Help Your Skin Feel Happy

It may be a bit unusual to call soap beautiful, but there it is. Rock Creek Soaps handcraft bars and body products that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as being chock full of aroma and cleaning power. Their bars produce a rich lather perfect for hand washing, in the shower, or for washing up to make dinner. Continue reading “Help Your Skin Feel Happy” »

Wear Your Art with Wild Flower Heart

So many shops are a one-size, one style, one personality fits all. Not at Wild Flower Heart. There you can find clothes as custom and unique as you are. Wild Flower Heart designs beautiful women’s clothing from vintage material with a special penchant for denim jeans. They pair your favorite styles, making a great blend: bohemian romantic, nouveau west, denim and tulle, and even lace and camo.  Continue reading “Wear Your Art with Wild Flower Heart” »

Celebrate Every Milestone with Milestone Candles

The only problem with sending a card is what to do with it after the sentiment is expressed. We can easily justify keeping a handful of cards, but what do we do with the rest of the “Congratulation!” notes, “Get Well Soon” expressions and the “Happy Birthday” wishes?

Next time you head to the card aisle, think a bit outside the box and give them a Milestone Candle instead. It celebrates that big moment while giving the receiver something they will continue to enjoy. After the candle has been burned, the tin becomes a waterproof keepsake box. Continue reading “Celebrate Every Milestone with Milestone Candles” »

Make a Statement with Designs by OC!

You will make a statement, inspire the artist within, and express yourself in these pieces by OC in Salinas, California. This family-owned fashion design company manufactures and distributes bold and unique jewelry, as well as knit pieces for women. Continue reading “Make a Statement with Designs by OC!” »

Okie Candle Shop is Spicing Up the Candle Industry

Okie Candle Shop is creating unique handmade soy blends to spice up the candle industry! Based in Bethany, Oklahoma, they have formulated candles and other fragranced products that are authentic and long-lasting. Continue reading “Okie Candle Shop is Spicing Up the Candle Industry” »

Rustic Decor from the Rockies

Colorado Dallas is creating rustic lighting, furnishings, and decor that is as unique as their name. Based out of Jefferson, Colorado, Colorado Dallas handcrafts every one of their products and has been doing so since 1994. Continue reading “Rustic Decor from the Rockies” »

The Perfect Pooch Accessories

For quality products made with dedication to animals, Auburn Leathercrafters is just what pet owners need! Continue reading “The Perfect Pooch Accessories” »

Mix Up Your Next Party with Party Mix Wizard

You’re planning your next party. You know you need to make this one a little different. While no party is complete without drinks and snacks, the same punch and pretzel mix is getting a little old. That’s where the Party Mix Wizard can help! Continue reading “Mix Up Your Next Party with Party Mix Wizard” »

Experience Peace, Love, and Light

One small town business is lighting the way to promote spirituality, intuition, and creativity mixed with love through the use of its products. Entwined With Light’s greeting cards and intuitive services truly inspire others to live!  Continue reading “Experience Peace, Love, and Light” »

A Gift from Nature and the Rockies

Aspen, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Leaf Company specializes in handcrafted jewelry made from leaves, cones, and acorns — truly unique pieces for any nature lover! Continue reading “A Gift from Nature and the Rockies” »