HABA USA Creates Wonderful Toys For Education and Fun

The key to a healthy childhood is intellectual stimulation and growth. When a child is allowed to explore their creativity, through imagination and building, they are tested in a ways that foster a healthy childhood, and a healthy adolescence.

HABA USA is committed to fostering this type of healthy development through their fun and educational toys and games.

HABA USA has a diverse offering of toys and games; they are no longer just a wooden toy company. Currently, 65% of their catalog of products are non-wooden toys: such as games, puppets, dolls, little friends, bath toys, and more.

When you purchase products from HABA USA, you can rest easy knowing that they are made with only the highest quality materials available.Their products are made with a strong focus on the “little things” that help out parents and teachers, including machine washable dolls and puppets, dishwasher safe toys, printing on both sides of blocks and game figures, and ultra-strong bath and beach toys.

HABA’s designers are skilled craftsmen, and create each item sold by HABA to as engaging and open ended as possible in order to offer a child various levels of play possibilities. They also allow children to engage in both intellectual and emotional development with the same toy at different ages.

One of HABA USA’s most popular products for 2018 is the Kullerbu line of toys. These toys appear very similar to trains or other mobile toys, but they are not trains in the traditional sense of the word. Kullerbu products are interchangeable tracks and accessories that work with both balls or cars, and allow children to explore endless hours of creative fun and building.

The Kullerbu system makes changing out different tracks and accessories super easy for kids. Simply click the pieces in and out, and discover hours of creative fun with new combinations of tracks and courses! And even though these pieces can easily be changed out, they are of course stable when put together properly.

There are two types of vehicle designs that work well with the Kullerbu toys: momentum vehicles and convertible cars. Unlike other vehicle toys that require either batteries, winding, or charging, the momentum vehicles only require kids to push down on the vehicles and then push forward; the vehicles will then propel themselves!

HABA USA now has five new Kullerbu systems for young ones to explore and enjoy. These systems offer a new three ball starter set that includes a yellow curve that only works with the included balls. There’s also the Sim-Sala-King ball track that includes exciting twists and turns, some musical bells, and dominoes.

The Windmill Kullerbu track has a house, a real spinning windmill and a bell at the end that rings when touched.

Their smallest track, the Spiral Track, features lots of fun curves and is perfect for toddlers who want to play as well.

And the best part about all of these wonderful tracks? They are all 100% interchangeable with each other, providing endless combinations of exciting tracks for hours of creative fun!

Kullerbu tracks aren’t the only thing that HABA USA has for kids; they also have a great selection of diverse educational board games.

From Charades & Party games to Educational Games and Dexterity Games, HABA USA has something for every age group.

Dexterity Games like Animal Upon Animal challenges kids of all ages to stack up the animal pieces as high as they will go within a certain time period. The winner of the game is the one who can stack all of their animals first before any other player stacks all of their animals. It’s a great game that teaches patience, dexterity, and fun!

And let’s not forget imaginative toys, like the Baudino Sand Glove Dinosaur! This flexible dinosaur head is great for free role playing, and can be used by youngsters to imagine their own archeological excavation job! It makes digging and exploring fun!

HABA USA’s diverse collection of fun toys and games teaches kids of all ages how to be creative, learn a new skill, and most importantly, have a great time doing it!

Chocolate Shoppe Creates Decadent Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

“It has to look as good as it tastes.”

That’s the corporate motto of Gardnerville, Nevada gourmet dessert company Chocolate Shoppe.

Chocolate Shoppe specializes in decadent and delicious treats that are made completely by hand by their wonderful team of confectioners.

Chocolate is, of course, Chocolate Shoppe’s specialty. They have a great selection of delicious treats made with only the finest ingredients available.

Ashley’s Bordeoux is a popular confection from Chocolate Shoppe. It is a rich and creamy brown sugar, mocha butter cream, and dark chocolate treat that is topped with crunchy and tasty chocolate sprinkles for that extra bit of flavor.

It’s a great gift for friends and family, or if your customers are just looking for a great way to treat themselves. Like all Chocolate Shoppe creations, it is free from hydrogenated oils and contains no artificial flavors or colors. It is also gluten free, making it something that many people, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy.

Have you ever tried a honeycomb? No, we don’t mean the natural honeycombs that honey bees make. We’re talking about Chocolate Shoppe’s unique honeycomb chocolate creation. This is a crunchy and airy treat this is made by taking slabs of honeycomb and dipping them in either milk or dark chocolate. Then, Chocolate Shoppe takes the honeycomb and dips it once again in chocolate, ensuring that the honeycomb stays sealed under the chocolate layers. Many people describe this treat as “crispy cotton candy covered in chocolate” and “butterfinger texture without the peanut butter.” We’ll let you try for yourself and see what you think about their unique flavor!

Who doesn’t like homemade peanut brittle and butter almond toffee, especially during the holiday season? Chocolate Shoppe makes toffee and peanut brittle that will make your customers mouth’s water as soon as they lay eyes on these delicious treats.

Their butter almond toffee is made using only fresh and pure ingredients, like real almonds and a light coating of milk chocolate, while their peanut brittle is made the old-fashioned way, with raw redskin peanuts, butter, a little bit of sea salt.

Truffles are always a delicious choice, and the truffles that the Chocolate Shoppe makes is a pure sensory adventure. Their large dark truffle chocolates measure aboue 2″ each, and are filled with a rich and delicious homemade dark chocolate ganache. The filling is made with semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolates, melded together with hot whipping cream. There are 10 amazing flavors to choose from, with all but two of them made with authentic liqueurs, like Irish cream and brandy.

There’s no better place to get your sweet tooth cravings satisfied than at the Chocolate Shoppe! Contact them today and see how you can get their delicious products in your stores and in the hands of your customers.

Stain Imaging Designs Striking Patterns For Any Event, Cause or Brand

Stain Imaging combines more than 20 years of experience and an alternative to traditional decorating methods to create a uniqueness for a variety of markets.

Since 1989, Stain Imaging has used monochromatic image based, dye-like printing as an alternative to jumbo screen printing and belt screen printing. Stain Imaging’s techniques are also eco-friendly and do not require phalates, acetone or other harsh chemicals!

With these techniques, customers can decorate even further on a shirt printed by Stain Imaging. No two pieces are ever the same and materials come out with a distressed nature. The stain is slightly translucent and works with the original color of the shirt to form a distinctive blend of hues. Using a blue stain on a red shirt and again on a green shirt will create two completely different shades! Patterns, logos, simple text or even images can all be used when designing these pieces. A true, one-of-a-kind product is promised from Stain Imaging, as Salt Lake City, UT, is the only location where the methodology is used.

Custom design is what the company is all about. While stocked up on products, Stain Imaging encourages customers to create a unique design and layout. Customers can also provide their own shirts to guarantee the perfect fit and style that works for professional events, casual wear, parties or school events.

Stain Imaging has been described as something that has never been seen before, with creative products that pop and catch attention. The company has created shirts that ended up being best-selling products for various businesses! There is something for everybody from children to adults, men and women. Styles may constantly change but Stain Imaging stays ahead of the game with such exclusive techniques.

Stain Imaging makes it easy to advertise for a company, raise awareness for any event, or simply show off school pride. Even the holidays get more festive with wash-like shirts to celebrate Halloween or Christmas.

Show off sorority or fraternity pride, represent a favorite city or brand, or have fun wearing a personal design. There are no limits to what Stain Imaging can do!

And be sure to mention FGmarket when making a purchase to get 5% off of your order!

Watch the video below to learn more.

Silvergirl Sterling Brings Beautiful Coastal Jewelry To Every Corner of the Earth

If you love all things coastal, you just might love Silvergirl Sterling, the company that brings you cool, classic, and coastal jewelry, accessories, and gift items. They offer unique, wearable art with nautical themes, giving you the perfect token for remembering the sea.

Their pieces come from all over: Mexico, Bali, Indonesia, India, Israel, and the Dominican Republic. They feature classic and funky silver designs in their Equestrian, animal, nature and coastal-inspired collections, so they are sure to please a variety of customers.

The products sold by Silvergirl Sterling are created by Lois Weeks, who grew up in the mountains, but discovered the beach at an early age, spending her summers on the water. You can still find her and her husband, Roland, frequently in the Caribbean.

Her love of the beach and the island lifestyle is evident in her work. It’s described as sterling silver jewelry with a little beach attitude, and the pieces are handpicked designs from around the world. As you browse through the rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, you can almost hear the ocean waves in these pieces that have captured a bit of the sunny side of the world.

Her anklets and toe rings feature daises, polka dots and starfish, to name a few. The bracelets are whimsical, from the beachcomber basket bracelet that features a variety of sea life, to a bracelet that will make your wrist look as through crabs are crawling up the arm.

One truly beautiful piece is the Ocean Gems Larimar Bracelet crafted in the Dominican Republic that features light blue stones amid sea shells and a star fish.

Some of the pieces are more subtle, like the Blue Waters Necklace made of stones in blue hues, or a classic pearl necklace in a silver setting. How about the Here We Go Round Necklace made of graduated circles in this statement piece? Their pendants feature crabs, the Aztec sun, whimsical dogs and cats, and stately horses. There is something for everyone in each of her collections.

Let Silvergirl Sterling bring their passion and playful style to you and your customers!

Creative Gift Packaging Inc. Provides Beautiful Gift Wrap, Floral Supplies, and Home Decor

If you’re looking for gift basket and florist supplies, then Creative Gift Packaging Inc. wants to be your one-stop shop for all the most important wholesale gift packaging supplies!

Located in Mooresboro, North Carolina, Creative Gift Packaging Inc. is all about providing only the best to you, so you can provide the best to your customers.

They have everything you need to provide the best gift wrapping and packaging to your customers, including cellophane bags, cellophane rolls, shrink bags, gift basket filler, gift basket boxes, ribbons, bows and gourmet food.

When it comes to amazing gift wrapping jobs, nothing is more important than the gift bag. And lucky for you, Creative Gift Wrapping Inc. has a huge selection of gift bags for every occasion. From T-shirt plastic bags to colorful printed paper shopping bags, they do it all.

The holidays are coming up soon, and your customers are going to be looking for beautiful Christmas-themed bags to package their precious gifts in. You don’t have to look any further than Creative Gift Packaging Inc. to find the gift bags that will bring cheer and holiday joy to your customers, and their friends and family.

But it’s not just holiday gift packaging that they specialize in; they also have gift bags with a variety of fun prints, including chevron, baby themes, masculine prints, and more.

Need a cellophane bag to wrap a beautiful floral arrangement? Take a look at their stunning collection of floral cellophane bags that can protect flowers of all sizes, from single roses, to flourishing bouquets.

Speaking of flowers, there’s no better place to shop for florist supplies than with Creative Gift Packaging Inc. They have tons of great floral supply products, ranging from floral foam and vases to silk flowers, adhesives, enclosure cards, planters, moss, and more!

And let’s not forget the gift wrap. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, Father’s Day, or Christmas, Creative Gift Packaging Inc. has the perfect gift wrap to make any gifting a memorial event. Check out all of their wonderful patterns and colors, like metallic foil, floral feminine colors, masculine gift wrap, and holiday wrap!

Of course, gift wrap and packaging isn’t the only thing that they supply. If you’re looking for some great home decor, for everyday use or holiday events, Creative Gift Wrapping Inc. has what you need. The products found in the Home Decor category are not only fun and festive, they are also made with high quality materials that are sure to last for years and years.

There’s no better place to shop than Creative Gift Packaging Inc. for all your wholesale gift wrapping and floral supply needs!

Silver Botanicals Has All Natural Skin and Health Products That Are Safe, Effective, and High Quality

“Because Your Body Deserves Better.”

That’s the underlying belief at Silver Botanicals that guides everything they do. They develop products that they would like to have and use in their own lives and create it for you.

Founded in 2010 by Dean DeWulf and Raymond d’Amico with the help of family and friends, this unlikely duo, one an organic chemist, and the other an IT professional and digital artist, teamed up to sell products they first sold at local farmer’s markets in Texas. They saw quickly the demand for natural products that were cost effective and that worked well. They have grown significantly in the last 7 years and now sell their wares in 12 states.

Silver Botanicals uses true-colloidal silver, essential oil blends, and other natural ingredients (they never use synthetic ingredients, or test anything on animals). They create effective hygiene products for the home and body in their personal care, oral care, skin care, and household lines.

One look at a product tells you they are serious in their endeavors to provide quality products that are natural, and that work. They have a deodorant that is so long-lasting it will provide protection that lasts multiple days when skipping showers. It doesn’t cover up odors, it knocks them out, even under high stress. It reduces perspiration and absorbs moisture, all while keeping sweat glands and pores open. And, of course, it’s non-toxic because it’s made up of all-natural ingredients, meaning it’s not harmful to the body or to the environment. They even offer a special formula for sensitive skin.

Their soap is just as good, boasting a clean scented lather in a product that doesn’t dry out your skin. If you are someone that struggles with foot odor, Silver Botanicals has the solution for that, too in their tonic for the feet. This will give you long-lasting odor protection, while it also fights bacterial growth, and sanitizes footwear with a quick spritz. In their household series is their humidifier additive, the perfect way to support the respiratory tract and sinuses with an additive made up of 22 all-natural ingredients. This mist can be used to disperse quadrillions of nano silver particles, providing you with relief day or night.

Here is what a couple of people are saying about their Botanical-C Serum: “The skin on my hands suffers severe punishment from being a machinist. This is the only product that keeps my skin from cracking and becoming eczematic and I have tried them all.”

Here’s another: “I’m so impressed! It has only been a week and already my skin tone has evened out and my skin texture is so silky. I’ve been riding my bike all summer long, which means getting way too much sun, and this serum has really helped mitigate the visible sun damage. I will definitely be buying this again when I run out.”

This company is serious about providing the best, natural products for you and your home. But they are bigger than that. They respect their customers, and support local communities by purchasing materials from local sources when they can; they support the scientific, artistic, economic, business and personal development of their employees, understanding that whole people are the best to work with. They believe in the freedom of the individual. Last, but not least, they believe in selling their products at fair prices.

So, if you think your body deserves better, see what Silver Botanicals has to offer!

Berdeaux’s Makes Delicious Sauces and Seasonings From Decades-Old Family Recipes

Perfected family recipes passed down for more than 71 years are the secret to delicious seasonings at Berdeaux’s Vintage Sauces and Seasonings.

They uphold many of the same traditions with these recipes that were developed in the 1900s at the Pickwick Cafe in Montgomery, AL. Thanks to these traditions, Berdeaux’s offers unique flavors that are bold and exciting. It all began with the Vintage Steak and Simply Creole BBQ sauce and as the cafe grew bigger, its executive chef Rufus White was part of the journey that led to an “Approved by Duncan Hines” award. White’s grandson, Jim Berdeaux, now owns Berdeaux’s Vintage Sauces and Seasonings (visit www.berdeauxsauces.com for more).

The recipes at the cafe were developed around 1945 and to this day, Berdeaux’s reintroduces the sauces of historic origin. With pure and simple ingredients, such as pure sugar, the sauces and seasonings are available in a variety of blends for every taste. From Hawaiian flavors to smokey heat, the sauces go beyond the grill and combine wonderfully with sandwiches or even hot dogs.

Berdeaux’s also focuses on health. There are no harmful preservatives, additives or high fructose corn syrup in the sauces and seasonings. The recipes stay as fresh and authentic as the day they were created!

“We duplicate the old recipes which have no food chemicals in the ingredients,” Berdeaux said.

Every item at Berdeaux’s is sold in a gourmet gift package and arrives in glass containers to ensure freshness, and more than 20 recipes are included with every order. The gourmet pack comes with a choice of sauce (1945 Recipe Vintage Steak, Simply Creole BBQ or Sweet Island) and two choices of seasonings that range from Bourbon Molasses and Honey Habanero to Applewood Chipotle. The Vintage Steak Sauce was voted #1 in the USA at the Christmas Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee.

If the pantry needs to be stocked up, try the gourmet combination pack that comes with three sauces and two seasonings!

You’ll also get a free recipe book included with all orders from Berdeaux’s Vintage Sauces & Seasonings!

When it’s time to pull out the grill, Berdeaux’s dry seasonings and rubs will take any meat to the next level. Choose from five custom blended BBQ seasonings like the Southern Surprise, with a taste of honey crystals and smoked mesquite salt, or Cajun’s Revenge, which calls upon the cuisine of the New Orleans French Quarter. And for gourmet hot wings, combine Cajun’s Revenge with Honey Habanero.

One customer compared Berdeaux’s steak sauce to A-1 and immediately decided “A-1 tasted like you were sucking on a rusty pipe.”

“I cannot believe all of this taste is in a gourmet steak sauce, plus a gentle kick,” the customer said.

With Berdeaux’s Vintage Sauces and Seasonings, your recipes will never disappoint!

For a real-life taste sauce of Berdeaux’s Vintage Steak Sauce, check out the video below.

Lisa Marino Jewelry Crafts Stunning Jewelry With A Unique Sense Of Style

Lisa Marino Jewelry has carved out a niche in jewelry with her one of a kind, vintage-inspired pieces. She styles the pieces herself, utilizing her experience with a degree in gemology. They are handmade with great attention to detail and a focus on customers’ needs.

Her pieces are stunning. She offers an eclectic mix of vintage and new jewelry crafted from metals, gemstones and beads. And, of course, Lisa and her team will create a custom piece just for you.

Her work falls into six main categories: earrings, bracelets, children’s jewelry, religious, necklaces, and bridal and brooches. Browsing through her collection, you’ll find vibrant colors (think aquamarine, burnt orange, and dark pink).

Most of her earrings are chandelier-style and hang beautifully. They sparkle and are sure to turn heads. The bracelets come in an assortment of colors and styles, featuring delicate pearls, or precious gems. The necklaces are gorgeous, whether you are looking for a blue topaz piece, or one in ruby, or blue hoplite.

The religious jewelry is just as beautiful, from a stunning rose quartz cross necklace, to a tourmaline necklace featuring a cross and a swallow. She offers pieces that say simply “Amen” or feature symbols, like a cross. Her rosaries can be found in a variety of colors and gems. Lisa’s sweet baby assortment ends her collection.

The labradorite gemstone would make the perfect gift for a baptism, while the white freshwater pearl bracelet with a cross would be darling on a little arm at church.

This California artisan has created pieces that have been featured in “Women’s Wear Daily,” and can be found at her shop, Tea Leaf Cottage, located in the heart of Old Town Orange, California, and also along the California Coast, internationally, and in 5-star resorts.

For jewelry you simply won’t find anywhere else, check out what Lisa Marino has to offer!

Fill out their wholesale inquiry form to learn more about what they have to offer.

Elbaz Trading Company and Tapestry Warehouse Carry Beautiful Home Decor For Every Style

Brooklyn based Tapestry Warehouse, a division of Elbaz Trading Company, boasts a unique selection of tapestries and runners from across the globe to clothe any home in fashionable beauty.

Since 1979, Tapestry Warehouse has manufactured not only wall hangings, but pillows, table throws, handkerchiefs and even handbags. Selections are also imported from France, Belgium, Italy, and Poland, ensuring fine quality products from which to choose.

For a Victorian-era atmosphere, the warehouse’s French tapestries bring soft colors and floral prints to any room, made with a blend of cotton and wool. The tapestries can also be used as more — the fabric can be constructed into a throw pillow or handbag, or even be used for reupholstering. For a different style, the Belgium tapestries are crafted in unique patterns and colors in a doily style with various sizes for any piece of furniture.

Own a plush, comfortable couch that looks beautiful but seems to be missing something? Tapestry Warehouse decorative pillows come in a range of sizes, colors, and patterns that can match any couch or chair. The two-piece Fleur de Lys set creates an air of royalty in a beige, red, green, brown or gold fabric. Or, have a little fun with the Sitting Pretty pillow set with a dog print that can also come with tassels or a fringe border.

If soft, romantic decor is what your home needs, the lace runners, doilies, and tablecloths make for beautiful additions to any room. A European lace tablecloth can host a perfect tea party or brunch, and doilies can brighten up a bedside table.

Christmas is also just around the corner and Tapestry Warehouse has pieces that will bring the holiday spirit into your surroundings. A Christmas tapestry featuring a snowy village and Christmas tree would be perfect above any fireplace. When the time comes for the family to fill the dining room for Christmas dinner, serve guests with poinsettia placemats or snowflake dotted table runners. Cleanup can also be easy with gold, red, silver or white napkins! And if there are still Christmas gifts to shop for, consider a wildflower or Western-themed handbag in small, medium or large sizes.

Dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms in any home can all be draped in gorgeous decor made of fine quality materials from all over the world.

Tapestry Warehouse and Elbaz Trading Company’s selection of items allows anybody to find just what they need!

Copper Kettle Bakery Makes Delicious and Authentic Welsh Cakes, Mixes, and More

Have you ever tried a Welsh Cake?

I’m talking about a real Welsh Cake, one that tastes warm and fresh, like it just came off of grandmother’s old, but reliable, griddle.

Copper Kettle Bakery, owned and operated by Helen Coates, is an authentic Welsh Cake bakery that brings the flavor of Wales to the States and beyond.

Helen Coates story is one that can be traced all the way back to the beautiful country of Wales.

“I grew up in South Wales, where early morning weekends were spent in the kitchen. My mum Eileen and grandmother Irene were kneading dough for bread and warming the griddle for our morning Welsh Cakes. I loved to help them cut the circles of dough. Even today, the smell of allspice and cinnamon takes me back to the warmth of that kitchen filled with love,” says Helen.

It’s this love for her mom and grandmother’s Welsh Cakes that led Helen to open up Copper Kettle Bakery. Even the name originates from Helen’s upbringing.

“I told my mum as a child: ‘One day, I am going to open a bakery and call it the Copper Kettle.'”

She began making the cakes for her sons, Miles and Noah, every morning, which then spread to her making them for her neighbors and friends. The demand was so great for her delicious Welsh Cakes that Helen decided to open Copper Kettle Bakery in the fall of 2013.

Copper Kettle Bakery’s ready made Welsh Cakes come in a variety of scrumptious flavors that will satisfy your customers’ every craving.

Some of their most popular flavors include chocolate chip, currant, and cranberry Welsh Cakes.

These aren’t simply fruit-flavored Welsh Cakes; each cake is made with real bits of fruit and chocolate, so you know they’re made with the freshest selection of ingredients possible!

You’ll find nothing but deliciousness in each and every Welsh Cake. That’s because they’re guaranteed to be made with the best ingredients in the world, like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, allspice, cinnamon, and more!

One of Copper Kettle Bakery’s newest and most delicious products are their Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Welsh Cakes. You’ll get the same delicious chocolatey flavor as the normal Chocolate Chip Welsh Cakes, but with an added bonus; a rich layer of real chocolate!

If you have customers who would like to learn how to make their own delicious Welsh Cakes, Copper Kettle Bakery also offers Welsh Cake mixes, available in a variety of flavors.

Each Welsh Cake Mix box comes with enough ingredients to make 12 or more Welsh Cakes. With these boxes, you’ll get all the yummy flavor of a normal Welsh Cake, but with the added bonus of learning how to make them for yourself, as well!

Copper Kettle Bakery brings the delightful taste of real Welsh Cakes to hungry mouths around the world.

Add their products to your store today, and give your customers a new treat to enjoy for breakfast or as a snack.