Reward Programs: A Win/Win Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love a reward?  Especially a reward you get from making a purchase.  For years high-end cosmetic companies used a “reward” based marketing strategy to entice and promote their products. As a way to get consumers in their door to try their products, these companies grouped and packaged their products into special collections that sold at a lower price than the separate items. For many, personal care companies offering this type of “reward” package boosts sales.

Creating “Reward” Packages For Your Store

Candles, home fragrances and personal care items lend themselves to these types of packaged “rewards”. If you already carry these items, you’ve probably got a good idea on how to start. If not, check into adding personal care items, candles or home fragrance to your product mix.

See if vendors have trial sizes or bulk quantity specials that you can use in your groupings to defray the costs. Once you have the products and the packaging materials, all that is left will be the actual marketing.

Implementing a “Rewards” Program

There are several types of “rewards” programs that you can implement. The three types I suggest below are the easiest. So they are a good way for you to dip your toes into a customers “rewards” marketing strategy.

Offer gifts when you purchase an item. Offer smaller trial size products to entice your customers to try a product.  Give your customers a small sample or trial size body lotion if  they buy a scented candle.

Ask your vendors if they offer free or discounted samples and use these items in your rewards programs.  Another reward option is to offer a “buy x amount of dollars and get a free item.” An example would be – buy  $50 dollars worth of personal care items and get a free home fragrances spray.

Offer a free gift during a limited time period. This type of rewards program works well when you have an existing customer data base you can utilize.  Send direct mailers that offer the customers a free gift when they come in during a certain time period.

Partnering with other businesses. This type of marketing strategy is used when two or more business focus on the same demographics, yet have different products. For example, you could partner with a massage therapist. If a customer buys x amount of your personal care products they get x amount off of a massage. On the other side of the equation, if a customer purchases a massage they get a coupon off for your aromatherapy candles.

Don’t be afraid to try any idea you can think of to reward your customers. You know your customers and what would appeal to them.

Enticing Customers With Free Items

Giving away something isn’t the only way to use one product to sell other products. Display positioning for suggestive selling can help similar products promote each other.

This can be accomplished by grouping items that have similar functions or overlapping relationships. For example: candles, home fragrances and personal care products all have the same function; creating a pleasant personal experience or atmosphere.

This marketing approach is utilized by the big box stores. Properly displayed items will practically sell themselves, as well as subliminally sell compatible products located near them.

Choosing Compatible Products.

Your niche will help you decide what products can be effectively used in this type of marketing strategy. However, candles, home fragrances and personal care products are an example of three products lines that are very compatible. In fact, these three categories all mingle well, making them easier items to display together and creating a cross promotion effect.

Personal care items such as bath products often lead to aromatherapy candle purchases. This same need for ambiance can lead to a desire for a home fragrance when burning a candle isn’t an option.

Capitalizing On Cross Promotion?

It is all in the display and signage. A display containing a lavender room mist, candle and scented body lotion with a sign saying, “If you love the scent of lavender, you’ll love this room mist, body lotion and candle”, is all you need.

Focusing on a specific product attribute like organic, scent, color, etc. is the key. So, display your organic candles with organic personal care items or atmosphere products, like spa items with slippers or candles. Don’t forget to include signage like – “Spa yourself; A comfy pair of slippers and a relaxation candle is a great reward after a hard day.”

Reward marketing can be a rewarding experience for you and your customers. Just find the products that fit your niche and go from there. This marketing strategy takes a little planning, but is well worth the effort.

Looking for vendors with products great for a “reward” marketing strategy? FGmarket has just the wholesale vendors you need. To get you started, we have highlighted a few wholesale home fragrance, personal care and candle vendors below.

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