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Nature's Approved

Organic Coconut Oil, Rosehip Oil & More---Live, Learn....Be Healthy
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Nature’s Approved Original Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced on a remote Pacific island in FIJI, where both water and air are pure and unpolluted. Our oil is processed using sustainable energy

Nature’s Approved offers a selection of Original Organic Coconut Oils with four alternative flavors. Original, Long Life Oil (added Vitamin E), Organic Peppermint, and Organic Garlic. We believe in the culinary value as well as the health benefits of our unique expeller pressed oils.

Our Organic Peppermint Coconut Oil is for dessert making or a dessert topping (adding to tea for flavor and an energy boost), baking, adding to batters, smoothies, oil pulling, making a natural toothpaste, and great for a cooling massage.

Our Organic Garlic Coconut Oil has added organic garlic oil which contains over 50% allicin. It can be used for stir-frying, soups, and as a veggie dip.

Our Organic Lemon Coconut Oil is ideal for cooking eggs or adding to your favorite hot cereal, tea, coffee, or your morning smoothie.

Our Organic Long Life Coconut Oil with added full spectrum Vitamin E is ideal as a butter replacement, moisturizer, and cooking.


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. Our process: all steps---from growing to production--are organic and ‘double green’- both growing and processing’. Renewable fuel, husks, shells and old trees, fuel the boiler that drives the generator. Diesel is not used in the processing...learn more

We are Certified Organic & Kosher: Our Coconut oils are not refined, bleached or deodorized (RBD) or hydrogenized nor altered by fermentation, which allows it to retain beneficial properties from the oil and plant sterols.

Our Organic extra virgin coconut oils, contains NO sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, milk, egg, alcohol, artificial flavoring or preservatives. Our Organic Coconut oils are available in 1 gallon and 5-gallon pails as well as 55- gallon drums and

Our Organic Coconut oils are available in 1 gallon and 5-gallon pails as well as 55- gallon drums and Totes.


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Quality Products by Nature's Approved

August 15, 2014

When purchasing essential oils for your business or for resale, you want the absolute best products--and it certainly doesn’t hurt if they are organic and USDA approved.

Nature’s Approved strives to provide a varied selection of organic products. From natural oils to sea minerals, their products are of the greatest quality and as pure and natural as possible.

Healthy Is Their Middle Name

Targeting gluten-free kitchens, this wholesaler’s natural grape seed flour is USDA certified organic and full of antioxidants. Gluten-free customers can indulge in delicious and healthy pancakes or use the flour in any dessert recipe.

Looking for sea minerals to enhance health? Or perhaps you need rosehip oil for sunburn relief? Nature’s Approved has what you are looking for and it’s USDA certified.

Coconut Oil Magic

Coconut oil is trending now as the magic beauty and health product with a nice price tag. it is used in place of over the counter shampoo, as cooking replacement for butter, and even for skin care. The uses are limitless and this brand is pure, cold pressed, and comes straight from the islands of Fiji.

What set’s this coconut oil apart from the one at the local grocery store? It is 100 percent extra virgin and cold pressed in a pollution free environment. Customers looking for chemical-free products will love the pureness of it’s production and the lacking of RBD’s--refined, bleached, or deodorized.

They strive to look at every detail of production to ensure organic quality and it shows in their products. Check out Nature’s Approved and offer your customers all natural specialty items.


Nature's Approved Healing Prescription Is Therapeutic Oils

December 2, 2009
Want to feel great fast and help your consumers live a healthier life? You need wholesale therapeutic oils from Assured Organics Inc. / Nature's Approved. It's that easy. Essential oils are nature's golden child where medicine is concerned, and therapeutic oils are the finest essential oils available.

Therapeutic Oils - Essential Oils & SoapsIt's proven. Nature has given us a wonderful healing prescription in the form of therapeutic oils. These extra high quality essential oils are tiny bits of heaven for the body. They have massive healing properties because of their chemical composition. They work faster, harder, smarter and longer than most pharmaceutical medications.

Plus, therapeutic grade oils are easy to use. They're not greasy or heavy. They work beautifully when applied with a gentle massage. Who can resist a luxurious, relaxing massage?

Nature's Approved offers several kinds of therapeutic oils as well as personal care products that include them. These include specially made soaps for a calm, comforting approach to healing. Nature's approved also offers sea salt minerals which are proven to help a wide range of functions within the body. For a knowledgeable provider that is truly on your side, Nature's Approved can't be bested.

Want a reason to try therapeutic oils to your consumers? I'll give you eight. Therapeutic grade essential oils are:

  • Antibacterial
  • Non-carcinogenic (Do not cause cancer)
  • Antifungal
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antitumoral
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antiviral
  • Antiseptic

Because therapeutic oils are regarded for their quality, you need a provider that you can trust. You want someone reliable who knows the products and can give you what you need hassle-free. That's Nature's Approved. Period. When you're ready to add nature's most reliable medicine to your shelves, you can't afford NOT to deal with Nature's Approved. They are just. That. Good.

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Coconut Oil
posted by
Hi Ken, Linda and I have been using your coconut oils for several years and find them to be of the highest quality. We now use coconut oil exclusively for cooking. We are trying to eat as healthy as possible and coconut oil is a major part of our diet.
We just recently ordered the 'Long-Life Coconut Oil' and are amazed by its flavor ! We just ordered another gallon. We will continue to use your other oils, but this new one is our favorite. It has a rich buttery flavor and consistency that is excellent when used in recipes that would normally require the richness of real butter. We also use it on breads and vegetables. It is truly a wonderful addition to our strategy of eating healthy and maintaining the flavor.
The Strongest Antioxidant in the Kitchen
Organic & All Natural Grape Seed Flour. SUPER FOOD! Loaded with ANTIOXIDANTS!! GLUTEN FREE ! According to our independent laboratory tests GRAPE SEED FLOUR has a 23 to 70 times GREATER antioxidant value than BLUEBERRIES. With it's 'NUTTY FLAVOR' can be added to almost EVERY MEAL of the day including dessert! Can be used for BATTERING and CRUSTS! Helps as a binder for FLOURLESS MIXES! Adds wonderful color to PIE CRUSTS, FISH, MEATS and POULTRY!
Organic Long Life Coconut Oil
Our oil is made with added PALM OIL EXTRACT is made with our Extra Virgin ORGANIC COCONUT OIL (99%) and has a Golden Buttery appearance . . . from added RED PALM OIL EXTRACT with high tocotrienols (Vitamin E) and Carotenes to give you added health benefits.
Organic Coconut Oatmeal Recipe
4 Tb Nature's Approved® Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 4 cups organic oatmeal 2 cooking apples (thinly sliced) 1 cup raisins 2 bananas 1 cup blueberries (frozen are ok as they retain their antioxidants) or 1 cup mixed berries 4-5 cups apple juice (or other juice for variety)
Organic Coconut Oil
What Makes our Coconut Oil Unique ü The oil is cold pressed on a remote island in Fiji, in the South Pacific where the water and air are pure and unpolluted. ü Our process: all steps---from growing to production--are organic and ‘double green’- both growing and processing’. ü This pure coconut oil is not refined, bleached or deodorized (RBD). ü It is also not hydrogenized nor altered by fermentation, which allows it to retain beneficial properties from the oil and plant sterols. ü The resulting oil has medium chain fatty acids and 50% lauric acid recognized as highly beneficial to health. ü This process ensures a lengthy shelf life of 1 year or more (at room temperature).

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