My Soaps, LLC Makes All Natural Soaps That Can Clear Up Even The Toughest Skin Problems

When it comes to soap, you should never substitute quality for cost-effectiveness. After all, your skin is an organ and should be taken care of and protected just like your heart, lungs, and brain.

My Soaps, LLC, a Johnstown, Ohio company, was started by Charles Kramer, a former Columbus, Ohio firefighter after retiring from a 27-year career in the city’s Fire Department.

Charles and his wife, Pat, started My Soaps, LLC after Pat brought home a bar of homemade soap for Charles to use in the shower. He was instantly hooked by the simplicity and healthy feeling that the soap gave his skin.

After doing a little experimenting in his home, Charles and Pat came up with a great recipe that would get your skin clean, but without all of the harmful chemicals and additives that many commercial soap brands include in their products.

Charles put the soaps in his wife’s gift shop, and in a matter of only a month, the soaps sold completely out! Charles and Pat knew they had a hit product on their hands.

My Soaps, LLC makes only natural soaps and lotions, and Charles loves to experiment and add the oils, spices, and colorants together to make new bars of soap.

One of My Soaps’ most popular products is their Himalayan Salt Soap. Himalayan salt is a natural skin healer that controls many skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, eczema, acne, and more. It has excellent exfoliating properties, and it is perfect for renewing skin to its natural softness and health.

It can also help combat nasty things like fungal skin infections, bacteria, and viruses.

The Himalayan Salt Soap bars are made of saponified oils of natural ingredients, such as olives, coconut, castor with shea butter, himalayan salt, and rose clay (an enhancement to the salt’s natural pink coloring).

Have you ever been out camping, or hiking a trail, and accidentally found yourself in the middle of a poison ivy patch? Poison ivy is no joke, and it can cause great discomfort if it isn’t treated immediately. Luckily, My Soaps makes a Poison Ivy Soap that is perfect for curing that insufferable itch!

The Poison Ivy Soap is guaranteed to stop the itching on contact, thanks to the lye, pig tallow, castor oil, vitamin E and jewelweed. Jewelweed is a plant that is known as a natural treatment for poison ivy, oak, or sumac rashes.

With the addition of the vitamin E in the soap, you can be sure that your skin will be rejuvenated and moisturized while you cure your rash.

And if you or your customers have skin problems, such as eczema or psoriasis, you’ll want to check out The Problem Skin soap. This soap is made from olive, coconut, almond, avocado and flax seed oils, along with aloe butter and neem oil. It has a heavy lather, and is great for treating acne, rosacea, or any dry skin problem.

For soap that is made with love and care, from makers who want the same quality for their customers as the products that they use, you have to try My Soaps, LLC!

Carole’s Collections Brings New Spring Styles To Women’s Apparel

If you want high-quality, contemporary women’s apparel for amazing wholesale prices, then you have to check out the line of clothing from Carole’s Collections.

Carole’s Collections is based in the Atlanta Apparel Mart, and it is owned and operated by fashion designer and entrepreneur Carole Christian.

Carole’s Collections features a number of gorgeous apparel lines, including Carole Christian’s own line of wholesale women’s clothing.

They also have three showrooms: Carole’s Collections, Courtney’s and Carole’s Too, and Carole Christian and Associates.

Everything in Carole’s Collections is 100 percent made in the USA, so you know you are getting amazing quality clothing whenever you purchase from Carole’s.

Spring 2018 is almost here, and if your customers are looking for stylish dresses, tops, and more, there’s no better place to look than Carole’s Collections.

Looking for something that will work for both a night out on the town or at the office? Check out the beautiful top, CCT3893, from Carole’s Collections, available in a beige, sage, or blush color. Available in sizes S through XL.

Floral is another pattern that is going to be big this spring, so make sure you check out some of her floral collection. The light blue floral printed pattern of this top, CT3067, is great for showing off your springtime look in style.

Looking for something more dressy? Try the Navy or Yellow Floral Print dress, CCD5428-1, exclusive prints that are only available from Carole’s Collections.

What about that retro look from the ’60s and ’70s? Then you’ll want to check out the pink/mint swirl and pink/purple swirl dresses (CCD5607). These two exclusive prints are great for bringing back the fun, quirky style of that time period with a more modern flare.

Rompers are also making a comeback this year, and Carole has plenty of great styles and colors of rompers to choose from. Try the elegant, sleek rompers in raspberry, royal blue, or classic black (CCJ5583). These rompers are stylish, form-fitting, and fashionable, and are great for any occasion.

For a little more flair to your style, try the multi-colored tops (CCD5614) — available in blue or pink — for an outfit that will make people turn their heads and admire in awe!

Carole Christian and Carole’s Collections is a fantastic wholesale women’s apparel company that excels at making stylish, fun, and affordable clothing for women of every size and shape. Check them out today for apparel that you will love to show off!

Naked Infusions Organic Salsa and Chips Are Great For Snacking On The Go

There’s no better way to eat salsa than Naked: the brand, Naked Infusions, that is.

Naked Infusions is a love letter to great salsa, founded by salsa-connoisseur Selina Kepila.

Selina grew up in a tight-knit farming community in Kansas and got her first real taste of delicious, smooth salsa from a local family, who would come by after church on Sundays to visit. This salsa inspired Selina as a young girl, and she never forgot the taste of that salsa.

Now, years later, Selina has her own woman-owned salsa company, that seeks to create gourmet salsas in the same way that she experienced them as a child.

All of the salsas from Naked Infusions are guaranteed to be certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, with locally sourced ingredients and an award-winning taste!

There are also no sugars, no onions, and no vinegar added to their salsa recipes; just all-natural, amazing salsa flavor!

Naked Infusions offers eight amazing salsa blends: Signature Ripe Tomato – Medium Heat, Signature Ripe Tomato – Mild Heat, Signature Ripe Tomato – Extra Hot, Rustic Blue Cheese, Fire Roasted Garlic, California Burnt Sage, Black Silk Espresso, and Oaxaca White Chocolate.

If you want a glimpse into what exactly goes into their salsas, just take a look at the ingredient list for the Signature Ripe Tomato – Mild Salsa: it’s just organic tomatoes, organic jalapeno peppers, sea salt, organic spices, organic garlic powder, and citric acid. That’s it!

No more having to struggle to pronounce the names of the ingredients on the back of your salsa jar. And who knows what some of those ingredients even do? With Naked Infusions salsa, you always know what you’re getting.

These flavors come in three great sizes for any preference: 16 oz, 12 oz, and their mini 4 oz jars.

Naked Infusions even has snack size versions of their famous salsas, perfect for the snacker on the go!

These single-serve cups come in packs of four 4 oz containers, and fit perfectly in a lunch box or even in the cupholder of your car!

Finally, what’s a salsa without delicious chips to go with it? Naked Infusions has their own brand of delicious tortilla chips. What separates Naked Infusions’ chips from the rest of the competition is that they are thinner than most other brands of chips, making them crispier. But don’t worry; they’re still plenty strong enough to hold heaps of gourmet salsa. Their chips are so fresh that they will stay crispy for up to 60 days.

Can’t decide between the salsa and the chips? Naked Infusions has you covered here as well. For the customer that wants everything, give them the Naked Infusions Snack Kit. The Snack Kit comes with one 4 oz cup of Signature Ripe Tomato Salsa and one 5 oz bag of tortilla chips. It’s the perfect marriage of chips, salsa, and convenience!

For Selina and Naked Infusions, salsa-making isn’t just a hobby: it’s a passion. Try one of her delicious salsa mixes today to see just what we mean!

Ike Bites Dog Treats Bakes Delicious Treats While Helping Adults With Disabilities

Dogs deserve the best there is to offer when it comes to delicious dog treats. And one dog treat company in Wisconsin is making sure they not only make the best gourmet dog treats on the market but help their community grow in the process as well.

Ike Bites Dog Treats is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin dog treat bakery and supplier that makes all-natural, handmade, and preservative-free treats for dogs of every shape, size, and diet!

For Ike Bites, it’s not just about the treats they make for our four-legged friends; they want to make their community a better place as well.

Ike Bites is a completely non-profit organization.  They take the money made from the sales of their products and return it to the community by supporting businesses that are run by individuals with disabilities.

They also work as a vocational training program for approximately 100 adults with disabilities, giving training and jobs to individuals who would otherwise have limited options available for work.

The bakery teaches them how to work as a team, follow instructions, follow a recipe, bake dog treats, package, and label the products. The workers receive a well-rounded list of valuable skills, while at the same time having fun working to make the best dog treats in America!

The dog treats that Ike’s makes are made with some of the best ingredients around, and come in a variety of tasty flavors that every canine is sure to love.

One of their most popular flavors is the classic Natural Peanut Butter and Molasses dog treats. These star-shaped treats are perfect for any use, whether it be training or just an affectionate reward for a dog you love. Peanut butter is a fantastic treat for dogs because it is both high in fat and protein, which is great for dogs, whose natural instincts are to find foods that are fatty.

Ike’s peanut butter dog treats are made with only five simple ingredients: whole wheat flour, nonfat milk, peanut butter, baking powder, and molasses. You will never have to guess what’s in your dog’s treat again!

If you have dog owners that are looking for dog treats for pups with certain dietary restrictions, they have a great selection of grain-free treats as well.

Their grain-free dog treats are made without any corn, rice or flour, and are 100% guaranteed to be grain-free. They are made with garbanzo bean flour, nonfat milk, peanut butter, baking powder, and molasses. And the best part? Unlike most grain-free products, they are sold at the same price as their other dog treat products!

Of course, the traditional chicken and beef-flavored dog treats are also available from Ike’s, so really, there’s no excuse for NOT trying these treats!

For dog treats that are not only delicious but serve a greater good for the community, you have no better option than products made by the wonderful folks at Ike Bites Dog Treats!

Good Gift Company Spreads Hope Through Their Olive Wood Holding Crosses

Religion brings comfort and peace to countless numbers of people around the world. And for many in the Christian faith, the crucifixion cross, where Jesus was hung to die for the sins of the world, is the symbol that they cling to in times of distress or hopefulness.

The Good Gift Company wants to give people from all corners of the Earth something to hold whenever they need a little encouragement. And with their line of handmade holding crosses, customers of all backrounds can find the peace they seek.

The Good Gift Company’s holding crosses were found by the owners in a centuries-old European chapel, and purchased as Christmas gifts to give to family and friends. As people shared the crosses with others, their popularity grew, and The Good Gift Company was formed.

The holding crosses that The Good Gift Company makes are crafted by artisan woodworking experts in the spiritually-significant town of Bethlehem. The holding crosses are made by hand from the olive wood grown in Bethlehem, and are the perfect gift for both believers and non-believers.

They have several styles of olive wood holding crosses currently available as gifts, as well as a newer line of resin crosses which are painted in many different gorgeous colors.

One of their most popular holding crosses is the Good Shepherd Holding Cross, which is made from olive wood and features a cast medallion of the Good Shepherd. It’s a great gift for children, and comes ready for any situation, including Baptisms, Confirmations, First Communions and more.

The larger version of the holding cross is called the Arboravida, which means Tree of Life, and is a metaphor for hope and resurrection.  This stunning cross comes packaged with a beautiful meditation booklet.

According to The Good Gift Company, the holding cross is more than just a product that they sell.

“The Holding Cross is a tangible symbol of the true hope, real comfort and unfailing mercy of Christ. It has found its way into the hands and lives of people around the world. People in a season of struggle or loss who need help to cling to their faith,” according to their website.

Pocket holding crosses and pink resin crosses with breast cancer awareness tags are also best-selling products from the Good Gift Company.  The breast cancer awareness cross is the perfect hopeful reminder for the loved one in your life who may be fighting breast cancer or has beaten it. It comes beautifully packaged and ready to be given to the person that means the most in your life.

For a hopeful reminder to anyone who needs it, there’s not better place to find beautifully handcrafted olive wood crosses than at the Good Gift Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Copperleaf Kitchen, Comfort Foods Makes Delicious Southwest Flavors That Will Spice Up Anyone’s Kitchen

The American Southwest is known for having a unique flavor that is all its own.

When thinking about Southwest-style foods, particularly those from New Mexico and Arizona, lots of adjectives come to mind: spicy, bold, flavorful, and tangy are just a few that we think of.

Copperleaf Kitchen, a division of the Comfort Foods brand, is dedicated to recreating this recognizable Southwest flavors and giving customers delicious, gourmet food mixes that they will love.

Nestled at the base of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico, Copperleaf Kitchen was founded by restaurant entrepreneur Mark Harden in 1989. Back then, the company was simply known as Comfort Foods. It was started after Mark’s Mexican-themed fast food business went under due to a national competitor drastically lowering their prices nationwide, forcing Mark to close up his restaurant.

Using the 600 lbs. of his original taco and enchilada sauce recipe mixes that were leftover from the restaurant, Mark decided to repackage his product in bulk spice bags and sell them in gift stores and craft fairs.

Their Desert Garden Flagship Brand is what really propelled Comfort Foods to a nationwide distribution, and it’s still a very popular brand for the company.

The Desert Garden brand features lots of gourmet mixes for customers to explore the taste of the Southwest from their own kitchens. Here, you’ll find dip mixes, soups & stews, spices & seasonings, bread mixes, salsas & sauces, and more!

If you want some truly festive mixes to spice up a party or the dinner table, you’ll want to check out the Desert Garden Dip Mixes. They’ve got some truly spicy offerings for those who like heat, such as the Buffalo Wing Dip and Cheese Ball Mix and then Chipotle Chile Dip.

If soup is more your thing, then they’ve got you covered there as well. Check out the delicious, flavor-packed soups from Desert Garden. You’ll love the creamy flavor of their Potato & Green Chile Soup.  And if you want something that truly embodies the flavor of the Southwest, then you’ll want to go with the Tortilla Soup mix, that comes with black beans, corn, red chile, and the best Southwestern spices that you’ve ever tasted.

But Desert Garden isn’t the only brand under the Comfort Foods umbrella; they also have Country Gardens, which brings more of Westernized take on the spicy flavors.

Try the Asiago Parmesan Dip for a creamy, cheesy flavor explosion, or the Country Vegetable Dip, that works perfectly as a delicious dip or a baked potato topping.

When you’re looking for the authentic flavors of the Southwest to give to your customers, you really can’t find a more legitimate company than Copperleaf Kitchen and Comfort Foods!

Tide-Mark Hits The Mark With Amazing Puzzles, Photos, and More

The perfect art piece is waiting for you at Tide-Mark, publisher of hundreds of styles of calendars, note cards, books and puzzles!

Art isn’t just about paintings hanging on a wall. It can be in any format, and Tide-Mark proudly offers alternatives to appreciating an artist’s work. Flowers, animals, landscapes and even the art of dance are all featured in Tide-Mark’s products!

Coffee table books aren’t just to take up space; they are also meant to be viewed! Adorn the centerpiece of a living area with a book from Tide-Mark and enjoy and afternoon flipping through pages of beautiful photography and paintings.

Are you a lover of the coast? The Lighthouse Companion series is packed with full-color photographs of lighthouses throughout Connecticut, Maine and New York, complete with guides to each one. The photos by Paul Rezendes even include guides for lodging and local events near each lighthouse, making this book a great companion for planning a trip!

Or, for bright watercolors of flowers and landscapes, try Blueprints for Paradise. Around 250 paintings by Sara Steele fill this book, showcasing her work’s connection to the natural world and her love for ecological preservation.

Creating art can be just as fun as viewing somebody else’s. With Tide-Mark’s puzzles, it’s easy to enjoy the paintings of another artists while still being creative.

For a challenge, pick up the 1,000 piece puzzle Blood Brothers, featuring a pair of wolves. Colors of Courage, a portrait of a former marine with an American Flag, is perfect for any military member or military family. Created by Bruce Greene after the events of 9/11, the painting serves as a tribute to those who served in the past and those currently serving today.

Spring, by Sara Steele, is a bright and happy puzzle that, once completed and framed, would brighten up any room. The Sunflowers puzzle can do the same, with bright yellow flowers pasted against a gorgeous blue background.

If funky is the desired style, go for Jonathan Green’s Harvest Festival puzzle. The swirls and blocks of vivid colors will create a unique conversation piece after the puzzle is connected.

Think outside of the box when it comes to art. The variety of items at Tide-Mark promise something for everybody, and every style.

HEAVENDROPt Creates Products That Benefit Veterans, People With Developmental Disabilities, and More

At HEAVENDROPt, it all comes full circle. People with developmental/intellectual disabilities, along with veterans with disabilities, create products out of used military parachutes and sell them, with the profit going to people with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and veteran assistance organizations. They call it their triple bottom line and it’s a really great thing.

It’s a social enterprise that prioritizes people, planet, and profit done in association with Evergreen Life Services.

Sue Buchholtz, CEO of Evergreen (an organization whose mission is to provide services and support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities), was invited to an Air Force Base in Florida where she saw the potential to develop products from parachutes that could not be used again.

From there, she wanted to develop a social enterprise that included employing people with disabilities, giving back to veteran organizations, and recycling. That’s where Heavendropt began. Put simply, they create unique products made from parachutes and sell them in order to benefit veterans.

Let’s start with the military parachutes and the products they make from them. The parachutes are ultra durable and make for great necklaces, bracelets, bow ties, tote bags, and more.

The necklaces are made from authentic recycled military parachute material and decorated with individual designer beads; each one is unique and you can get them in blue, green, red, gold, pink, and black.

A really great find is the parachute tote bag. One side of the bag and the straps are made from parachute material and even features the HEAVENDROPt logo. Tote this bag around for your groceries, carrying sports equipment, or for keeping all that stuff you have in the trunk of your car.

Keep your cat, dog (or even your horse) in style with the tie on pet bandana. They come in five sizes, based on the neck size of your pet, and are military green with the HEAVENDROPt logo. The parachute choker is a requested addition to the line. This snug-fitting necklace has a gunmetal lobster claw clasp and chain with the copper charm logo. This product closely resembles the cause bracelet, made of 6” of recycled authentic military parachute cord.

Many nonprofits feature rubber bracelets to show support for their organization. How perfect is it that HEAVENDROPt uses parachute cord, instead? You can also find this product as a tri-braid.

The ties they sell are inspired by paintings of people with disabilities. They partnered with The Necktie Company and was among one of the first nonprofits chosen for this honor. The Patriot Tie in red, white and blue was created by Jane W. She said that she wanted to paint a police officer and a flag. She created a stunning design with red and white stripes and an officer in blue.

Buying these products ensures that people with disabilities, wounded warriors, and their family members, gain specific but transferable job training and employment opportunities. These products are unique and support a great cause. For more information, check out HEAVENDROPt!

Lisa Crowder Creates Handmade Works of Jewelry Art

Have you heard of Lisa Crowder Jewelry?

This is jewelry designed from an architectural perspective, done at its finest. These are beautiful, wearable structures that are eye-catching, statement pieces that will enhance any woman’s wardrobe.

Metalsmith Lisa Crowder creates her three-dimensional pieces using mixed metals and enamel, utilizing form, color, line, and balance. Crafted in Austin, Texas, her collection can be found throughout the United States and Canada.

Lisa honed her craft after obtaining a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Metals and Ceramics. She also studied at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia and the Penland School of Craft and Arrowmont School of Craft.

Her pieces are created from ebony, bone, sterling silver, 14-karat gold vermeil, 18-karat gold bi-metal, and vitreous enamel.

“I strive to make work that is wearable and pleasing to the eye,” said Lisa about her jewelry. She wants wearers to think of them as works of art.

Her pieces are bold, yet timeless. Consider her necklaces, all unique and made with thought and care. Her tone necklace features 7 rough cut circles that are interlocked, making a lightweight necklace that is available in three finishes.

Her multi-rough cut jumble necklace is made of several silver circles gathered together, and her rough cut double layer necklace of one large circle hung on a chain is so stunning that no one else will have one like it. These simple forms work together, building on each other in these pieces that are anything but trendy.

Her earrings won’t be a background piece, either. They are made with the same care as all of her other pieces with the same style. Her rings might be among the most unique pieces in her line. From her small thin RC double layer ring to her double rivet textured band ring, your hands will be noticed while wearing these pieces!

She also offers bracelets and a Constellation brooch, a gorgeous piece in silver and gold.

For jewelry that’s unlike products that you will find anywhere else, consider Lisa Crowder’s bold and timeless pieces created by a professional metalsmith. Get used to answering, “Where did you get that?”

Be sure to mention that you heard of them through FGmarket to receive free shipping on your next order!

Victorian House Scones Brings The Authentic Taste Of England To American Customers

Scones, and biscuits, and cookies, oh, my! For products that are delicious and well as a delight to the eye, you must see what Victorian House Scones has to offer.

Debbie Anderson (“The Scone lady”) is a self-taught baker who wanted to create the perfect scone. Her obsession led to her creating original mixes made by hand, giving them a baked- from-scratch flavor and quality. Along the way, she fed many squirrels and happy kids while she was baking. Fifteen years later, those perfected mixes are still created by hand.

Her scones have been called equal to those in England. They offer three base scone mixes, giving you a blank canvas where you can build or create any flavor you can imagine. They just need butter and buttermilk and whatever you bring to the mix. It’s easy to add in cinnamon sugar, strawberries, or peaches. If you’re stumped for an idea on how to really get the full potential from this product, try out their recipe for cinnamon streusel, or the lemon ricotta.

Lemon Ricotta, Almond, Cranberry Gorgonzola and Cinnamon Streusel are just some examples of flavors you can create from the Original Recipe Scone Mix. How is that for versatility? Of course, having it plain is wonderful, too. They have many mixes to choose from: original, original oatmeal, cornmeal, butter brickle, gingerbread, Indian chai, lemon poppyseed, and pumpkin spice. Particular suggestions are the original because of the potential in adding your own flavors, and the Butter Brickle for its fabulous and unique flavor.

Also enjoy their biscuit mixes. They are similar to the scones in that you can use them as a base. The southern style biscuit mix is perfect for savory variations and for biscuits and gravy. The oatmeal biscuit mix is a nice pairing for soups and stews, while the cornmeal biscuits are something special served plain alongside a stew or chili.

One of the best parts about their mixes (besides the flavor, of course) is the ability to make the dough and then freeze them, bringing them out whenever you are ready to bake. Freezer to oven, they are done in just 20 minutes.

How sweet it is to make cookies where you do so little but have so much. Their brown sugar shortbread mix, a slight departure from traditional shortbread, is sure to please. As are the lemon ginger shortbread mix, the vanilla chai shortbread cookies, and the lemon shortbread cookies, especially if they’re made with the signature lemon juice/confectioners sugar glaze, which is both tangy and tart.

It doesn’t get any better, or any easier, than a pancake mix from Victorian House Scones.They suggest using their mix to make cinnamon roll pancakes, bacon and cheddar, or blueberry. What a perfect way to start, or end, the day.

Their final offering is their muffin mixes — classic, homestyle, oatmeal, and cornmeal. As with all of their products, they are great as a base, or as they are right out of the box. You just need to add butter, buttermilk or yogurt, and eggs.

Not only do they offer quality food, but they have quality customer service to go with it. Call them up if you are making biscuits and they aren’t turning out correctly, or for tips on freezing what you’ve made to enjoy later.

If you’re still not convinced that these aren’t ordinary products, consider what a bed and breakfast had to say: “I still feel guilty with all the compliments I get for your scones. I do add something like orange juice and orange peel and cranberries for example…but I do accept the compliments graciously. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.”

This one might even be better: “Your original recipe scone mix is without doubt the best scone mix I have tasted, EVER. My parents were Irish and English and thus I have been raised on scones since childhood. My family has always been critical of scones here in America as they just don’t measure up. Your mix was perfect, easy to prepare and most delicious.” These products really speak for themselves.

For truly great made-from-scratch products, check out Victorian House Scones!