are hard to find. Luckily, MELT is here to be your definitive destination for bath and skincare products that are handmade in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Since 2001, MELT has been making amazing bath and skincare products the “purpose and pampering in mind.”

They strive to use the freshest ingredients in their products, with the maximum amount of moisturizers and scintillating scents.

Each product made by MELT is personally crafted by hand to ensure that everything they sell is made with meticulous care and attention to detail.

MELT strives to choose scents that accomplish one major criteria: does this smell transport the customer to another place and time?

Not only that, MELT products are also human tested by both customer and owners, because if the owners can’t answer the question, “Would I use this product myself?” then they don’t sell the products to customers.


MELT’s handmade soaps are made the natural way — free from animal lard — and are free from common skin irritants such as sulfates.

Their soaps come packed with rich moisturizers and all natural ingredients to ensure the healthiest options for your customers.

Each soap is made with premium ingredients, such as olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, rice bran oil, essential oils, fragrance oils, and more. You can find delectable soothing scents from MELT, like Desert Lavender and Coco Butter Mocha.

Body Lotion

Their selection of natural body lotions are fantastic for dry, cracked skin that occurs in the winter, but they are also wonderful for year-round use.

Their lotions are infused with all natural extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and other organic moisturizers, guaranteed to leave your skin radiant and silky smooth.

Try some of their unique scents, such as Adriatic Fig, Circus of Pears, or Pumpkin Spice.

Face Care Products

Face moisturizers and facial care have become a daily routine for many people.

MELT has all of the face care products your customers could ever need. And the best part? They are all-natural and free from harmful chemicals, so you always know what you’re applying to your skin.

Their face care products are great for any type of skin, whether it’s normal, dry, or oily.

Bath Salts

Like all of MELT’s products collection of bath salts are made with cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients.

But, they also take this products a step further, by working to harness the healing properties of Himalayan and Epson salts to ensure that your customers’ next bath is a soothing experience.

They combine natural salts with skin softeners like glycerin, aloe vera and vitamin E. These bath salts are perfect for soothing aching bodies, or if you’re just looking for a rejuvenating soak in the tub.


Not only does MELT provide a wide array of soothing, all-natural skincare products, they also want to help freshen up your home or office with lovely scented candles.

MELT’s candle selection are consider massage aromatherapy candles, meaning they are great for burning when you want to relax and indulge in a soothing smell.

Burn one while you’re enjoying a soak in your bathtub, or just when you want to have a nice, relaxing evening at home.

All of their candles are made with natural ingredients, free from petroleum and paraffins, pesticides, herbicides or any other toxic materials. Only natural essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances are used for the aroma of each candle.

If you’re looking to give your customers an all-natural option for their skincare routine, then MELT is the way to go. Their award winning products just can’t be beat!

Crayon Rocks Brings The Joy Of Coloring To All Children

Create, train and sustain with the best coloring tool for young children, Crayon Rocks! These fun writing tools were developed to aid handwriting skills in young children but do so much more.

Barbara Lee, a special needs teacher, invented Crayon Rocks after working with elementary aged children for 23 years. Lee took inspiration from occupational therapist Jan Olsen’s program Handwriting Without Tears. Lee saw the importance of children learning a strong tripod grip, which handwriting is dependent upon, and Crayon Rocks soon came into existence.

Crayon Rocks work well with occupational therapy, which aids children in improving cognitive, physical and motor skills. Lee’s mission was to create a product to go alongside occupational therapies.

“I bought Crayon Rocks for my 7-year-old deaf-blind, developmentally delayed granddaughter,” one customer said. “Amy talks with a communication device using her fingers but has only recently started to hold crayons, paint brushes, etc.”

Crayon Rocks are made in the U.S. in small batches and handmade molds, are eco-friendly, non-toxic and phthalate-free. Made from U.S.-grown Kosher soy wax, Crayon Rocks are the perfect tool for fine motor development.

The rock shape teaches children to use their fingers in a tripod grip and also makes the product more resistant to breaking. The natural mineral pigments create beautiful colors that sweep across pages while also being able to create smaller line work. Crayon Rocks also blend easily, meaning children can create their own shades!

The colors of Crayon Rocks are mixed in groups of summer colors, Halloween shades, and even stars and stripes themes, all collected in muslin or velvet bags for easy storage. They make for the perfect birthday party favor or even Valentine’s Day gift bag!

Don’t forget the second most important tool in art — coloring pages! Crayon Rocks offers coloring sheets, stencils, and even full coloring books. Any little artist will have all they need with the products of Crayon Rocks.

Young children can let their creativity flow with ease with the amazingly designed Crayon Rocks. Make learning fun and stock up on every color!

My Garden Post Makes Vertical Gardening Easy and Accessible

My Garden Post sells wonderfully clever vertical garden systems designed to help you grow a full garden in just a small amount of space.

This is one of those things that you see people have and wonder: where did they get that?

Anyone can use My Garden Post to make amazing, vertical gardens, including urban gardeners and those working in community gardens.

It’s also perfect for the cook who grows his or her own herbs because this garden, filled with your freshest ingredients, can be placed just outside the kitchen door!

It’s the perfect addition to a balcony, bringing color to the landscape and fragrance to your home or apartment. This is also a terrific learning

This is also a terrific learning tool for classrooms. Students can learn about soil composition, growing plants, different types of herbs, the benefits of what you are planting, and more.

The design is attractive and sturdy, but it’s practical, too. There is no weeding or bending needed, and very little maintenance is required.

In fact, the design even reduces the exposure to common diseases and insects that destroy many gardens. If you get the drip irrigation system, it is programmed to water your plants on a predetermined schedule, allowing you to leave it unattended for days at a time. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

This product is easy to set up, as well. The complete system arrives in one box and weighs just 25 pounds. Assembly takes just a few minutes and, best of all, no tools are required.

They are made of high-quality UV-resistant plastics, assuring you years of successful use. The hardest part will be deciding what you’d like to grow!

They also sell small and large planters, in case you just want to grow one vegetable or flower, or have a small space that needs a bouquet of flowers growing in it.

The design of My Garden Post received the prestigious national Retailer’s Choice Award in 2008.

My Garden Post is sold by a family owned and operated company in Vermont. They have been perfecting planting since 2004 in their attempt to replace the clutter of herb and vegetable containers, do away with heavy pots, and to eliminate all the stooping, reaching, and the constant worry of watering.

We think they did a tremendous job achieving that goal!

If you want to save a little more on one of these great garden posts, just use the code fgmarket to get 10% off of your order.

My Garden Post is a fantastic solution for gardening, whether you have space restrictions, or just want a new way to grow delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers.

Express Your Love Of The Outdoors With Gifts From Mountain Graphics

Mountain Graphics is a fantastic company that sells products to customers who love to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the great outdoors.

They sell an awesome assortment of camping and outdoorsy-style apparel, plus, a great selection of camping, hiking, cycling, and running gear. Anything you need for fun weekend, whether in the mountains, on the river, or at the lake, Mountain Graphics has the gear you need to make a statement.

Mountain Graphics began as a family owned and operated company in 1986. Their products are perfect for campsite and National Park gift shops, resorts, outdoor apparel stores, locally-owned camping supply stores, and more!

They have tons of great designs that can be printed on any product that you can think of, from t-shirts and performance wear to stickers, magnets, and water bottles.

Do you have your own design that you’d like printed on a sticker or magnet? No problem! Mountain Graphics makes it simple to customize your order with your company or organization’s name, location, and more.

Their sticker and magnet wholesale selection features lots of beautifully illustrated designs and scenery, for a range of outdoor interests.

Need vinyl stickers to support a kayaking interest? Maybe you have customers who like to go on weekend trips to the mountains to go hiking. What about National Parks who need some expertly designed stickers with vibrant colors and illustrations? Mountain Graphics has all of this and more.

Their magnet selection is something to behold, as well. Made from Red Alder wood in the USA, these laser engraved wooden magnets feature stunning etching and designs.

These magnets are a great way for people to remember a fun trip, family vacation, or weekend getaway. They are the perfect addition to any souvenir magnet collection, as well!

If you have customers who are looking for a new ornament for their Christmas tree, then Mountain Graphics has you covered there as well. Their laser engraved Red Alder wood products can also be purchased in 3″ diameter ornament form.

You can also buy a customized ornament or wooden magnet from Mountain Graphics if you have a need for a design that they don’t currently offer.

Mountain Graphics is the best place in the US to find the outdoor products and gear that your active customers need.

Shop their wholesale selection today, and give your customers access to the awesome USA-made products that they provide!

Carogi Bags by Carson Rogers Designs Is The Perfect Handbag For Any Occasion

Keep your style fresh and new as the seasons change with Carogi Bags by Carson Rogers Designs, a collection of designer bags suitable for every fashionista!

Carson Rogers, the owner of Carogi Bags, began designing handbags in the 1980’s. It all started with a triangular shaped bag — when a friend asked Carson if the bag was a backpack, she started her journey in designer backpacks that are perfect in form and function.

Carson’s mission is to keep her designs fresh and new by frequently changing the styles and fabrics of the bags, ensuring a palette to suit the needs of every customer.

Stay classy and chic with one of Carogi’s leather handbags that convert to a backpack, book bag or travel bag! With three pockets and an extra strap for conversion, these rich leather bags come in several colors and designs to meet your every need. Whether black, brown, dark brown, golden tan or even fringe, each bag is created with a rich Napa leather.

Every Carogi Bag sold by Carson Rogers can convert to four different uses: shoulder bag, backpack, book bag, and travel bag. It only takes a few simple snaps to change your Carogi Bag into something completely different, but just as gorgeous and versatile.

If standing out from the crowd is more your style, the famous silkscreen Carogi Face Bags are the perfect accessory. The Face Bags are also convertible and feature bright splashes of colors that come together to create artsy faces that are sure to draw attention wherever you go.

Need something smaller than a standard handbag? Carogi’s limited edition leather crossbody pouches are available in Face Bag designs, safari prints or standard leather. Just like the full-size handbags, the cross bodies feature three pockets and can also convert to a shoulder bag!

Pick up a bag strap in every color to switch out your bag depending on your mood, or get a little fancy with all leather straps!

Over the past 30 years, Carson Rogers has continued to create designs that combine beauty, fashion, form, and function into not just a handbag, but a wearable art piece. The Carogi Bag is the perfect way to make a statement!

To see how the Carogi Bag works, and the many ways it can be worn, check out the complete instructional video below. You can also check out the other instructional videos on her website.

Selina Naturally® Brings The Natural Flavor Of Sea Salt To Dinner Tables Everywhere

Since 1976, the brilliant people at Selina Naturally have been bringing the flavorful, unrefined natural taste of authentic hand-harvested sea salt to the United States, and even beyond!

Their Celtic Sea Salt products are recommended by everyone from nutritionists and health enthusiasts, to top chefs from around the world. That’s because Celtic Sea Salt delivers a unique flavor that is absent from your typical variety of iodized table salt.

The company is owned and managed by Selina Delangre, along with other members of the Delangre family. Selina Naturally is dedicated to supporting several different salt harvesting communities around the world. These locations are carefully selected by Selina and her team and yield only the highest quality natural sea salts that the planet can offer.

They are also dedicated to supporting sustainable farming practices and the use of renewable resources; during the salt harvesting process, only pristine seawater, natural sunlight, and the ocean breeze are used to evaporate the water and leave behind the mineral-rich salt.

As an added and very important bonus, all of the pure sea salt products made by Celtic Sea Salt are certified Kosher by the Atlanta Kashruth Commission.

Their Celtic Sea Salt can be purchased in a variety of size options and flavors.

Their original Light Grey Celtic is one of their most popular products and is a mineral-rich, whole crystal, moist salt. It is both unrefined and hand harvested, ensuring that you’re getting only the best, most flavorful sea salt when you use this product. It’s the perfect salt to use in any culinary masterpiece, as it adds a unique flavor to foods that can’t be found in iodized salt.

The Light Grey Celtic comes in a variety of sizes, for any need: you can purchase 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 5 lb, 22 lb, and even a 55 lb bag of sea salt!

They are also available in handy shakers or grinders if you’re a customer who is just looking for a way to easily add some flavor to your meals.

The Celtic Sea Salt brand Flower of the Ocean product is an amazing natural phenomenon that adds an even more unique flavor to meals. This type of salt is made in the salt flats of pristine coastal regions, but only if the weather conditions are just right. These small, delicate salt crystals are naturally white with a small hint of pink tint.

Flower of the Ocean has a flavor that is all its own; an elegant, complex, delicate flavor that has just a hint of sweetness. It is what’s known as a “finishing” salt, one that you use right before serving a dish, but it also blends well with many foods in the cooking process. If you’re feeling like a drink after a long day of work, it also works great as a margarita salt.

Celtic Sea Salt also has a number of new products that they are are proud to show off.

One of their newest products is their Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning. You might be thinking, “Seaweed seasoning? How will that blend with my normal cooking practices?” The answer is: Very easily.

Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning is very high in iodine and has a unique, savory flavor that’s great for many dishes. It’s made with Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt, four types of organic and wildcrafted sea vegetables, Red Shiso, garlic, onion, and lemon to great an awesome flavor that subtly brings out the umami, the fifth flavor, in any kitchen concoction.

Finally, if you have customers who are looking for a healthy way to replenish lost electrolytes after an intense workout, Selina Naturally has a new product that’s sure to pique their interest.

The Aquon Matrix line of products are the first hexagonally structured seawater. It is a water additive that helps to bring out your body’s ions, which are “necessary for a proper nutrition and cellular communication,” as Selina Naturally describes it on their website.

Each 0.33 fl oz stick of Aquon Matrix contains:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Bicarbonates
  • Chloride
  • Sulfates

This product is great for athletes for replenishing electrolytes, as well as those who experience tiredness, fatigue, hypotension, chronic fatigue, weakness, stress, and depression.

Selina Naturally and their line of Celtic Sea Salt products can transform any bland dish into a culinary masterpiece! Try their products out today, and see why they are “The original and most trusted sea salt brand since 1976!”

Forestique Makes Stunning Gifts Out Of Nature’s Beauty

The designs of jewelry company Forestique make it simple and fashionable to connect with nature with all-natural pieces that are sure to make a statement!

Owner Henry Wischusen grew up surrounded by wood working tradition in New England and spent his childhood creating everything from tiny sculptures to boats.

Wischusen’s career was in the corporate world but after 35 years he returned to his roots of wood craft. With delicate wood veneers, he presents “all the beauty of the wood while maintaining my reverence to the forest.”

Wischusen’s designs are created with wood that is 1/40th of an inch thick, which shows the true beauty of the tree where it originated. The bracelets are sun cured, meaning carbon producing heaters and lights can be avoided.

Forestique bracelets are also never finished with dye stains or chemicals. Each wood creation retains its natural color with coats of Tung oil, natural citrus terpene, carnauba wax, and other natural substances. The natural wood material also ensures a perfect fit — the bracelets, while maybe tight at first, will gradually flex open and react to the fit of your wrist.

This flexibility comes from the strength of the wood. The bracelets are a one size fits all without the risk of damage or breaking!

Forestique earrings are also one with nature. Each pair is modeled after actual leaves and made from Koa and maple wood, and the pieces gently curve the way true leaves do in the fall. From dark and light browns to eye-catching golds, these earrings are the perfect accessory for any fall or winter outfit.

The wood-made pendants are also delicately created and mirror those leaves of the Ginkgo, Aspen, Muscadine, and even hops!

Even if jewelry isn’t where your interests lay, Forestique has you covered for the rest of the home. Durable cutting boards from the wood of Red Oaks, scrubs made of coffee bag fabric, and even a utensil set are all available to bring the outdoors inside!

Looking to organize? Try out a business card holder in gorgeous Ribbon Mahogany or Walnut, or a key holder in any shade of wood you can imagine. And even when you’re catching flights, Forestique has the perfect luggage tags that will make your bag stand out.

Forestique approaches fashion and home life with a sustainable perspective that brings the beauty of nature right to you!

Coutts Specialty Foods Makes All-Natural Foods The Old-Fashioned Way

Right now, we are wishing everything was made as naturally and as well as the products from Coutts Specialty Foods.

They have been in the business for 79 years, when Alison Coutts’ grandpa made preserves on his mother’s stove. It was made just like things used to be made in 1938 — in the kitchen, naturally, from recipes collected from family and friends, with fresh ingredients, and lots of homemade flavors.

As a result, these products are 100 percent natural and kosher certified without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Not only that, but they are also produced in a gluten-free and nut-free facility. So, if you thought you couldn’t enjoy jams, jellies, applesauce, marmalades, relishes, and sauces, we found a way that you can!


Let’s start with arguably their most-bought product: jams. They have 15 different varieties, from blackberry jam to damson plum jam, to strawberry jam.  Their blackberry jam is made up of only four ingredients: pure cane sugar, blackberries, fruit pectin, and citric acid. They are perfect for toast, baked goods, thumbprint cookies, sandwiches, or even heated up and used as a sauce on ice cream. Yum!


They have 10 jellies, including one we just have to spotlight: the apple and cranberry jelly. This one has a blend you don’t often see in a jelly: fresh apple cider and cranberry juice. Its unexpected flavor makes this one a classic, old-timey favorite.

Other delicious flavors include cinnamon crab apple jelly, McIntosh apple cider jelly, mint jelly (aka “The Green Jelly”), and the classic strawberry jelly.


Not to be outdone by the jellies and jams are the relishes. They offer five different kinds of relishes: corn, cranberry orange, hot red pepper, old fashioned piccalilli, and sweet red pepper. They are so good you will probably use them as condiments, but you could also eat them right out of the jar.

Sauces & More

Turning to the sauces, you’ll find apple butter cranberry sauce, McIntosh applesauce, and applesauce with no sugar added (which has only three ingredients: apples, water to process, and vitamin C).

Finishing out the mouth-watering offerings include natural mincemeat, made from a century old recipe and perfect for a pie or a hermit cookie.

This business is family-run and operated in New England, where, even after almost eight decades, they are still charming the palates of hungry New Englanders.

For natural, delicious foods that have stood the test of time, try Coutts Specialty Foods!

Silvertree Designs Creates Unique Jewelry Through Natural Butterfly Wings

Since 2011, Silvertree Designs has produced fair trade artisan jewelry for quality boutiques, creating not only gorgeous pieces but giving back to others.

Stuart Smith founded Silvertree Designs after working with Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Wholesale division, which eventually closed. Smith carried on the fair trade movement with Silvertree, supporting a butterfly breeding and jewelry artisans project in Peru.

Silvertree is dedicated to providing fair trade environments to aid exploited producers in maintaining their lifestyles. The company provides artists and farmers with a living wage for their work, engages in environmentally sustainable practices, ensures there is no abuse of child labor and provides healthy working conditions.

The artists in Peru raise butterflies as an income generating project. Once the butterflies reach the end of their lifespan, the wings are dried and collected for the jewelry pieces. The wings are then carefully cut and framed in silver, each piece handcrafted by a jewelry artisan.

Silvertree Designs uses only the best parts of each butterfly wing and the jewelry is crafted in a way that it can be reversible. Silvertree’s collection of butterfly wing earrings come in sterling silver or silver plated nickel, and each piece is unique and fashionable.

Earring sets come in a variety of shapes, ranging from hearts to diamonds, squares, and teardrops. The bright colors of the butterfly wings make the earrings true statement pieces that can match any outfit.

Butterfly wing necklace pendants at Silvertree also come in sterling silver or silver plated nickel. Sold as individual pendants, these pieces make customization a breeze. A teardrop pendant made of a bright red, orange and yellow wing is perfect for fall. Looking for a gift for a sweetheart? Try the heart shaped pendant in a bright, ocean blue.

Pendants and earrings both also come in wing shapes to represent the butterfly each design is based on! You can also wear the beautiful butterfly wings as a bracelet. Each link is a framed wing and comes in a variety of colors.

Silvertree Designs not only creates safe working conditions and gives back to communities, but they produce unique jewelry so customers can look fashionable while helping the environment!

Fizzy Bath Bombs Turns Bath Time Into Fun Time

We’ve got an easy way to make your bath a delight. Bath bombs, a hard-packed mix of fragrant essential oils, color, and butters, dissolve in water, filling it with scent. To find them, go no further than Fizzy Bath Bombs.

Fizzy Bath Bombs has nearly 70 scents, from Creamy Chocolate Cupcake to Winter Garden, and absolutely everything in between. If your nose prefers spring and summer scents, they’ve got you covered. The wafting smells of a bakery do you in? They’ve got that, too, in their Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and Snickerdoodles bombs.

How about some with a bit more masculine bend (Ferocious, Twilight the Woods, Fresh Outdoors), or herbal, like Coconut Lime? They even have scents kids will love—think Bubble Luscious, Dreamsickle, or Baby Powder.

Check out their Bermuda Triangle bath bomb (so-called because it’s a fragrance you will get lost in), a blend of cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, mandarin, tangerine, grapefruit, lime, and just a hint of juicy McIntosh apples. Ah…that sounds good to us. Or how about the Bedtime bath bomb, comprised of lavender, mandarin, chamomile, neroli, and Lily of the Valley? It makes us drowsy just thinking about it.

Who says Christmas can only come once a year? Remember those festive feelings when you use their Candy Cane Bath Bomb or the Frost and Snowdrops bomb filled with jasmine, green melon, berries, and more. On your wedding day, what could be more relaxing than starting a bath with their Sweetheart Roses, Wedding Day, or Vanilla Champagne bath bombs thrown into it?

Something really special to consider: new bath bombs that are 3D. You will go ape for the Just Monkeying Around bomb that features a little monkey holding on to a banana. This bomb is packed with the smells of fresh bananas, kiwi, bubblegum, and more. Our personal favorite is Flutter into the Bath, a gorgeous blue bomb with a hot pink butterfly on rose petals. It is an intoxicating blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley, and rose petals.

These bombs come in all colors and weigh just 4 ounces; 6 ounces for the specialty bombs.

They are brought to us by Dynamite Services, a family-owned and operated business in Pennsylvania who have been serving customers with exceptional quality and customer care.

While you’re picking out your favorite scents, why not check out their other products, as well? You will also love their sugar scrubs, linen sprays (which come in the same scents as their bath bombs), bath salts, bath shots, body wash, and lotions.

So much to love at Fizzy Bath Bombs—they have the perfect something for yourself, a friend, as a gift, in a guest bathroom, or for your kids. Check out everything Fizzy Bath Bombs has to offer!