It’s All About The Cord Covers With Designer Cords Inc.

Truly, it is “all about the cord covers” with WK Designs. The beautiful wholesale cord covers from WK Designs are so popular that they can be seen in a wide range of places. Hotels, homes, restaurants and more run to Designer Cords Inc. when they have a ghastly chain or cord that needs to be covered. And why not? One glimpse at their selection is reason enough to fall in love.

Why settle for decorating with unsightly cords? No sighted person deserves the cluttered mess of electrical cords exposed and ugly.

WK Designs provides retailers with a solution that fits any wholesale home accents collection while meeting the needs of home owners, interior decorators, and others.

The solution is simple — Wholesale cord covers and chain covers from WK Designs.

Chandelier chain covers are not new, but Designer Cords Inc. is nothing like their competitors. In fact, there are numerous ways that Designer Cords Inc. outshines competitors and leaves their pitifully common cord covers in the dark.

  • WK Designs uses up to a foot more fabric for better coverage.
  • Their cord covers and chain covers are easy to clean. Just dust as you would dust a lampshade!
  • Cord covers from WK Designs have NO velcro seams.
  • Only high quality fabric is useds.
  • WK Designs takes pride in the quality of construction of their cord and chain covers

Chain covers and cord covers are unique home accents that draw in a rare breed of consumers. These are the consumers that have a unique eye for beauty and decoration. Once inside your store for decorative cord covers, they will welcome the quality selection of home accents and decor that you provide. Where do you find these intriguing beauties? Find all the wholesale cord covers you need at WK Designs.

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