FGM’s Weekly Pick — Modern Forestry Soy Candles

Modern Forestry Soy Candles didn’t start as a full-time endeavor; for owners John and Sarah Collins, it was originally initiated as a fun hobby that the pair could enjoy together.

But unknown to them at the time, the hobby would soon turn into a small business that allowed both John and Sarah to quit their jobs, and make soy candles together for a living.

Modern Forestry Soy Candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure that every candle is made with love, care, and precision. They make all of their candles from their garage workshop that they lovingly refer to as The Forestry Studio.

Being avid travelers gave them lots of inspiration for tons of unique aromas that can be found around the world, from Britain to the Middle East.

They have enticing scents that encompass every preference, such as Southern-inspired Appalachian Maple Bourbon, or holiday scents like Christmas Orange and Deck The Halls.

Every candle is made phthalate free and comprised of 100% American-grown soy.

For all-natural soy candles that will fill any room with wonderful scents, take a look at Modern Forestry Soy Candles.

Check out the video below, for more on Modern Forestry Soy Candles.

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