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Seeds of Happiness®

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150 Prospect Ave
Kirkwood, MO 63122
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Seeds of Happiness® offers:

  • Artisans
    • Clay
      • Pottery
      • Sculpture
  • Cards & Stationery
    • Custom
    • Made in the USA
    • Note Cards
  • Fashion
    • Apparel
      • Tie Dye
    • Cause Awareness Fashion
      • Breast Cancer Awareness Fashions
    • Fashion Hair Accessories
      • Headbands
    • Hats - Caps
      • Baseball
      • Tobaggan Cap
    • Toddler Clothing
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      • Shirts
      • Sweatshirts
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  • Garden & Patio
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    • Garden Statues
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      • Terracotta
    • Outdoor Living
  • Holiday & Special Occasion
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    • Christmas
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
    • Easter
      • Decorations
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    • Graduation
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
    • Halloween
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
    • Made in the USA
    • Patriotic
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
    • St Patricks Day
      • Decorations
      • Keepsakes
    • Teacher Appreciation
    • Thanksgiving
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
    • Valentines Day
      • Decorations
      • Keepsake
  • Home Accents
    • Animal Decor
      • Dog
      • Frog
  • Inspirational
  • Novelty
    • Kitchen
      • Mugs
      • Tumblers
    • Made in the USA
    • Mugs
    • Souvenirs
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      • Mugs
      • Stickers - Decals
    • T-shirts
  • Pets
    • Collars - Leashes

Product Preview

Spread The Gift Of Joy With Smiles From Seeds of Happiness

October 13, 2016
Vendor Spotlight

If there was ever a way to make happiness literally fit into the palm of your hand, the folks at Seeds of Happiness have done it.

Seeds of Happiness create small sculptures of smiley faces out of clay. These little smiles are given away, treasured and kept in pockets, and held onto during health procedures. They're a gift meant to embody happiness itself.

Large Seeds

The seeds were created when a sculptor, Mark Borella, wanted to make something for a friend whose son was dying of cancer. Out of left-over lumps of clay he made what he called "seeds of happiness," telling his friends "I thought I would bring you some smiles to help you get your smile back."  Now, a decade later, those little seeds are helping people get their smiles back all over the world. Erin, a cancer patient, said this of her smiles:

Now, a decade later, those little seeds are helping people get their smiles back all over the world. Erin, a cancer patient, said this of her smiles: "I am in the midst of some radiation treatments right now, and random friends keep giving me seeds. I love adding to my collection. I hold one in my hand during the procedure. There is a good outcome to all of this. Thanks for spreading the happiness. I need it."

Available in bright colors, these little delights can also be bought to look like apples, angels, pumpkins, St. Baldrick (in green, of course, to honor St. Pat's) and daisies. They even have a yarmulke seed for your Jewish friends that sports a black yarmulke.

Smiles come in other varieties, too. In addition to the original Seeds of Happiness, their product line also includes large smiles (about the size of your hands cupped together), pet bowls and collars, greeting cards, and a full apparel line.

Smile Mugs

The apparel line includes ball caps, a knit stocking cap, microfleece jackets and t-shirts. If you're not sure what to get, they can create a gift basket for you. If you're into groovy stuff, consider a tie-dyed t-shirt, a peace, love, and happiness headband, or, coolest of all, a kaleidoscope seed. They also now offer mugs that look like works of art that are created by David Spiguzza, Mark's art teacher in high school and the person who shaped Mark's love for sculpting. One of the mugs offered is handleless for easy gripping. Each mug is not only handmade but is also lead-free, food safe and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

The Seeds of Happiness are handmade, fired, and glazed in the USA.

If you want to start your day with a smile (and someone else's, too!) check out the many product offerings from Seeds of Happiness!

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Store Comment
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"Seeds of Happiness is a good fit for our store because it’s something that our customers don’t come in looking for, but once the story is explained, customers walk out with 2 or 3 or even a bag of 10 to hand out to people they know.”
A Tour of the Smile Factory!
Hooplaha, a positive based company, send a video crew to us to show how we make happiness.
Seeds of Happiness
The Process

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Batter up! ⚾️ Our limited edition baseball seeds are back up on the mound ready to serve up smiles! Catch one bef… https://t.co/08ELDHmXjf
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